Dave Weckl

Dave Weckl – Remarkable Jazz Fusion Drummer

Dave Weckl is an American jazz-fusion drummer who was born in St. Louis Missouri, January 8th, 1960 is well known as a person who runs the Dave Weckl Band. Inducted in 2000 in the Modern Drummers Hall of Fame. He has developed and maintained a reputation among fans, peers, and the international music community, as

Sean Dalton

Sean Dalton – The Awesome Drummer From The Trews

Sean Dalton is currently a singer/songwriter with The Trews. His career has taken him across the country. In fact, his current livelihood provides drum lessons in Antigonish. The lobster fisherman also makes musical work. Between 2002 and 2015 Dalton was the drummer in the successful Canadian rock band The Trews and performed throughout Canada and

Jordan Hastings

Jordan Hastings – Powerful Solid Engine of Alexisonfire

Born in Burlington Jordan currently a drummer with the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. The group won a Juno award for a new group in 2005 and won a Juno prize in 2007. Hastings played with the band Say Yes since 2012. In 2016 Hastings stepped out in place for Aaron Solowoniuk in the band Billy Talent,

Nandi Bushell

Nandi Bushell – A Great Talented Young Drummer

Nandi Bushell is a British-Zulu musician of South African descent and social media celebrity. She is best known for her drumming skill, performing covers of popular rock songs. She was born on 28 April 2010. She had drawn the attention of several musicians including Questlove, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Grohl, and Matt Bellamy for her drumming

Brent Fitz

Brent Fitz – A Great Drummer and Multi-instrumentalist

Brent Fitz is a Canadian American drummer and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known as the drummer for Slash and has also played with Vince Neil, Gene Simmons, and other notable artists. Fitz began his music career at an early age and has been playing professionally for over two decades. Brent Fitz is highly respected in

Steve Jocz

Steve Jocz, The Sum 41 Punk Rock Amazing Drummer

Steve Jocz is a Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter who was born on July 21, 1981. He is best known as the former drummer for the Canadian rock band Sum 41.  Steve Jocz Early Life Steve Jocz began his music career at a young age, at the age of eight, starting out as a drummer

Lori Barbero

Lori Barbero – Best Punk Rock Drummer

Lori Anne Barbero is an American musician and singer who rose to notoriety as the drummer of the Minneapolis-based punk rock band Babes in Toyland, which she joined in 1987. She was born on November 27, 1961, in Minnesota. Lori Barbero was the drummer for Babes in Toyland, which became one of the most popular

Jeremy Taggart

Jeremy Taggart – A Great Talent from Our Lady Peace

Jeremy Taggart who was born on April 7, 1975, is a Canadian drummer, radio host, and author. He is best known for playing with Our Lady Peace from 1993 until 2014. Playing Drum At Young Age Jeremy Taggart and Our Lady Peace bassist Chris Eacrett first started playing together at a young age. They were

Mitch Dorge

Mitch Dorge A Great Multi-Instrumentalist Drummer

Michel “Mitch” Dorge or known as Mitch Dorge is a Canadian drummer. He’s also known as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and record producer. Mitch was born on born September 15, 1960, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Mitch Dorge is a very talented drummer and has been playing for over 40 years. Mitch Dorge Early Journey in Drumming

Monika Fikerle

Monika fikerle – Great Drummer with Quirky Drumming Style

Monika Fikerle is an Australian musician and multi-instrumentalist, most noted for her “energetic” and “quirky” drumming style. Monika began playing drums at the age of 10 and was soon gigging with various local bands. Monika Fikerle Early Years Monika Fikerle began her music career in Hobart in 1995, becoming Sea Scouts‘ drummer after having taken

Jerry Mercer

Jerry Mercer, the legendary Canadian drummer of Mashmakhan

Drummer Jerry Mercer was born July 10, 1947, in Montreal. He joined his first band The Overtakers when he was twelve years old. Jerry Mercer was legendary in the Canadian music scene long before he stepped into April Wine and powered that Montreal-based band to the top of the charts with albums including Electric Jewels, Stand Back,

Steve Negus

Steve Negus – A Great Versatile Drummer

Steve Negus who was born on February 19, 1952, is a Canadian drummer and a talented songwriter. He was a member of the progressive rock band Saga for twenty-six years. In the late 80s, he and keyboardist Jim Gilmour left Saga and formed GNP (Gilmour Negus Project). Steve Negus Early Journey as A Drummer Steve

Emily Dolan Davies

Emily Dolan Davies – Role Model for Young Girls

Emily Dolan Davies is a UK-based drummer. She was born 4 June 1987 and is widely known for her work with The Darkness, Bryan Ferry, Kim Wilde, and is currently the house drummer on ITV’s The Voice Kids. Emily Dolan Davies is an extremely talented and well-respected drummer. She has had an impressive career thus

Manny Elias

Manny Elias – The Original Drummer of Tears for Fears

Manny Elias is an Indian born English drummer and record producer. He is best known for being the original drummer with Tears for Fears during the 1980s. He was also originally a member of the rock band Interview from Bath, Somerset. Before joining Tears for Fears, Elias had drummed with the band Graduate, who was

Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper – The Great Academically Trained Drummer

Jason Toop Cooper or best known as Jason Cooper is an English drummer best known for his work with The Cure. He was born on 31 January 1967 in London, England.  He’s also composed music for films such as From Within. Jason Cooper Drummer Early Journey Jason Cooper started playing drums when he was about


Florrie, Multi Talented Drummer and Composer

Florrie is a singer, songwriter, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. She was born Florence Arnold on 28 December 1988 in Bristol, where she attended Colston’s Girls’ School. Florrie Early Career From the very beginning, Florrie became interested in playing the drums when she was in Greece on a family holiday at age six. She started her

Danny Farrant

Danny Farrant – Drummer of Legendary Punk Band

Danny Farrant is the current drummer in the British punk band Buzzcocks, he joined the group following Phil Barker’s departure in 2006. According to Buzzcocks singer Pete Shelley, when he joined the band, Farrant learned thirty songs in two days. Danny Farrant also plays guitar, bass and keyboards. Danny Farrant Early Journey Not many people know Danny

Robin Goodridge Feature Image

Robin Goodridge – The Ace of Alternative Rock Drummer

Robin James Goodridge is a drummer who is most known for his work with Bush, an alternative rock band. Later in his career, he worked with bands including Spear of Destiny, Elyss, and The Stone Gods. Goodridge departed from Elyss between 2006-2007 and reappeared in the band Spear of Destiny in 2007 then left the

Yoshimi P-We

Yoshimi P-We – Energetic and Powerful Drummer

Yoshimi P-We is a Japanese musician best known for her role as the longest consistent drummer in the Japanese rock band, Boredoms. Yoshimi also plays trumpet, guitar, and keyboard, and sings. Born in Osaka, Japan, Yoshimi P-We started playing drums at the age of 13. She has played with a number of Japanese musicians and

Clem Cattini

Clem Cattini – A Great Rock and Roll Drummer

Clem Cattini is an English rock and roll drummer, who was a member of the Tornados before becoming well known for his work as a session musician. He was born on 20 August 1937 in North London, England. Clem Cattini is the legendary drummer whose career spans over 60 years, beginning in the mid-1950s with