Best Female Drummers

Only the Best Female Drummers, the most talented among all the women that play the drums!

In this section of Zero to Drum you will find the BIO of all the Best Female Drummers, curated by the team of Zero to Drum All about Drums and Drumming.

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Yoshimi P-We

Yoshimi P-We – Energetic and Powerful Drummer

Yoshimi P-We is a Japanese musician best known for her role as the longest consistent drummer in the Japanese rock band, Boredoms. Yoshimi also plays trumpet, guitar, and keyboard, and sings. Born in Osaka, Japan, Yoshimi P-We started playing drums at the age of 13. She has played with a number of Japanese musicians and

Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie Bailey – Like To Play Different Styles of Drumming

Stephanie Bailey is an original member and the drummer for the Texas-based psych-rock band, The Black Angels. Bailey first met The Black Angels’ lead guitarist Christian Bland at a South by Southwest Festival, and after she heard his band’s demo recordings the two formed The Black Angels together which led to their self-titled debut album

Nao Kawakita

Nao Kawakita, Drummer of Maximum The Hormone japanese band

Nao Kawakita, simply known as Nao, is the drummer and backup vocalist of the Japanese nu metal band Maximum the Hormone. She is the only female drummer in the band. Nao was born on December 16, 1975, In Tokyo, Japan. The band is known for its extreme metal sound and great live performances. Maximum The

Mercedes Lander Featured Image

Mercedes Lander – Beauty and the Drums

Mercedes Lander, one of the most successful musicians, was born in London, Ontario, Canada. She has ranked on the list of those eminent people who were born in the era of 1984. Mercedes Lander is has navigated his professional career as a drummer and backing vocalist. The Canadian metal band Kittie has formed twenty years

Dawn Richardson Feature Image

Dawn Richardson – A Drummer With a Vision

Throughout her entire life, American drummer Dawn Richardson has been playing drums. She began playing drums at the age of thirteen and has played throughout high school and college. Her diversity is evident in the various bands she has played in. These include rock bands, orchestra, marching band, concert band, and percussion ensembles.  Dawn Richardson

Susie Ibarra Feature Image

Susie Ibarra – A Drummer on a Mission

Filipina-American percussionist Susie Ibarra grew up in Houston, Texas, her parents having emigrated from the Philippines. Her musical interest was sparked at the tender age of four when she began playing the piano. In grade school, she joined the school choir and church choir as well, boosting her confidence. Later, when she joined Sarah Lawrence

Denise Dufort Feature Image

Denise Dufort – Setting A New Legacy on Drums

Dufort was born in London on October 18, 1958. She can be well identified as the third founding member of the British heavy metal band, Girlschool, still running. She is also well known as the sister to Dave Dufort, the British drummer in the NWOBHM band Angel Witch. Before joining Girlschool, she had always been

Kim Scifino Feature Image

Kim Scifino – Setting New Drumming Standards

Drummer and vocalist Kim Schifino was born in the United States on June 14, 1982. She is a renowned celebrity drummer also identified as one half of the indie duo Matt and Kim. She and her band partner Mat are a lovesome couple but not husband and wife. The Matt and Kim duo was formed

Elaine Bradley Feature Image

Elaine Bradley – Drumming With a Purpose

Youngest among seven children, Elaine Gabrielle Bradley, was born on October 19, 1984, to Carolyn and Robert Doty. The renowned American musician and songwriter is the drummer and backup vocalist for the American rock band Neon Trees. She can also be identified from BYUtv’s unscripted series, Grace Notes, as she has been the host since

Kitty Msi Feature Image

Kitty-MSI – Innovation Meets Talent on Drums

Jennifer Dunn, aka Kitty, is a household name in the drumming industry. Her drumming career gained track in elementary school but drew close in middle school. Her foray in the School of Visual arts in Manhattan saw her stumble on Jimmy Urine, the driving force of Mindless Self Indulgence Band.   Since the band had a

Alice De Buhr Feature Image

Alice de Buhr – Aggressive and Innovative

Alice De Buhr is a renowned legend among women drummers. She has played for Fanny, the all-woman band to be signed to a major record label. The drummer was born and bred in Mason City, Lowa.  Upon finishing her high school studies, she left home and moved to California in 1967.  While in Sacramento, Alice

Lynn Truell Feature Image

Lynn Truell – A Drummer With Style

Lynn Truell is a renowned bass guitarist, co-singer, and drummer for the San Francisco indie rock band Imperial Teen. The American musician gloats about a successful career trajectory. Over the years, she has performed with a wide range of household names in the music industry.  Lynn Truell has built an incredible reputation performing as a drummer

Kavka Shishido Feature Image

Kavka Shishido – Excelling Beyond Drums

Kavka Shishido is well-known as a Japanese-Mexican vocalist and drummer. Born in 1985, she has navigated her acclaimed professional career as a radio personality, Singer-songwriter, actress, television personality, drummer, and spokesperson. The drummer was a member of the Rock band The News prior to debuting in 2012 as a solo musician. The multi-talented individual prominently

Linda Mcdonald Feature Image

Linda McDonald – Aggressive Yet Gentle on Drums

Linda McDonald is a remarkable drummer born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. McDonald has navigated her professional career as a drummer and an affiliate of the Ozzy Osbourne honored band The Little Doll advertised as “All Female, All Ozzy, All The Time…Covering All Eras Of Ozzy ”).  She boasts as the co-founder of the

Yoyoka Soma Feature Image

Yoyoka Soma – A Star to Watch

Yoyoka Soma is an incredible drummer from Ishikari, Japan.  At 8, the drummer’s skills had seen her rise through the ranks and carve a name in the global scope.  In 2018, she garnered international recognition for an online video featuring Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times.”   Yoyoka Soma began her drumming prowess at the age

Pocket Queen Feature Image

Pocket Queen – A Real Stick Queen

Taylor Gordon, aka Pocket Queen, is one of the few contemporary drummers. The drummer has played with various household names like Beyonce, Fifth Harmony, Michelle Williams, and Daya. She has significantly gained numerous followers through her performances with heavyweight artists and drum covers on social media platforms like YouTube.  Her interest in music and drumming

Carla Azar Feature Image

Carla Azar – Drumming Beyond Drums

Carla Azar is a fantastic American Drummer from Alabama. Over the years, she has built a well-curated professional career in various niche fields.  She is a member of the band Autolux and well-versed in playing keyboards, bass guitar, and even sings. Born in 1972, she has successfully navigated her professional realm in various genres, including electronic

Jess Bowen Feature Image

Jess Bowen – Most Innovative Stickwoman

Jess Bowen has curated her professional career as a rising musician and drummer. She boasts as one of the leading shining examples for female drummers. Jess Bowen is recognized for playing a fundamental role in the pop-rock band The Summer Set. Her technique and basic skills have seen her rise up the ladder and build a

Lori Peters Feature Image

Lori Peters – Telling Stories Through Drums

Lori Peters is a native of Kenosha and was born in November 1973. She is presently the drummer of Skillet which she began immediately after releasing Invincible (2000). While in secondary school, she participated in the Jazz Band and Symphonic Band. She proceeded with her tertiary education at Columbia College, Chicago for 3 years. Lori

Stella Mozgawa Feature Image

Stella Mozgawa – The Most Powerful Female Drummer

Most people who are proficient in what they do start from a young age. This is the case for Australian-based drummer Stella Mozgawa. Growing up in a musical family with both her parents as performing artists paved her music career. Her first interaction with drums was at the age of 13. Unlike most people back