Hellhammer, the Drummer of Mayhem

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Hellhammer is a professional heavy metal drummer from Norway. His real name is Jan Axel Blomberg, and he was born on 2nd August 1969 in Trysil Municipality, Norway.  Most people know him as Hellhammer or the drummer of Mayhem. He is a musician and songwriter who is dedicated to producing the best music that the world needs. Apart from heavy metal, Hellhammer also deals with black metal, power metal, symphonic black, and black metal.

However, music was not among his main interests when he was growing up. He liked soccer and wrestling, but music became appealing to him as he grew up. He started liking other instruments before landing on drums. He was lucky to receive his first-ever drum kit from his grandparents. His grandparents were supportive, and they bought him the second and the third kit. However, he did not have a drums teacher, and he had to practice while listening to music.


He was interested in heavy metal bands that include Slayer, Metallica, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and Iron Maiden. Hellhammer started drumming in local bands that include Tritonus, where he worked with Carl August, who later became the Arcturus and Wind’s guitarist. He did some live performances with several other bands that needed the services of a drummer. Mayhem later recruited him to replace Kjetil Manheim.

He did his first recording for two songs with Mayhem in 1989. The first complete recording that he did with Mayhem was in 1990. However, after making this first full album with Mayhem, the band’s singer committed suicide, and another member left the band. Therefore, the band was left with an incomplete lineup. During this time of trouble at Mayhem, Hellhammer formed the Arcturus band in 1991. They released one album with the band and later a mini album.

Hellhammer joined Immortal band in 1995 as a session drummer during the band’s yearly tour. Blomberg also had an agreement with the band to play drums during their official video, ‘Gim and Frostbitten Kingdoms.’ He also worked with Emperor Band at the same time. The release of Arcturus’s debut album also happened in 1995.

Hellhammer was incredibly involved. In 1997, he started working with Covenant on recording their second album. In the same year, Arcturus recorded another album known as ‘La Masquerade Infernale.’ However, in 2000, Hellhammer recorded a mini album with his new band, Winds called Of Entity and Mind.

Helhammer Drummer
Helhammer Drummer

Hellhammer won his first Grammy award with The Covenant in 1998 and a similar award in 199 with the same group. The Covenant also received an award in the two years for the best hard rock album. Hellhammer has received several other awards, and he has done various projects as a session musician.

In 2009, he was featured in an album by a black metal band from America, Eyes of Noctum’s. He played drums in about six songs, and he was stunning in all six tracks. He endorses Sonor drums, Evans drumheads, Paiste cymbals, and B-stick 3AN. His music has changed many people, and he will continue to inspire many artists of the next generation. Despite several controversies surrounding him, he has continued to excel because he has an exceptional playing technique.

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