Mikkey Dee, A Faithful Timekeeper

It is hard to imagine a Swedish citizen of Greek descent could end up as the drum power for the metal veterans Motorhead. This is one of the most influential English speed metal bands in the world. And yet, Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou, AKA Mikkey Dee, is one of the forces behind its success. That shows that he is no only a great drummer but a very successful one too.

Well, who cares where he comes from or his family? But it’s important to mention that his impressive resume also included work with King Diamond and Don Dokken.  He then fulfilled his destiny by playing with Lemmy. Hard rock and metal as the most demanding genres in the world of music. They require an aggressive speed and energy that cannot be compromised. A drummer is the time and rhythm keeper for any band. If they fail, the whole band is in trouble.

Mikkey Dee
Mikkey Dee

Dee’s talents are engulfed in his speed and time-keeping skills. He plays with all his spirit and might. One might even think he just speaks to the drums, and they obey. He is easily one of the fastest drummers you will ever meet. He behind the throne assures his band of success in every project.

Another character that makes Dee a remarkable drummer is his charming nature. One of his band members once commended, saying, “Dee is like a glue that sticks us together. He is tough but in a good way. He has this vibe that makes you just want to be around him. And when he is playing drums, he pushes everyone to be the best they can be.”

There is no better way to describe what makes Dee an excellent drummer. Everyone who has worked with him says only positive things. Mikkey Dee was born in October 1963. He is best known for his speed and precision. He has been playing professionally since the mid-80s when he started with King Diamond.

In 1985, Dee moved to Copenhagen, where he found a spot with Geisha. He joined King David as they were looking for an additional member to complete their lineup. With them, he released the “Conspiracy” album in 89 before leaving the band.

Mikkey Dee Performing
Mikkey Dee Performing

His departure was because he started feeling more of a backup musician, and yet he had the talent to do more.  He played on the band’s albums “Abigail (1987) and “THEM” (1988).  He continued to play as a session drummer. “Up from the Ashes,” a solo album he released with Don Dokken, came out in 1990. Lemmy had been offering him a chance with Motorheads since 1985, and he took the chance in 1992. He replaced Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Tailer.

The drummer did his first gig with the band at the end of August 1992. He is still part of the group until today, helping them grow from strength to strength. Also, Dee is part of the SONOR family of artists, which he joined in the early 80s. He has been a significant influencer in the music industry for all these years.

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