Chris Moore Talented and Professional Studio Drummer

Chris Moore is a professional studio drummer. Songs, albums, various soundtracks, commercials, and movie trailers. Also available for live performances. He is a highly sought-after drummer for his unique style and ability to lay down grooves that make people move. Chris Moore is the best drummer around, and if you’re lucky enough to catch him live, you’re in for a treat.

Biography of Chris Moore

Chris Moore
Chris Moore

Chris Moore grew up in Arcadia, California, in the San Gabriel Valley, about 10 minutes away from Pasadena. His parents gave him a paper drum set for his 4th birthday, but turn out that he crash it. So, his parents bought him again for his 5th birthday but end up buying him a real proper snare drum.

His parents are so supportive of what he likes. Also, for his Christmas gift, Chris Moore’s parents bought him a cymbal to complete his collection. Chris Moore is a world-renowned drummer. He has a dream to become a professional musician and around and around 1980′ he makes it real to become a professional drummer. If you’re a fan of drumming, then you need to check out Chris Moore. He’s sure to get your groove on.

The Story of Chris Moore and His Neighbor

There is a story about Chris Moore’s neighbor that makes his interest in drumming grow bigger. One day his neighbor Kenny Blair was moving with his family and needed a place to save his drum set for the summer, Blair said he could play it but must give it back when the summer is over. Kenny showed him how to play the drum and Chris Moore was so amazed by that.

Chris thinks that this amazing sound of combining their limbs in a singular groove was so cool. He finally found out how to play the same beat and feel so excited. He also began to play and jam along with The Carpenters. From that day on Chris knew he wanted to be a drummer.

Journey of Chris Moore

Chris Moore Drummer
Chris Moore performing

When Chris Moore was in high school, he played with his friends Dennis in a band called Rampage. He played at the called Whisky in L.A. when he was 15 years old with his friend.

Moore and his band were practicing for 5 days a week, 3 hours a night. He feels that it was some of the best drummings experience that he had ever done. Actually, Chris Moore was planning on went to college but then he told his friend that he wanna be a Rock Star. His friends laughed. But they agreed that he could take a year before going to college and chase my dream.

Over the years, Chris Moore scrambled to earn money as a musician. Luckily, Sammy Hagar’s producer, Bob Daspit, hired him to record drum tracks for bands and projects that he was involved with

Chris Moore’s audition was different than anyone else. He has the motto of life, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Chris Moore is one of the best drummers in the world.

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