Alex Van Halen Feature

Alex Van Halen and his Snare brown sound

Alexander Arthur Van Halen is a Dutch-American musician born on May 8, 1953. He is best known as the drummer and co-founder of Van Halen hard-rock band. Alex Van Halen formed the band in 1974 together with his young brother Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony. In 1977, Warner Brother signed the

Sandy West Feature

Sandy West pulls her audience into the action

It takes more than talent to become one of the best drummers, especially for women. And Sandy West is the true evidence to this truth. She grew up knowing just to drum, and that gave her the energy to continue doing what she loved doing the best. “Every time Sandy is behind the throne, you

Mick Avory Feature

Mick Avory, The Kinks’ Hard Hitting Things Drummer

Their passion and desire to grow defines the best drummers in history. And this is exactly what makes Mick Avory a great drummer. Mick Avory, well known as The Kinks drummer defines himself as someone who goes beyond the hard-hitting things. He truly believes in focusing on one thing and striving to perfect it. At

Tomas Haake Feature

Tomas Haake, Swedish Metal Band Meshuggah’s Thundering Drummer

Playing drums takes more than just talent and hours of practice. It needs dedication and ear for new styles and the motivation to grow and improve. This is the story of Tomas Haake, whose footsteps have been followed by many drumming enthusiasts. One of Tomas Haake drumming’s major characteristics is his sophisticated foundation of the

Debbi Peterson Feature

Debbi Peterson, a killer Garage Drummer

No killer garage band does not have a killer drummer. They can do without any other team member, but a drummer always has to be at the center of it all. And that is how The Bangles can be described in the formative days. The bands were regular covers of The Seeds and The Yardbirds

Chad Smith Feature

Chad Smith, creativity to create anything from nothing

Chad Smith was born on October 25, 1961. He is an American musician who has been part of the incredibly famous band Red Hot Chili Peppers since 1988. The group was included in the Rock Hall and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. Chad Smith started drumming at a very early age, developing his skills

Tommy Ramone Feature

Tommy Ramone, the drummer who made punk rock a cult

When Tommy Ramone passed away, The New York Times wrote in the obituary headline, “he gave punk rock its pulse”. This simple line is enough to describe who Ramone was and what he was able to accomplish throughout his life. There are many great drummers that have come up throughout history, but very few have

Meg White Feature

Meg White, the most iconic female drummer of all time

Think about all the greatest drummers in the world today; they all had someone to hold their hand while beginning their careers. Meg White experience has been different from, and perhaps this is the reason why she stands out as one of the most iconic drummers of all time. The drummer has a distinctive, primal

Chris Dave Feature

Chris Dave, famously known as Daddy

There are very drummers that have received the best compliments from other legendary drummers, and Chris Dave is one of them. At one time, Questlove talked to D’Angelo’s 2012 live comeback and confessed that his worst nightmare was Chris Dave in his drummer. Questlove continued by stating that you need the most lethal drummer alive

Bobbye Hall Feature

Bobbye Hall, the Queen of Percussion Drumming

The “Queen of Percussion Drumming” Bobbye Hall is a successful musician in what can be termed as a man’s world. Bobbye Hall started drumming at a very tender age and soon became the youngest session drummer in Motown’s history. Her prowess can be attributed to her talent and love for hitting things. Her percussive signature

Carter Beauford Feature

Carter Beauford and his chops-heavy jazz drumming technique

Carter Beauford is the founding member of Dave Matthews Band. With his chops-heavy jazz drumming technique and love for Tony Williams, the drummer has been able to create the most incredible groves. Carter Beauford presents his performances with a pop sensitivity you can never hear in any other groove. He is an essential member of

Ramon Tiki Fulwood Feature

Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood, and his heavy funkadelic style

“You need talent, you need an innovative mind, and above all, you need muscles, if you must play rock drums.” That is what Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood always said when he was talking to emerging drummers. And that is exactly he approached drums. Grady Thomas once recognized Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood as “the most hardest foot drummer…”

Jack Dejohnette Feature

Jack DeJohnette a pianist, and a creative drummer

Unlike many renowned drummers, Jack DeJohnette did not take up drumming until he was 18 years only. Before then, he had been playing the piano since age four. Despite his late entry, he would not let anything hold him back from becoming the best drummer everyone would later talk about. Jack DeJohnette may have been

Nikki Glaspie Feature

Nikki Glaspie, a beat conductor, funk philosopher, seneschal of style

Nikki Glaspie has been named sorceress, alchemist, beat conductor, funk philosopher, seneschal of style, purveyor of pocket, and agent of love, among other titles. They all reflect her work in the modern drumming industry. “If there is any drummer who can make a difference in the woman’s world, it is Nikki,” one of her mentees

Roger Hawkins Feature

Roger Hawkins, a Rhythm & Blues Master Drummer

Roger Hawkins may be the greatest drummer in the world, as Jerry Wexler, the producer who came up with the term “Rhythm & Blues” claimed. He always knew how to hit his drums in the right manner. He has benn a drummer that shaped American popular music as being part of the Alabama’s famed Muscle

Jim Keltner Feature

Jim Keltner, One Of The Most Respected Session Drummers In History

When you hear the best drummers, you would probably think that is someone who took many years of training. Well, in part, that is true. For Jim Keltner, it was more than just practice. The drummer had a nose for excellent music and was talented in capturing the best scenes. As such, he is one

Moe Tucker

Moe Tucker, a Diverse and Minimalist drumming Style

There are not very many women who have left their mark in the drumming industry. And even those who have are not anything close to what Maurine “Moe” Tucker was. Her influences, were not only with one band, but she became the off-kilter thump that pushed a million bands beyond their limits. Whether she drummed

Steve Smith Feature

Steve Smith, and his Superhuman Chops style

From 1978 to 1985, Steve Smith offers superhuman chops that anchored down the arena rockers, Journey. When the band started, it had not been recognized by many people and did not seem to go anywhere, but Steve Smith becomes an essential member during their peak years – arcade games and everything that made sense in