China cymbals are found with certain types of music. They have become very common in modern times as special effects trash cymbals.

However, there are so many brands today that many beginners don’t know where to begin.

And like any other partcomponent in your drum setup, picking the best china cymbals is not easy, and yet necessary. It takes a lot of time and effort, but you will get there after some trial and error.

In this guide, I will helpyou understand china cymbals, as well as introduce you to the best brands.

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What Is A China Cymbal Used For?

This is question seems very easy, yet, very crucial to getting the right sound. I have been playing drums for more than 20 years, which gives me excellent knowledge about cymbals.

In all these years, I was never to achieve a perfect cymbal set until recently. And now that I know what they mean to my sound, I am honored to share with you.

China cymbals are synonymous with certain types of music. They are defined by a bright sound, and therefore are commonly known as ‘trash.’

The term china originates from the sound of a Chinese gong, which comes with Asian music. Today, the cymbals are used in different music performances. They are a great addition to a drummer’s setup.

No matter the music you are playing, you can always spice things up a bit by adding in a china. They are often found with jazz, fusion jazz, heavy metal, thrash metal, and a few other genres. But they are versatile enough to work in just any other song you desire.

What makes trash cymbals special?

China cymbals open a large room for experimentation. A drummer has to be innovative in what they do so as not to bore their audience. And china cymbals are one of the best ways to tap into your creativity.

For instance, there are different ways of mounting them for varying effects. I like putting them upside on my cymbal sound so that I can play them easily. Some drummers use different approaches depending on the sound they want to get and how easy they want to play.

The most important thing is their sound is unmistakable. Even though there are some alterations with these cymbals from varying shapes and sizes, you can always tell when they are used.

Traditionally, they are shaped liked a conical bell with a rough finish inside. One good example is the Novo sound, which is a rounded bell that some drummer use in reverse. The edge of the cymbal is reversed.

Other variations are Pang and Swish cymbals. They are defined by a huge range of cymbals, some of which look like rides, and other like crash cymbals.

But don’t let these technicalities intimidate you. Any drummer can find a good china cymbal even if they don’t know much of these.

Besides, I will be reviewing several models to make sure you are not too confused or overwhelmed.

How do you choose a good china cymbal?

Before we look at the models, I thought it would be good to share some ideas on choosing the best china cymbals. You can use them to find more products that serve your needs.


The first and most important quality in a china is clear and high-quality sound. It does not make sense to have a high-end drum set with bad-sounding china.

Buy a china that enhances your music and makes you feel like you made the best decision. In other words, be in control of your kit.


Sometimes prices can be very confusing. To many people, a high price always means the best product. But this is not how I look at it, although it’s mostly true.

But some manufacturers only exaggerate their prices, so they are perceived to be good. You can find cheap china cymbal that is well sounding than an expensive one.

Nevertheless, you should have a good budget if you are serious about buying the best cymbal. Some of the highest-end cymbals are very high in price too, but worth your investment.


No has money to throw around in different instruments that easily break due to poor quality. I am not saying that cymbals cannot break, but they should not do so what you think they are still new and strong.

This is about the quality of your cymbals. Consider the material that goes into the cymbal.  

Apart from the general factors above, you are looking for a bright, resonant, and crisp sound in a trash cymbal. It has to drive along with the rest of your mix. Since they are used in adding interest to the flow and tempo of a track, you want to make sure the sound meets your kit’s standards.

6 Best China Cymbals Reviewed

1.     Wuhan 16-inch China Cymbal

Wuhan is a cymbal company that has been making a lot of progress in the cymbal world. It is the biggest brand in China and has been finding its way into the rest of the world.

Therefore, it is good to have a china cymbal from China where they were originally made. Wuhan 16-inch china cymbal features B20 alloy material and sound dirty and trashy. They deliver the original sound of a trash.

However, its overtones are quite annoying. But you can play within a fill to cover them. It delivers a crispy cutting sound when choked, making it really sweet.

The biggest negative side is that this is not the most durable china cymbal on the market. But the cracks will not affect their sound quality.

2.     Meinl Classics Custom 18-inch Dark China

Meinl is one of my favorite cymbal makers in the world as they continue serving the cymbal community with innovative products.

Their Classics Custom 18-inch Dark China is designed for metal music. It’s made from B10 alloy, which makes it sound bright with a clear attack. They also come with a classic china design the assures a trashy tone.

