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Akiko Matsuura, A Talented Drummer With Unique Style

Akiko Matsuura is a Japanese drummer and vocalist residing in the United Kingdom. Akiko has worked in numerous bands in the U.K. and is considered to be one of the best female drummers in the world.

Akiko’s unique style and energy have made her a favorite among fans and critics alike. Akiko Matsuura is an incredibly talented musician and is sure to continue to wow audiences for years to come. She performs noisy rock, punk, and experimental music.

Akiko Matsuura Has Been Work With Numerous Bands

Akiko Matsuura
Akiko Matsuura

Along with her career, Akiko Matsuura has worked with numerous bands, as the frontwoman for Comanechi along with guitarist, Simon Petrovich. Matsuura played drums with The Big Pink and has a side project called Sperm Javelin. She started his music career after joining Simon Petrovich and working together to form the rock band ‘Comanechi’.

Unfortunately, the band didn’t get too much exposure. He played guitar with guitarist Simon Petrovich for the bands Pre and Comanechi. It is not known which high school Matsuura studied at. After high school, she studied art for a while until he decided to pursue a career in music.


Akiko Matsuura Drummer
Akiko Matsuura Drummer

Still a student at school, Akiko loved playing drums and singing, so in 2005 she created a music band called Pre (or often capitalized – PRE), inviting musicians from other London rock bands, Seafood, and Todd.

Along with Kevin Hendrix and Matt Warburton – who joined the band while playing at the same time in Male Bonding – Akiko attracted talented guitar player John Webb and experienced drummer Richard ‘Rodney’ Bennett, who took his nickname from the famous composer of the same name.

The band released several singles such as ‘Dudefuk’, which was included on the compilation CD ‘Counter Culture’ launched by Rough Trade Shop in 2006. PRE also recorded the EP ‘Treasure Trails’, and their album ‘Epic Fits’ was recorded on the basis of Lovepump United Records and Skin Graft Records in September 2007.

As of 2019, the band is still touring, playing music in the noise-rock genre, and Akiko holds the positions of vocalist singer, and drummer appearances; Akiko later used her strange image in her new projects, such as The Big Pink and Comanechi.

Matsuura also decided to join another band ‘The Big Pink’. However, she still serves as a Comanechi singer. Akiko Matsuura is an extremely talented and versatile musician and has been thrilling audiences for years. Akiko is sure to continue to be a force in the music world for many years to come. Akiko Matsuura is an amazing drummer, and you should check her out if you get the chance.

The Big Pink

The band called The Big Pink was formed in 2008 by original members Milo Cordell and Robertson ‘Robbie’ Furze. After the successful release of their first single ‘Too Young to Love’ in early 2009, the band attracted a lot of attention, both from the audience and their peers, who wanted to collaborate with a new talented duo. The Big Pink appeared at the NME Shockwave Awards for the Philip Hall Radar Award, winning in the ‘Best New Act’ category, and that’s when Akiko was invited as an extra to record a few singles with the band. He performed with Milo and Robbie as singers and drummer but soon stopped to focus on his own music. The band called The Big Pink was formed in 2008 by original members Milo Cordell and Robertson ‘Robbie’ Furze.


The band was formed in 2005 when Akiko decided to quit performing with PRE. He met his Comanechi bandmate, Simon Petrovitch, at a barbeque party, and they immediately got along because they loved each other’s barbecue. ‘Ever since I was little

Akiko Matsuura Unique Style and

Akiko Matsuura Performing 1
Akiko Matsuura Performing

Akiko Matsuura has a unique style and energy that is unmatched by any other drummer. Akiko’s performances are always interesting, and she always keeps the audience engaged. Akiko is an incredible performer and is sure to continue to wow audiences for years to come.

In terms of style, she believes that artists must make things interesting while performing. Akiko Matsuura usually performs in various interesting outfits, which are unique in their own ways. She also performs a lot of dives, so that viewers would find the performance interesting.

Akiko Matsuura’s stage presence is also very strong, and she knows how to work with a crowd. Akiko always puts on an amazing show and is sure to please any audience. She once stated that his dream is to write and release the perfect single.

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