Micky Dolenz, A Drummer Who Entertains Everyone

He is a prime example of a natural-born entertainer. Besides playing drums, Mick Dolenz is also good at singing and acting.

Micky Dolenz is an actor and one of the drummers who sing from America. He was born in Los Angeles and started his career as a child actor at the age of nine. 

He was cast in the TV show The Monkees and became the band’s drummer and singer. Dolenz’s voice is the one that made The Monkees different from other bands. It also became his asset to start his solo career with his own songs.

Micky Dolenz’s Younger Days

Micky Dolenz Is Playing Drums
Micky Dolenz is playing drums

Micky Dolenz was born on March 8, 1945. He is a true-born entertainer who excels in acting, singing, drumming, and producing. 

Dolenz is an American actor, musician, and television personality who gained fame as the drummer through The Monkees.

Dolenz was born in Los Angeles to actors George Dolenz and Janelle Johnson. He has American heritage from his mother’s side and European heritage from his father’s side. His grandparents were immigrants from Trieste, in the city’s Slovene community. As a child, he suffered from Perthes disease in his legs which kept him inactive for much of his childhood.

He started his entertainment career as an actor at the age of 9. His first show was a children’s TV show called Circus Boy as Mickey Braddock.

After several years, he was hired for the “drummer” role in NBC’s The Monkees. This hiring influenced him to pursue music professionally as a career.

Micky Dolenz as A Drummer

Micky Dolenz Performs With His Bandmates
Micky Dolenz performs with his bandmates

Dolenz was cast for the television sitcom The Monkees in 1965 and played the role of the band’s drummer and singer. The fun fact is he wasn’t a real drummer at that time. However, his talents and dedication to practicing drums made him have excellent drumming skills and become an official part of the band.

In 1967, he wrote a few self-penned songs, including the most famous one, Randy Scouse Git, which was released on their third studio album, Headquarters.

He was one of the band’s lead singers, along with Peter Tork and Davy Jones. Several hits were released by The Monkees, such as Last Train to Clarksville (1966), I’m a Believer (1966), and Daydream Believer (1968). The band might come from a TV show, but their impact on entertainment is quite significant.

Although it’s not a long-term project, he spent time reuniting with his member Michael Nesmith and held concerts as a duo in 2018. Dolenz is the last surviving band member, as his members have already passed away.

Drum, Sing, Act

Micky Dolenz and Rich Dart

Rather than being a drummer, his root in entertainment is actually acting. He has acted since childhood, from a musical show to a sitcom. However, with his acting skill, he discovers other talents like singing and drumming.

Dolenz has also loved music since he was young and originally had his own rock band, “Micky and the One-Nighters.”

With The Monkees, Micky Dolenz’s drumming skill is recognized by the public even though he never focused on that instrument before. His singing skill also got acknowledgment from critics who said that his voice made the Monkees’ sound distinctive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Micky Dolenz doing now?

He performed in various American television programs, produced and directed programs for the BBC and London Weekend Television, and has kept up his musical production.


Smiling Micky Dolenz
Smiling Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz is indeed a born drummer with many talents that can entertain everyone. Although he started his career as an actor, many people also admire Micky Dolenz as one of the best drummers that came out from the TV show.

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