Emmannuelle Caplette, The Metronome From Quebec

Hard metal and rock drummer needs resilience, patience, and strength. This is a world mainly dominated by men. Hence, it is awe-inspiring to see women like Emmanuelle Caplette making a change. She is one of the best drummers the world has ever seen.

When it comes to speed, Caplette is an animal behind the kit. His subtle and yet firm handling of drums would make any listener fall in love. The contribution she has made to the industry is not something that would go unnoticed. She could easily be the queen of drumsticks because of her energy.

Emannuelle Caplette
Emmannuelle Caplette

It takes most drummers several years to make a breakthrough in the industry. But for Caplette, things started looking up when she was still pretty young. The drummer made her debut at the age of nine in a local drum bugle corp.  For the eight years that followed, she played the snare with different groups from Quebec. During this time, she won many awards, including first place at the provincial individual’s championships in Quebec for four consecutive years. She then joined Drummondville College, where she studied drums in Pop and Jazz.

Her education led her to a long discovery path, learning things she had never known. And by then, she was already an excellent drummer. College allowed her to grow her skills even further. In 2001 while studying in the college, Caplette participated at the “Cegep En Spectacle.” She won the L’OFQJ (Office Franco Quebecois Pour La Jeunesse, a very prestigious award. She was then with her duo Drummologue. And in 2002, the team opened the Montreal Drum Festival.

Caplette has continued to make a mark in the industry with her incredible skills. In 2003, she represented the Drummondville College in the Rising Star Contest at Montreal Drumfest. After college, she decided to continue with her studies by joining the University of Montreal. She took Pop/Jazz interpretation with Paul Brochu. The Troop Cavalia then hired her during her first year in college.

It was not until 2007 that big opportunities started coming her way. She had realized her objectives, which gave her a chance to play drums on television and join on many tours alongside several pop artists in Quebec. Her participation at the “Gala Des Jutras” for two years in a row exposed her to even great opportunities. She performed a Quebec’s National Day and went on a tour with Ima and Marilou in the same year.

Emannuelle Caplette Performing
Emannuelle Caplette Performing

Caplette was hired in 2008 and 2010 to play the new Children’s Television Show in Radio-Canada alongside Annie Broccoli. It was called “The Broco Show,” which allowed her to meet high-profile people. It was an excellent time for her to spread her wings and fly higher.

Today, the drummer is busy touring with Ima on their “Precious” tour. She also performs music festivals, workshops & clinics, drum festival recordings. Emmanuelle Caplette is known for her speed and strength behind the kit. She is a versatile and highly experienced drummer who will take on any challenge.

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