Best Drummers

This is a selection of the best drummers of the word, by Zero to Drum just for you!

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Who is the best drummer right now?

I have seen several modern drummers in action, Aric Improta or Fever 333, and Rufus Taylor of The Darkness feature top. They have been listed as number one and two respectively on MusicRadar, among the 2019 best drummers.

Who was the best drummer ever?

Best Drummer Ginger Baker Performing At The Forum Theatre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, 1980
Drummer Ginger Baker Performing At The Forum Theatre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, 1980.

LedgerNote lists Ginger Baker (Cream, Blind Faith, Air Force) as number one on their list of top 10 greatest drummers of all time. He is followed by Neil Peart (Rush, Vertical Horizon, Buddy Rich Big Band), and Bernard Purdie (Jeff Beck, Steely Dan, The 3B’s).

John Bonham is usually considered the greatest of them all. He is listed on every wall, including Rolling Stones as the Greatest.


Dale Crover, Drums, The Melvins

Dale Crover The hard-hitting Drummer

Dale Crover played in Nirvana because he is the best. And when you see anyone receiving such high recognition from someone like Dave Grohl, he is indeed the best. Those who have listened to Dale Crover agree that he is the best in the world, and his work can be used for reference when looking

Jody Linscott Feature

Jody Linscott The Magnificent Percussionist and Producer

What comes to your mind when you hear about the greatest drummer? For Jody Linscott, it should be strength, innovation, and high-intelligence time keeping skills. She was born in the USA but relocated to England, where she practiced her skills and grew into one of the famous figures everyone is talking about today. She returned

Greg Errico Feature

Greg Errico Behind the Rhythm sections of funk

Greg Errico was only a teenager at 17 years of age when Sylvester Stewart called him to join Sly and Family Stone. Luckily, Greg Errico had already been playing his drums for several years, which is why it was easy to accommodate him into professional drumming. Later, he helped shape one of the most important

Richie Hayward Feature

Richie Hayward and the perfect Beat for every song

Richie Hayward drummed for the surrealistic band Little Feat, for a very long time. He often tended to play over, under, and around the beat, trying to find the perfect match for every song. “I don’t believe a drummer can have only one playing style.” Richie Hayward once said. “I mean, drumming is so wide

Matt Cameron Feature

Matt Cameron A ‘Grunge’ Mastermind Behind the Drum

Matthew David Cameron is an American musician born on November 28, 1962. He is best known as the drummer for Pearl Jam. He is among a few drummers of all time that have a very inspirational story. It was not all roses for his career when Cameron first started out. And even though he began

Dottie Dodgion Feature

Dottie Dodgion, The Female Innovator of Jazz Drumming

Dottie Dodgion is more than just a drummer. She is an innovator who understands the different needs of her fans and the music industry as large. For this reason, she has always come up with different styles of performing jazz that leaves her fans begging for more.  Even though her work is mostly lost to

Manu Katché Feature

Manu Katché The Story and the Journey of a Man and a drummer

Born on October 27, 1958, Manu Katche is a French drummer and songwriter who has contributed greatly to the industry. He was born in Saint-Maur-des-Fosses in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris, France. Manu Katche has a greatly developed career, first a session drummer, working on several albums in the mid- 80s. When Peter Gabriel released

Sony Dsc

John Stanier, Embracing Technologies Behind The Drum

Many drummers in the world are known for hitting their drums with the hardest energy. But John Stanier seems to think differently. His ideal drumming idea is that one must let their drums flow and sound freely without any frustration. In a 2011 interview, John Stanier stated that the loop becomes the drummer when you

George Hurley Feature

George Hurley The Frenetic And Counter-Intuitive Drummer

“When it comes to great music performance, it takes more than mere talent, and perhaps many hours of practice.” Said George Hurley. “The world is changing so first with all the technological innovations being witnessed around.  For this reason, one needs to look at what is happening around and adapt appropriately.” And this is what

Gina Schock Feature

Gina Schock “Backbone” Of The Go-Go’s

Gina Schock is an American drummer best known for her work with the all-women band, The Go-Go’s. She is one of the best female drummers rock industry has ever produced. Talk about the beat, and Gina Schock has got it. At The Go-Go’s first appearance, it was already obvious there was no other female drummer

Karen Carpenter Feature

Karen Carpenter, a Diva on the Drum and The Mic

Perhaps Karen Carpenters’ story is one of the most tragic stories you can read about. She was an American singer and drummer who was a member of the legendary duo, the Carpenters with her brother Richard. Even though she was particularly known for her contralto vocals, she did fantastic work behind the throne. Karen Carpenter

Earl Young Feauter

Earl Young “the drum machine” before The Drum Machine

Drumming may seem easy for those who listen to or watch the songs. However, there is so much that goes on in the drummer’s mind that it will surprise you just how stressed they can become.  To be good, you need talent, and most important, and an open mind to invent new ideas. This is

Bill Stevenson Feature

Bill Stevenson, The Pioneer of Modern Punk Drumming

The Story of Bill Stevenson may sound like a fairytale. However, it can be likened to the tales of the greatest minds of all times, like Bill Gates and the likes – only, in the music industry. It is because of his innovativeness and dedication to delivering the best music across genres that Stevenson features

Brian Chippendale Feature

Brian Chippendale, a Modern Drummer with a Classical Approach

I have been writing about the best drummers of all time for a very long time. But I have never met one so excited about his work as Brian Chippendale. To him, drumming is not just a career but a way of life. In other words, it has become so much rooted in his blood

Ralph Molina

Ralph Molina Cookie-Cutter Virtuoso Of Drumming

For more than 50 years in his career, Neil Young has worked with lots of drummers. However, he confesses to always coming back to Ralph Molina for the best drumming sessions. There are very few drummers who are gifted enough to work with top players in the market more than twice. And this is the

Mick Fleetwood Feature

Mick Fleetwood, a rhythmic personality that captures the attention of the listener

Mick Fleetwood has, for long, been a constant influencer in the music industry. Working along with the steady rhythm-section mate John McVie, he has kept his reputation through the stylistic shifts of his namesake band. Since the late sixties, the blues-rock of Peter Green Fleetwood has made sure nothing changes that quality of music that

Michael Shrieve Feature

Michael Shrieve, from Santana to the Rolling Stones, a formidable versatility

One the second day of the Woodstock Festival, Santana took over the stage, and the whole crowd went crazy. They faced a large crowd of listeners who all seemed hungry for something new and incredible.  The group was standing between Country Joe McDonald and John Sebastian, giving a mountain of pressure. None of the people

Patty Schemel Featured

Patty Schemel, primal punk marched with some sophistication

Patty Schemel, just like any other member, fully out the beauty and impression that was Hole. Like many of her peers, she suffered from addiction, but the primal punk marched with some sophistication that marked her drumming style never disappointed. Patty Schemel has a certain way of approaching drums that made every listener feel like

Phil Rudd Feature

Phil Rudd, Rock-solid beats and incredible timing skills

Phil Rudd has become one of the most controversial drummers of modern times. The long-time AC/DC drummer has been recently highlighted because he threatened to end his employee’s life. For many months, the media was all over him, with many people inquiring about his fate. As if that is not enough, he was accused of

Clem Burke Feature

Clem Burke, Blondie band lucky drummer

Clement Burke is an American musician best known as the number one drummer for the band Blondie. He has been with the group since 1975, helping them to grow from strength to strength. Through his music knowledge and innovative mind, Clem Burke has brought unexpected rhythm to the raw punk and New Wave that roared