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Kim Scifino – Setting New Drumming Standards

Drummer and vocalist Kim Schifino was born in the United States on June 14, 1982. She is a renowned celebrity drummer also identified as one half of the indie duo Matt and Kim. She and her band partner Mat are a lovesome couple but not husband and wife. The Matt and Kim duo was formed in 2004, and they have been able to release half a dozen albums since then successfully. 

The two met at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, where Kim Schifino contemplated illustration and graduated in 2002, while Johnson considered film and graduated in 2004. It started more like a relationship as they moved in together after three months. After graduation, both started learning how to play musical instruments. Schifino learned drums while Matt learned how to play the keyboard. 

Kim Scifino
kim scifino

Despite their inexperience, as none of them had experience with their devices, they were commended for playing live shows by fellow Pratt alumni from the band ‘Japanther’. In 2005 they were able to release their first album, ‘to and from.’ Additionally, in 2006 October, they released yet another full-length studio album, ‘Matt & Kim’, on the IHEARTCOMIX record label. 

This album proved to be a fan favorite as it received a lot of positive reviews. Furthermore, in 2008 the band completed yet another album, ‘Grand,’ `released in 2009. Their 2009 album ‘Grand,’ which featured the lead single ‘Daylight,’ was certified gold by the RIAA.

Of course, the music video for ‘lesson learned,’ yet another song in their album Grand, won the Breakthrough Video Award at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The duo further released ‘Sidewalks,’ yet another album, in November 2010. This was the first album that was not self-produced as Ben Allen was one of the co­­-producers. The album was able to shoot to number 30 on the Billboard 200 charts.

‘Lightning,’ their fourth album, was released in October 2012 after a six-month preparation. The album was self-produced as the duo wanted to maintain the “Matt and Kim” original sound. In 2015 April, they released their fifth album ‘New Glow’.2017, the duo took off following Schifino’s ACL injury during the Mexico performance. 

Kim Scifino Performing
kim scifino performing

Therefore, in 2018 they released singles of their album, ‘Almost Everyday’ which did not make it to the Billboard 200 but peaked at number 70 on the Album Sales chart. The band later released ‘Come Together Now, a single in 2019. In honor of International Women’s Day, the band released ‘You Don’t Own Me’ on March 8, 2021. This was after a year of silence following Schifino’s injury again.

Sure, Schifino revealed that the drum is not the only instrument she ever played in one of her interviews. She once played the clarinet in 7-9th grade. She further added that she had always been into hip-hop and went ahead listing some major females that influence her music like MC Lyte, Salt, and Pepper, as well as Queen Latifah. She also mentioned Santigold and Amanda Blank as some of the female artists she would love to collaborate with.

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