Josh Freese, Half Man, Half Machine Drummer!

Josh Freese is one of the fiercest drummers in the history of hard rock. The American drummer, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist could also be among the most talented people in the world. Freese plays drums as a permanent member of Vandals and Devo; he is an innovator who can do anything.

Josh Freese was born in 1972 in Orlando, Florida, USA. His father was the conductor of Disney World, Florida, and California. And his mother was a classical pianist. It is, therefore, no wonder that Freese got interested in music very early. He was only eight years old when he started playing drums. And by 11, he was already a Fierce drummer. By 12, Freese was already playing professionally in a primary Top 40 band in Disneyland. His main instruments comprised electronic drums, which he had mastered very well. The first band he played for was called Polo.

Josh Freese
Josh Freese

The band already had a drummer before joining the Magic Kingdom. But because his father was the director of bands in Disneyland, the band found a spot for him. Other bands could only play Top 40 hits. But these constraints did not apply to Polo because of such influence.

Through his work, the band managed to record and release an excelled EP that got airplay on KROQ. Thanks to the young drummers’ familial connections and the corresponding connection, he caught an endorsement deal with the Simmons electronic drums manufacture. There are several old commercials from the company that has the young drummer.

At 16 years old and in high school, Freese started touring and making records. His first task was with Dweezil Zappa and then with the Vandals. For the 25 years that followed, Freese worked with high-profile artists, exposing him more to the world of professionals.   He was first a session drummer, band member, and other times a replacement drummer.

Freese put more of his energy into the mastery of the instruments. It was easy for him to get access, thanks to the influence of his family. He recorded several songs in 1998, which he wrote and performed himself. These are some of his most successful solo releases. He was on the bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals in all the pieces. What we find is the lo-fi, 6-song EP “Destroy Earth as Soon As Possible.” T.O.N/Stone Lizard Records released the album under the title “Princes.”

Josh Freese Performing
Josh Freese Performing

Other songs “Caffeine and Vaseline” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicken” came out for the 12-song album The Notorious One-Man Orgy. Freese released a second solo album in 1972 through his website. And he has since distributed a wide range of releases.

A drummer is known for his style and the instruments they play. Freese stands as a great innovator, talented with multiple skills. His speed and precision as a metal drummer are what put him on the list of top drummers.  And when it comes to energy, no one can deny that drummer has got it all covered. He has made great contributions to the genre that will be remembered forever.

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