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Meg White, the most iconic female drummer of all time

Think about all the greatest drummers in the world today; they all had someone to hold their hand while beginning their careers. Meg White experience has been different from, and perhaps this is the reason why she stands out as one of the most iconic drummers of all time.

Meg White
Meg White

The drummer has a distinctive, primal approach to drumming that brings out The White Stripes appeal. This group rode their candy-colored outfits and stripped-down blues to shake the stardom some years ago. And those who know the team most associate their power with the groups’ drum sets. The instrumentals set the perfect ground for building music that can be listened to by rockers of all ages.

Meg White is not only a great drummer; she is an innovator. You can always tell the differences in all the projects he has worked on. For most drummers, performing only means following the rhythm and keeping time while hitting as hard as possible.

Meg White comes up with a different approach whereby he seems to understand and talk to the drums so that they produce the most outstanding sounds.

The White Stripes
The White Stripes

Meg White, the amazing White Stripes drummer

She creates adaptive approaches so that every piece he performs appeals to the ear in a different way. At one point, he was heard saying that drumming would be so boring if we did the same thing over and over again, expecting to make our customers happy.

Listening to tracks like “Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground,” you can always tell that instruments have been well synchronized to fall in line with the vocals. Together with the “Blue Orchid,” this piece formed the basis of a change in the drummer’s life.

There are not many female drummers who have left their mark in the industry, which makes Meg an icon in her own standard.

It was these tracks above that helped shape her backbeat bashing, helping in the definition of the Stripe’s stomp. Each time the stick lands on the snare or the base, one can tell the drummer was truly in the song. She seemed to play with so many emotions that it creates a virtual reality for the listener.

Meg White Performing
Meg White Performing

Her methods are all unique both in sounding and in their appearance. Each piece sounds a little different from the others, making it easy to fall in love with her since you will keep guessing what is next.

When Jack White spoke to the Rolling Stones in 2014, he said it was sometimes hard to believe she was up there on stage. She did not seem to understand just how important she was to the band every time she took up the stage.

Meg has an antithesis of a modern drummer. As if that is not enough, she had a childlike and incredible command on stage that inspired everyone who watched or listened to her. 

It is even more amazing how she was able to pull off in an industry that is highly competitive. Her inspiration is nothing short of great lessons.

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