Glenn Kotche a solid dad-rock chops Drummer

Bandleader Jeff Tweedy has a name for Glenn Kotche on stage appearance. He called it “in-Glenn-tions” because of Glenn’s power and appearance when he was behind the drums.

It has been very easy for the band Wilco to grow from strength to strength because of the drummer’s approach and love for what he does. It does not matter that project he is working on because Glenn Kotche always gets it right with his wits and gut.

It was not until Glenn joined the band that they started feeling an orchestral percussionist’s sensibility within the group.

Most drummers are only concerned about hitting the drums as hard as possible. But that is not what Glenn stands for. He is a well-trained and knowledgeable musician who takes everything he does with dire seriousness.

When it is time for hard-rock, he will perform it with all his might. And when it is time for something more subtle, he also understands just the right amount of energy.

Listening to him, you can easily think the drums are controlling themselves and communicating with the other instrument. However, a closer look reveals that the drummer is totally in control.

It is his knowledge and experience that bring an indie rocker’s experimental urges to the stage. His solid dad-rock chops are all the team needs to understand the true meaning of a real rocker. Jeff Tweedy has a name for him because he is a man of many talents.


Every project he works on seems like it was calculated a long time ago and practiced for a long time, even when he just got it.

He joined the band at the defining moment of their sea-change album ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.’  And over time with the band, he has rebranded his kit with a vibraphone, MIDI effects, gongs, hubcap, and many other features that help meet the modern music needs.

Glenn makes everything seem easy when it comes to antique cymbals, pellet-filled ping-pong balls, and air tubes linked to his floor toms. His knowledge of drums has been major because of his passion for improvement.

It would be right to say Glenn is a perfectionist when it comes to setting his ear in place. He always wants to ensure everything is in order before beginning any performance.

Sometimes, he likes preparing his gear by laying chains on them. At times, you will see him scattering beads and rice across the drumheads, as if the drums require some sort of pampering before being put to use.

Glenn Kotche Performing
Glenn Kotche Performing

But it was in his composition that Glenn really makes a mark. He explores accidental and coincidental rhythm, linking them to So Percussion. And by adding other adventurous contemporary music ensembles, the drummer can create pieces that no one else can compare to.

Tweedy confessed to Glenn being one of the greatest drummers of all time. Their musical trust goes beyond stage performance into a close tie. And Glen is always there to serve the songs. When the team comes together, there is nothing they will not do with perfection.

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