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Eugene Victor Hoglan was born on the 31st day of August 1967 in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. He is a drummer by profession, and he is respected for his creativity in the arrangement of drums. He can use abstract devices for percussion effects, and he has a lengthy double-click rhythms trademark. Not only that, but he plays so accurately, even the technical plays that require a lot of time to master. He can manage challenging tempos, which earned him the names ‘The Atomic Clock’ and ‘Human Drum Machine.’

Gene Hoglan started playing drums (as a career) in 1982, and he is still doing it now. He is known for only one music genre, which is heavy metal. However, he started drumming at a young age of his life. He received the first-ever drum kit he was 13, and he taught himself the moves and playing styles. The drummers who inspired him are Neil Peart and Peter Criss. The people that got him into double bass drumming are Tommy Aldridge, Cozy Powell, Robb Reiner, Rob Hunter, and Phil Taylor.

Gene Hoglan
gene hoglan

Hoglan started his career in 1983 as a roadie (lighting engineer) for the thrash metal band, Slayer. During this time, he played drums during concert sound checks. Also, he used to back up the vocalist on the song ‘ Evil Has No Boundaries’ from the Slayer Band album, ‘Have No Mercy.’ During the recording of ‘Haunting the Chapel,’ he held Dave Lombardo‘s drums together.

He became a significant influence on Lombardo’s playing style and tempo management. Lombardo added a double bass to his kit, which became the first double bass that Hoglan played. Lombardo gave Hoglan some practical playing tips for double bass drums after realizing that Hoglan was a good drummer who had much potential.

In 1984, Hoglan became part of the band War God led by Michelle Meldrum, and he later joined the thrash metal band known as Dark Angel in the same year. He made an excellent contribution to Dark Angel’s three albums as he also wrote most of the lyrics. Hoglan became famous in the mid-1990s while playing with ‘the Death Band.’

Hoglan later recorded another single album with the Testament band and made the best Canadian multi-instrumentalist Townsend David acquaintance. He developed a good working relationship with Townsend, and they later recorded several albums with two of Townsend’s bands. In 2004, Hoglan replaced Martin Lopez in the band Vancouver after Lopez experienced some panic attacks.

Gene Hoglan Performing
gene hoglan performing

Several other bands also recruited Hoglan as a session drummer. He was involved in some albums with the Norwegian black metal band, Old Man’s Child Band, and the Danish Death Metal Band. Furthermore, Hoglan has worked in production and engineering work for several other albums and demos. However, he is currently working with Dethklok, a band involved in the animated Television show Metalocalypse.

In the Dethklok first album, Hoglan was incredibly involved. In the Unearth Band, Hoglan was recruited to replace Mike Justian, who quit it while on tour. Hoglan also joined Pitch Black Forecast as the band’s permanent drummer. Hoglan reunited with Testament band in 2011, and they produced the band’s tenth album. His work is exceptional, and this makes every band yawn for his services.

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