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There are very few people who understand what it takes to be great when it comes to drumming. And Martin Lopez is one of them. Born on May 20, 1978, the Swedish-Uruguayan drummer has been making his way steadily into the world of fame. He is currently a member and co-founder of progressive metal supergroup Soen. But he is best known for his work with the Swedish progressive death metal band Opeth melodic death metal band Amon Amarth.

Both groups are known for their incredible tunes and contribution to the world of heavy metal drumming. Martin Lopez was born in Sweden to Uruguayan settler parents before moving to Uruguay and back.  He has worked with a wide range of bands on a large collection of albums. What makes the drummer different is the way he deals with speedy songs. He joined Opeth in 1997 from Amon Amarth.

martin lopez
martin lopez

He played on the album “Once Sent from the Golden Hall” with his former band. During his tenure at Opeth, Lopez has recorded “My Arms,” “Your Hearse,” “Still Life,” and “Blackwater Park,” among others. He exited Opeth permanently on May 12, 2006, due to health reasons. But he has remained an active member of the band, helping them record the “Ghost Reveries” in the summer of 2005. 

Lopez then focused more on his old band, Fifth to Infinity. With Amon Amarth, his career picked with his performance on their “Once Sent from the Golden Hall.” This debut took the world by storm and has remained one of their greatest hits. Lopez had already made a huge mark in his career by the time he was joining the Opeth from Amon Amarth. Changing his style to meet the progressive demands of the main man Mikael Akerfeldt was not hard. 

He lived up to Akerfeldt’s increasing brain work with his charming styles. With “My Arms, Your Hoarse,” Lopez sealed his fate with Opeth’s brand. His artful stickwork and the capability to flip easily from light to dark left a distinct impact on the group. He was then seen as a better drummer than his predecessors.


“Drumming is an art, and it requires an artist who understands the sticks’ language.” One of his fans was heard saying. “Lopez is one drummer who never disappoints when it comes to entertaining his fans. He commands the drums and the obey, drawing and incredibly incredible musical picture.

martin lopez performing
martin lopez performing

Lopez was not always a fast drummer. He only adapted to this style to meet the demand raised by in Opeth band. And he did an excellent job. No one style fits all of Lopez’s world. Every project he has worked on presents a newer and better version of the drummer. He has remained an influential figure in all the bands, helping them grow from strength to strength.

Speed is everything in metal drumming. And Lopez plays as though he has a built-in metronome in his arms. The magic he brings to the music is unlike anything you can find from another drummer. He will remain one of the best drummers in this industry.

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