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Bruce Becker is a talented drummer, a producer, a recorder, and an educator. He has excelled in all these areas and is known for his impact on the music realm. Most people see Becker as more than just a good artist. He is also a mentor who makes sure everyone else around him succeeds.

Becker is the founding member and the drummer for the David Becker Tribune. Also, he has worked on records and co-produced 10 of the best recordings from the band. It’s easy to assume that his personality keeps the team together, considering his charismatic personality. Bruce Becker lived in Europe from 1992 to 1997, where he established his career.

Bruce Becker
Bruce Becker

He was then also a frequent visitor to Vianna, Austria and Antwerpen, and Belgium. This was the time he lent his skills to German Hammond Organ sensation Barbara Dennerlein. At the same time, the Belgian Blues legend Luke Walter Jr. was on his list as a partner. Becker was then already a good drummer, and hence, able to help other artists reach their goals. He has worked on a wide range of projects as a producer.  There is a long list of Los Angeles -based pop artists he has helped create good music.

Bruce Becker is not only a good drummer; he is a renowned educator who has worked in the industry for more than 30 years. All this time has been an excellent opportunity for him to work with a drumming ‘guru’ Freddie Gruber. He learned everything from the drummer, carrying on the mantle of a unique method in helping students understand what the modern drum set requires. 

Becker has used every opportunity to create a better music world and give upcoming musicians a chance to grow their skills. It is not every drummer that has such talents, making Becker a remarkable influencer. Becker is an inspiration, not only to young drummers but even to experienced ones. He has established an environment where learning is constant to get new ideas with every project.

His reputation has been an interest for many other drummers who want to learn from him. Drummers like David Garibaldi, Mark Schulman, Daniel Glass, and Glen Sobel have all learned their skills and grew with Bruce Becker’s help. If not in person, many others have learned from his records and published work.

Bruce Becker Performing
Bruce Becker Performing

Bruce has been lucky over the years to work with a diverse group of people. Not every drummer has worked with the likes of David Becker Tribune, Mike Stern, Ron Carter, Russel Ferrante, Barbara Dennerlein, the Francisco Symphony, and producer Ken Caillat. But that is Bruce Becker. He has influenced a wide range of musicians, all of whom have appreciated his efforts.

Bruce Becker has one of the business schedules for any artist. He divides his time between international tours with DBT, workshops, studio projects, live sessions, and teaching. His contribution to the drumming world continues to grow, but the day and those he teaches carriers his torch. His influence on music is evident.

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