Tamu Murata, The Most Prolific New Age Drummer

Tamu Murata is a new age drummer from Japan who was born on 25th September 1992. She was born in Kanagawa, Japan, and started her music career in 2013. She plays the drums only, and she has shown great potential in this competitive industry. In the past years, this music industry and especially the drumming section had very few female participants.

However, in this new era, the story has greatly changed, and we have a large number of female drummers. Tamu Murata is one of these exceptional female drummers who are working tirelessly to display their talent.

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Stories of Tamu Murata loves drums

Murata started loving drums at a tender age, and that impressed her parents so much.

Tamu Murata
Tamu Murata drummer

They were convinced that it was the right thing for their daughter, but they did not know what to do. However, they saw it better to buy her a drum kit even though she was still young.

Murata revealed that she loved listening to Dream Theater, and Opeth inspired her. She has worked with about two active bands now, and in both bands, she has recorded some fantastic music.

She started working with the Soramimi band in 2013, and she released several singles with this band. However, she worked with Soramimi for about four years, and she left in 2017.

She worked on her projects for two years after leaving Soramimi. However, in 2019, she joined the famous Nemophila band. Nemophila band consists of five members with different roles.

They fully complete the lineup, and they can produce a fantastic song together. Within the band, Mayu is the vocalist, Saki and Haruki are guitarists, Haraguchi-San is the bassist, and Murata Tamu is the drummer.

These five have an excellent working relationship, and they have produced several singles. They are still working on several other projects that will lead to their debut album.

Despite several challenges that she faced, Murata has never given up on drumming. She is eager to learn new skills and techniques every day, which has kept her moving.

She once revealed that her best food is curry. She has a large fan base in Japan, which she has extended to other parts of the world in the past few years. When she was asked what made her succeed in drumming, she said she had dedicated her whole life to the career.

Tamu Murata Performing
Tamu Murata Performing

She also admits that this job requires hard work and focus. She revealed that she was greatly inspired by most European drummers, including Dave Lombardo, Mike Portnoy, and Charlie Benante, among many others.

According to Murata, new age drumming has great potential because it has an incredible foundation laid by the previous drummers.

Many instruments are being made to aid the drummers in making the best tunes and producing the best songs.

Murata endorses and uses the famous Tama drums and Meinl cymbals.

She admits that getting the correct drum kits is the best way to succeed in this industry. Her music is still young, but she will continue improving and making it better as time goes. She is so grateful to have supportive friends and bandmates who help bring the best out of her.

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