Clive Burr, Iron Maiden frenetic drummer

Clive Burr is a fantastic musician and a great drummer of all time. He is well renowned for his feel and virtuosity. He has brought a significant impact on the music industry, and he will always remain influential in the coming generation of musicians. Clive Ronald Burr was born in East Ham, London, UK, on 8th  March 1957, and he died on 12th  March 2013, 4 days after his 56th birthday.

His primary music styles were hard rock and heavy metal, and he performed both to perfection. Clive Burr was a musician and a songwriter dedicated to producing the best music for his fans. He played vocals, percussion, and drums with outstanding clarity, and he had mastered all moves. He had some great techniques, which made him exceptional among other drummers.

Clive Burr
clive burr

Burr previously worked with a group known as Samson before joining the Iron Maiden in 1979. He underwent auditions before joining the Iron Maiden, and the Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton recommended him. Burr was extensively involved in the Maiden’s first three records, Killers, the Iron Maiden, and The Number of the Beast. However, the song that made the band famous was the Number of the Beast.

Burr faced a significant setback in 1982 after being fired from the band during The Beast on the Road tour. Nicko McBrain, who is the band’s current drummer, later replaced him. However, in an interview, Burr said that Iron Maiden never fired him, but he stepped down to mourn his father’s death. However, Bruce Dickinson claimed that Burr was ousted from the band because he had a dispute with Steve Harris.

However, after leaving Iron Maiden, Burr worked with the French group Trust for a short time, switching places with McBrain. He also worked for a short time with the American band known as Alcatrazz. He was featured in several other small groups that include NWOBHM and Gogmagog, including the ex-Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno, current Maiden guitarist Janick Gers, Ex-Def Leppard guitarist Pete Willis, and ex-Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray.

Clive burr had a band that he named Clive Burr’s Escape that was later changed to Stratus. However, the band was disbanded after working on one album only. He performed in other bands, but he was not fully recognized because he felt out of the band’s record company.

Clive Burr Performing
Clive Burr Performing

Burr’s medical condition started in the late 90s after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and the treatment process made him bankrupt. Iron Maiden was forced to have charity concerts, and they played a vital role in founding Clive Burr MS Trust Fund. Burr was forced to use a wheelchair because of his medical condition. He was the patron of Clive Aid, which is a charity that started in 2004. This Charity group has continued to raise awareness and fund cancer and multiple sclerosis programs around the globe.

Burr was an active member of this charity group, and his contribution has continued to influence many lives. However, Clive Succumbed on the 13th hour of the 12th march, just four days after his birthday. His fellow band members at Iron Maiden mourned him as a great warrior with fantastic drumming skills. He played a vital role in the Maiden’s debut songs, and they will never forget him.

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