Bill Ward
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Bill Ward, Black Sabbath Legendary and Original drummer

Bill ward is another inspirational heavy metal drummer. You do not have any chance to underestimate his ability because he is even more outstanding than Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham. He has exceptional performance with the cymbals and drums of doom that have an excellent affinity for jazz. However, where did all this love for drums and success in the job came from? Let the first start with his real name and early life. His real name is Williams Thomas Ward, born Aston, Birmingham, West Midlands, England on 5 May 1948.

He is a musician and songwriter who deals with several music genres, including heavy metal, doom metal, hard rock, and blues rocks. Bill ward is well-known as the original drummer of the British metal group Black Sabbath Band. He significantly contributed to making the vocals on two songs, ‘It’s Alright’ and ‘Swinging the Chain.’ These two songs are in different albums in the Black Sabbath’s albums.

Bill Ward
Bill Ward

His love for drums started when he was a child, and he used to play drums and listen to big bands. He received significant influence from the music played by Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, and Gene Krupa. Drummers such as Joe Morello, John Bonham, Ringo Starr, Clive Bunker, among many others in the music industry, also influenced him. Ward began singing and drumming in the early 1960s with a band known as the Rest.

He played with a guitarist known as Tony Lomi in a band called the Mythology. However, after some years, the band was dissolved, and the two joined hands with Ozzy Osbourne, a vocalist, and Geezer Butler, a bassist, and they formed a new band called the Earth which was later renamed Black Sabbath.

However, Ward’s career was greatly influenced by his heavy uptake of alcohol. He went to the point of drinking during gigs, which was unusual throughout his career. This heavy uptake of alcohol made him experience panic attacks, and he even confessed not being able to remember recording Heaven and Hell album done in 1980. Ward left the band without any notice on 21 August 1980. However, he called the band’s members Lomi and Ronnie James Dio telling them that he was off.

He later played in a band known as Max Havoc, where is produced one album. He later returned to Black Sabbath in 1983 and aided in the production of the Born Again album. However, he had to leave again after producing the album due to health reasons. He rejoined the band again in 1984 to make a recording with David Donato but left again after several demo tapes.

Bill Ward Performing
Bill Ward Performing

However, he began solo work in 1989. He recorded his first album, which featured several prominent musicians that include former Black Sabbath bandmate Ozzy Osbourne and guitarist Zakk Wylde. Ward sang vocals in some of the songs in his albums, which combine different musician’s tastes and abilities.

After seven years, he released his second solo album. Ward has continued to work closely with his previous band in several projects, and his absence is always felt in the band. He will remain to be the most outstanding musician and drummer of all time.

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