Mixing the bright attack with the dark tone delivers great accented hits, with a sustain that easily blends with the rest of your instruments.

It comes with a dark finish that gives a beautiful appearance on stage. It is a beautiful metal that will make you stand out in your band.

The main downside of this china is its lack of versatility. You cannot use it with other music styles.

3.     Zildjian 18-inch S Series China

When you talk about cymbals, many people will only think about Zildjian. The company has beenaround for more than 200 years and is now a mark of quality.

This 18-inch S series china will make your music sound professional. It does not matter the genre you are playing.

It has a bright sound, and hence, high pitched. This makes it open up well, with a short sustain. It is also versatile with many different music styles.

The S line is china is thin, and therefore, can be used in a cymbal stack. It is crafted from B12 alloy, placing it in the mid-level line.

4.     Sabian 19-Inch AA Holy

Many people consider Sabian one of the best brands for a cymbal. And they are not wrong. Sabian has been making high-quality cymbal for a very long time and continues to do so. The 19-inch AA Holy china is seen as the best cymbal china overall. And once you have one, you will also agree.

It is an explosive instrument with such aggressiveness that it will make your music sound fresh and new. It would help if you did not play it at home because it is very loud.

This is the first cymbal onthis list crafted from the highest-quality B20 metal. It is added with 51 holes that make it more beautiful and make it loud and energetic. It also comes with a crystal-clear sound that will leave you smiling, even right from its archaic looks.

If you are a funk or reggae drummer, this china will be all you need in the trash. It delivers and impressive moderate attack that is not common in many other similar products.

There are no complains so far against it.

5.     Zildjian 19-inch An Ultra Hammered

No drummer can doubt theauthenticity of Zildjian as a cymbal manufacturer. And the china sound they deliver in this product is only for pros.

They sound sharp and will cut through your mix without reducing its clarity and quality. Different from other china, this piece is not only about trashy sound. But they are still very loud.

Using this cymbal lets you stand out from the pack. Zildjian has used an innovative ‘volcano bell’ than does what a volcano does, erupting.

This is a great cymbal for rock and concert settings. This means it is not very good with other genres because of its high volume, but that comes down to what a drummer wants to get from their cymbals.

Another great thing about this instrument is its durability. Apart from being loud, you will play it for a long time without the need to get another one.

6.     Paiste PST 3 China Cymbal

Paiste is another top cymbal brand that makes very reliable products. I have been using Paiste cymbals for more than 10 years, and they have never disappointed me.

The PST cymbal delivers a quick attack and a clean, crisp sound. They come with a medium weight that assuresa heavy sound alongside easy playing for music styles like Latin, jazz, rock, heavy metal, and anything in between.

They are also very affordable. And it is their prices point the makes these cymbals accessories very appealing. Some experts argue that these are the best value for money cymbals.

You can easily tell why they believe so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wuhan China Cymbals Good?

Wuhan is the biggest cymbal maker in China. Over the past fear years, it has been slowing stepping into themainstream industry, making it a huge contender.

As stated above, china cymbals are originally from China, which means anything that comes from thesource is good.

In other words, Wuhan china cymbal is pretty good. Most of them are made from high-quality B20 material, which features in many top products.

However, there are not very long-lasting. Many users have complained that they crash too soon, although this does not affect their sound quality.

Where Do You Put China Cymbals?

China cymbals are very versatile. Apart from delivering great sound, they are very easy to use. In terms of mounting, there are several approaches that work differently according to the drummer’s preferences.

The most popular method is mounting it upside down. Many users like mounting it upside down and keep it raised to the ride cymbal ride side. If your china is big, you can put it to your tomtom right and at the same level. Also, it would be best if you placed it upside down.

What Are the Best Cymbals?

Cymbals come in different qualities based on the material they are made from, the brand, and the making process. The best cymbals come from the big five manufacturers, Paiste, Meinl, Zildjian, and Sabian.

For beginners, the Sabian SBR line and Meinl HCS are a good choice. Paiste PST8 is another great line of cymbals made for drummers of all levels.

For the highest quality, go for Zildjian Constantinople, Sabian Artisan, and Meinl Byzance. These are the most expensive cymbals, and the best in any setting.


As a drummer, you can get innovative by mixing different sounds for something unique. A trash or china cymbal has a lot to offer drummers. The products reviewed in this guide should make it easy for you to achieve your goals.