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Kitty-MSI – Innovation Meets Talent on Drums

Jennifer Dunn, aka Kitty, is a household name in the drumming industry. Her drumming career gained track in elementary school but drew close in middle school. Her foray in the School of Visual arts in Manhattan saw her stumble on Jimmy Urine, the driving force of Mindless Self Indulgence Band.  

Since the band had a myriad of booked shows but no drummer, she took up the role of playing for them until they found a constant drummer. Her captivating performance saw her garner an opportunity to play with MSI permanently.  With conscious effort, Jennifer Dunn began playing again and experiencing her abiding admiration for drumming.

Kitty Msi
kitty msi

When handing back the borrowed drum kit, the holder let Kitty keep it. This notion intrigued the drummer enabling her to leverage the jazz-sized and custom fit kit for an extended duration. In 2008, Jennifer rose through the ranks by obtaining a Pearl Sponsorship. She has built a prosperous professional career by playing an acoustic drum kit supplemented by backing tracks featuring sampled “loops” for the live show.  

Kitty is well-versed with various drums, including Zildjian cymbals, Pearl Drums, Evans Drum Heads, Pearl Hardware, and Pro-Mark sticks. Impressively, the drummer is one of the founding members of MSI. Jennifer Dunn, mostly known as Kitty, distinguishes herself as an American electro-punk band Mindless Self Indulgence. She has performed various roles throughout her professional career, including photography, drums, songwriter, art direction, and design. 

Of course, the drummer’s career hasn’t been a piece of cake. From the fledgling phases, Kitty used to store her drum sets at a friend’s premises, but the friend’s mother didn’t like the idea of the drums taking up considerable space.  She ventured forth, giving another friend the equipment to hold on to, and the friend ended up pawning the drums thinking it had been given to them.

Kitty has been a dominant force in Mindless Self Indulgence.  Born on 1st August 1979 in New York City, the drummer has established herself in various entertainment niche fields.  Mindless Self Indulgence was initiated in 1997 in New York City.  The band has released six albums, one live album, four EPs, eight remix albums, one live DVD, and one compilation album from its inception phase.  And yes, MSI has licensed plenty of their albums to record labels.  In 2007, the band performed in a music festival hosted by Linkin Park. 

Kitty Msi Performing
kitty msi performing

Of course, the Mindless Self Indulgence band carved a name for themselves in the 2009 Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink tour. In 2010, the band released a comic illustrating its various significant moments and tour stories throughout its career. The band went on to scale its footprints by releasing a full-length album Tight in 2011. 

This fantastic album featured recordings and bonus tracks from the band’s early days. Amid January 2014, the Mindless Self Indulgence band sort out to take a hiatus. The band released Pink, a collection of 19 songs, the following year.  The album featured remastered and cut-down versions of the band’s songs.

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