Dave Lombardo, the legendary Slayer thrash metal drummer

The type of music you play has a significant impact on the type of drummer you can become. The love for that type of music always pushes you to do more.

For Dave Lombardo, thrash metal arrival made him become the movement’s most incredible influential stylist. He is the engine behind the one and only Slayer, and he has a very exceptional blend of precision feel and technique, which was brought about by his Latin roots.

Dave Lombardo
dave lombardo

He is the perfect thrash metal drummer in the entire globe. But let us get back into his roots and career. Dave Lombardo was born on 16 February 1965 in Havana, Cuba. He is a Cuban-American drummer with some Latin influence.

He is the co-founder of thrash metal band Slayer, but he is currently working with Fantomas, Suicidal Tendencies, The Misfits, Dead Cross and Mr. Bungle.

Dave’s career started when he was 16 years after some of his friends mentioned a great guitar player, Kerry King, living a few blocks from him.

He visited this guitarist and introduced himself to him. Lombardo told Kerry King that he had an ambition of starting a band. King was so impressed by this young man, and he showed Dave his guitar collection. The two realized that they shared a similar aspiration, and they started practicing in Lombardo’s garage; later, King introduced Lombardo to another guitarist.

The three continued rehearsing together, and they had to look for a singer and bass player. King had previously worked with a confident singer, and he had to bring him to the band.

After they had recruited all the needed players, the band started producing unique sounds. They named the band ‘Slayer,’ and they recorded their first album, ‘Show No Mercy,’ after a short period.

However, Lombardo left the band in 1986 after their third album, Reign in Blood, due to some financial issues. He later returned to the band in 1987 after being repeatedly called by one band’s members. After his return, they recorded several other albums, but he later left the band in 2002 to attend to family issues.

Apart from the thrash metal music genre, Lombardo also plays speed metal, heavy metal, hardcore metal, punk rock, experimental rock, and groove metal. He has recorded several his with the American Recording Labels.

Dave Lombardo On Stage
Dave Lombardo On Stage

He played drums for the nine slayer albums that include Reign in Blood, produced in 1986, and Christ Illusion, recorded and produced in 2006.

Both of these albums made him famous, and he was praised for his exceptional work. He has been in action for over 40 years now, and he has been able to take part in the production of about 35 commercial recordings in different music genres.

Furthermore, apart from the Slayer band, he has performed with numerous other bands that are well-known. Most people know him as the most aggressive heavy metal drummer and the most innovative drummer.

He has witnessed a lot of recognition from several bodies, including Drummerworld, named him ‘The Godfather of Double Bass. Several other upcoming metal drummers have named him their role model because he brought a lot of influence to their careers. Lombardo has brought a significant influence on the music industry.

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