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Find out the Best Drummers ever, a selection curated by the team of Zero to Drum, All about Drums and Drumming.

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yoyoka soma feature image

Yoyoka Soma – A Star to Watch

Yoyoka Soma is an incredible drummer from Ishikari, Japan.  At 8, the drummer’s skills had seen her rise through the ranks and carve a name in the global scope.  In 2018, she garnered international recognition

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pocket queen feature image

Pocket Queen – A Real Stick Queen

Taylor Gordon, aka Pocket Queen, is one of the few contemporary drummers. The drummer has played with various household names like Beyonce, Fifth Harmony, Michelle Williams, and Daya. She has significantly gained numerous followers through

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charly antolini feature image

Charly Antolini – Fire in Drums

Charly Antolini was born on May 24, 1937, in Zurich. He is a Swiss drummer who has been playing the instruments for many years, and hence, a vast experience. Antolini started his music career when

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carla azar feature image

Carla Azar – Drumming Beyond Drums

Carla Azar is a fantastic American Drummer from Alabama. Over the years, she has built a well-curated professional career in various niche fields.  She is a member of the band Autolux and well-versed in playing

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mel taylor feature image

Mel Taylor – The Jazz King

Mel Taylor was one of the few drummers who have made their name through their dedication to improving the music industry. As the first child of Grace and Laurance Taylor, Mel was born on September

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