Superior Drummer Vs Ezdrummer
Superior Drummer Vs EZDrummer

Superior Drummer Vs EZDrummer, Which Is Better?

Both Superior Drummer Vs EZDrummer is incredible and professional platforms for recording projects. But there is always one that is better than the other.

So, which one?

In this guide, I will be making a comparison between the two tools. We want to find out which one is worth your investment.

Generally, I will be focusing on sample libraries, ease of use, features, and cost to bring out the winner. I am sure you are also eager to make this discovery.

It can be an exciting and overwhelming choice since both applications come from the same manufacturer.

By the end of this discussion, you should be able to make a decision. Read on.

What is the difference between EZDrummer and Superior Drummer?

Superior Drummer Vs Ezdrummer 2

In the battle of EZDrummer vs. Superior Drummer, one must first understand what makes the tools similar before looking at the differences.

So, let’s start with an overview.

Both tools are pretty useful. They come from Toontruck, a company that has excelled in producing some of the best drum VST on the market.

Most songwriters and drummers have used these software products to make good music. Both have pros and cons and come at different prices.

So, what are the differences:


• EZDrummer

EZDrummer is made and marketed for songwriters. It comes as a streamlined virtual drumming software that makes it easy for the user to find the right grooves when creating drum sounds.

It has a great library of MIDI grooves and lets you easily layout entire songs straight from the interface.

It uses a powerfully realistic sound engine with five drum kits, allowing the user to discover a wide range of drum sounds.

Also, you get many onboard processing and effects.

• Superior Drummer 3

Superior Drummer3 is experienced musicians and pros. It comes with a huge 230GB of raw drum sounds for your choice.

This tool builds on EZDrummer with more advanced features, giving you total control of your songs. It comes with an insane number of raw sounds, together with 35 high-quality processing effects.

Like a built-in grid editor for easy fine-tuning, a plethora of features makes it the best audio tool ever.


The EZDrummer is seen as the ‘lite’ version of Superior drummers. Still, it comes with mix-ready sounding drums that will not be hard to adjust.

Superior drummer promises complete control over the design of your sounds, with unlimited options.

EZDrummer comes with record-ready sounds, but Superior Drummer carries raw samples.


Price is the most significant difference between the two. Although it does not reflect better or worse, it’s still a considerable gap.

Superior Drummer goes for $399, while EZDrummer comes at $149. It all depends on what you want.

Does a superior drummer sound better than EZDrummer?

Both Superior Drummer and EZDrummer are excellent audio recording tools. However, based on the price difference and the quality of sounds they carry, Superior Drummer is definitely better.

It would not be designed for experienced drummers and professional musicians if it were not that good. Besides, this tool has found the means to keep its spot as one of the best VSTs on the market.

Superior Drummer 3 is the latest version, packed with lots of cool features. The first thing you will notice is the interface, which has been fully changed graphically.

EZDrummer comes with mix-ready sounding drums. That means it does not require a lot of adjustments to get the right sound.

Superior Drummer, on the other hand, offers complete control over sound design. You have unlimited options and access to sound manipulation.

The best features include a wide range of mic positions, room settings, and hundreds of pro-quality drums for you.

It’s these raw samples that make Superior Drummer sound better. It uses a grid editor, as opposed to the MIDI piano roll of the EZDrummer tool. This means you have effortless drum editing options.

The grid editor is straightforward. It’s for a more creative application.

In a nutshell, SD3 comes with great-sounding kits, and it’s easy to create anything with. If you have the cash, this is the tool you should go for.

Can You Upgrade From EZDrummer To Superior Drummer?

Yes. SD3 is the final word in audio production, especially drums.
EZD is the lesser version of Superior Drummer 3. If you are a beginner, EZD should have everything you need to get good sounds.

The question is whether it’s worth the trouble. Many drummers are often concerned about the costs.

You will part with $249 upgrade costs to climb the ladder. It would be better to just invest in Superior Drummer if you have the money.

• Why EZD first?

In theory, most users would go for the EZD first because it’s cheaper or because they don’t know if they need the full SD3 version.

Understand that Superior Drummer is more complicated than EZDrummer. And hence, starting with a less complex version makes more sense.

Once the user has found a need for SD2 or SD3, upgrades are readily available for them.

The upgrade could indeed cost more than just buying Superior Drummer from the start. However, we assume that you will have found the best use of your EZD tool.

Besides, you can find great deals on all Toontrack products. You should, therefore, not be afraid to change the tools for something better.

Why Superior Drummer?

Superior Drummer Vs Ezdrummer
Superior Drummer Vs EZDrummer

EZD has excellent features like the song creator and the Multiple Hits Emulation. It also allows for a smooth workflow, only confined to the MIDI Piano roll.

SD uses a Grid Editor, from which you can access easy drum editing. It comes with raw sounds, allowing one to tap into their creativity.

But if you are looking for professional sounds and performance, upgrade to Super Drummer.

Is Superior Drummer 3 The Best?

Yes. Superior Drummer 3 is designed for professional music creation. It is better in every sense.
Well, we may have different opinions on this. But one thing we can agree on is that SD3 is the market standard for VSTs.

You will find it helpful if you want:

  • Total control of your music. SD promises 100% control in designing and manipulating the sounds. You will be overwhelmed with the features if you are using Superior Drummer for the first time. Use it if you expect to release music with programmed drums.
  • Enhanced Grid Editor. EZDrummer confines you piano rolls, which are not fun. You cannot even label the instruments even when you want something more. The Grid Editor in SD3 takes care of these issues and more. It’s integrated into the interface, making it easy to use.
  • More drum libraries. Think of what you can do with 230GB of drum libraries. This is the biggest advantage of the Superior Drummer 3 over EZDrummer 2. EZD offers a library of about 3GB, which is only an insignificant fraction of the SD3.

So, yes, Superior Drummer is better. The high upgrade price should give you a clue of what you are getting.

Final thought

If you are ready to record real music using VSTs, it would be better to invest in Superior Drummer 3. It’s a worthy upgrade/crossgrade from EZDrummer.

But if you are comfortable with your workflow on EZDrummer, continue using it. After all, it’s all about the value you are getting from the tools.

What do you think?

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