Chris Dave, famously known as Daddy

There are very drummers that have received the best compliments from other legendary drummers, and Chris Dave is one of them. At one time, Questlove talked to D’Angelo’s 2012 live comeback and confessed that his worst nightmare was Chris Dave in his drummer.

Chris Dave
Chris Dave

Questlove continued by stating that you need the most lethal drummer alive to get on that tour. Chris Dave may not be a household name, compared to many other legendary drummers, but the 42-year old R&B specialist understands his drums in a way that no other drummer can.

He is famously known as Daddy because of what he can do – for those who know him. And the name Daddy fits his position in the industry as a motivator and an icon who has so much to offer.

Chris Dave’s mark can be likened to Cadillac hood ornament or Tiffany logo. When he appears in a project, you can expect nothing but the highest level of professionalism, which makes him a highly sought after drummer. Chris’s drumming journey is filled with many inspirational moments that make everyone listening to his stories get inspired almost immediately.

Much of what he knows today came from his own sweat and love for music. We have seen many drummers who would not have made it anywhere were it not for others’ support. But Chris makes an inspirational story for all who know him.

Chris Dave Performing
Chris Dave Performing

There are a good number of modern pop’s high-profile albums like Adele’s 21 and D’Angelo’s Black Messiah that bears Dave’s mark. He has a special way of making every project he works on success without even trying so hard. Those who listen to him confess that it feels as though the instruments are directly speaking to them.

It has always been a good thing to have a drummer who understands their style enough to create intuitive moves that make everything sound new and sweet. This is among the characteristics that make Chris Dave admirable.

During his early years, Chris Dave grew up mostly idolizing jazz legends like Tony Williams. Perhaps this is the reason he learned to bring out every emotion from his tracks. 

Later, he channeled everything he learned in his incredible work together with improving in aces like Robert Glasper.  Chris performs his work with focus and purpose, a reason he has made the deepest impact in the drumming industry.

It is right to say that Chris has acutely attuned to the level and hiccups of sample-based hip-hop drummers.

Chris Dave On Stage
Chris Dave On Stage

The most notable gift of Chris’ drumming is his way of creating ear-bending beats.  They can be realized on the tricked-out kit that features as many as five snares. This setting sounds impossible, right? Well, it is just how Chris manages to build blends that gracefully adjust within an ensemble texture.

Drumming for R & B tracks requires some sort of a strong, yet subtle approach to creating the best feeling. Chris Dave has captured this line of drumming and is using it to create the perfect tunes for all who listen to him.

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