Curt Bisquera – An Excellent Jazz Drummer

Curt Bisquera is a native of Santa Maria, California. He is one of the best drummers in modern society. If drumming is a passion, then this is the best drummer to show that. His friends and colleagues call him Kirkee B. His mother was a jazz pianist, and that is one of the influences that made him choose this path. He started playing drums at three years old. His mother then would invite him to play in jazz clubs on weekends when he entered grade school.

It is amazing how Curt grew up to be one of the top drummers around. He started teaching himself the instruments by listening to some of his favorite bands and drummers play. Curt Bisquera then started forming bands with friends and played on a professional level. He did so even at this early age. After high school, the drummer headed south, where he became a student on the inception of Hollywood P.I.T, called the Musician’s College.

Curt Bisquera
curt bisquera

At M.I Curt met interesting teachers, including Joe Porcaro, Ed Roscetti and Joe Brancato. It was here again that he met Jeff Porcaro, who influenced his career immensely.  He left the school a few months earlier than he expected, thanks to an audition he did for Morris Day & The Time, in which he succeeded. 

This would be the time that shaped his career path for good. It was his first big-time tour, and he was only 19 years old. Curt managed to achieve two tours with Morris, but he wanted something bigger. Luckily his skills and talent would allow him to work with other great RnB artists, among them Shalamar, Sheena Easton, and Pebbles.

And in 1990, he landed a gig for his first-time big rock tour under Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Gos. As he performed with Carlisle, producer Don Was captured his vibe and was incredibly impressed, hiring him for his first session. With that, Curt had landed his first session, which was a home run by Bonnie Raitt’s “Luck Of The Draw.”

When Bonnie realized his first single, “Something To Talk About,” it became a hit immediately, winning her a Grammy. This launched Curt into the big leagues of session drummers. At the same time, he became a featured drummer/programmer for the 1st Seal CD, which featured “Crazy,” “Future Love Paradise,” and many other great hits.

Curt Bisquera Performing
curt bisquera performing

After that, Curt could only grow better and more experienced. Toto’s Jeff Porcaro was impressed with the drummer recommending him for work. This followed a long list of hit records capturing his drumming skills. These include “Spellbound” by Paula Abdul, “That What Is Not” by Public Image, and “Falling Into You” by Celine Dion.

That is not all; Curt was also busy in the film industry. He worked on several soundtracks for movies like “She Is The One,” “Despicable Me,” and “The Bourne Supremacy,” among others. Rock legend Mick Jagger and Sir Elton John’s “Duets” and many others. Curt continued adding to his collection of iconic credits after Jagger and Elton. He worked with artists like Johnny Cash, Queen Latifah, Etta James, James Taylor, Lionel Richie, and Seal, just to mention a few. He remains one of the most influential drummers out there.

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