Dale Crover The hard-hitting Drummer

Dale Crover played in Nirvana because he is the best. And when you see anyone receiving such high recognition from someone like Dave Grohl, he is indeed the best.

Those who have listened to Dale Crover agree that he is the best in the world, and his work can be used for reference when looking for top performers. Dave Grohl once said that if things did not work with him, Dale would always find a solution.

Dale Crover
Dale Crover

Perhaps it is just in his nature to impress everyone around him, or that he has a certain way of making sure his work has been recognized by even those who are not very keen on music.

For more than 30 years, Crover’s footprints have trod the world, with his sound ringing through the air everywhere. His unique way of making even the simplest piece sound incredibly high quality makes many other drummers admire him.

When you listen to the nine officially released Nirvana Breach tracks and B-sides, Crover’s work is heard clearly, laying the background for every piece. But that is not his main point of interest. His most significant gig is the current three-decade plus, stint in the full force art-sludge institution of the Melvins. It is here that his footsteps can be really felt, and his impact spreads through the ages.

Crover has been known by many names, all linked to his work. Some call him an equal parts earthquake machine, referring to his energy and the thunderous sounds that emerge from his landing stick.

Dale Crover On Stage
Dale Crover On Stage

When the music calls for hard-hitting, Crover will deliver without any hesitation. And if it means playing low and soft pitches, the listener always feels the emotion within the music, as if speaking directly to him. But he is majorly known as the hard-hitting man because most of the songs he has worked on sound very loud. He has never disappointed when it comes to giving his best.

In terms of skills, Crover is called the ad hoc mathematician based on the ebb and flow of Buzz Osborne’s work “Beefheart.”  The drummer does not just beat drums because they are there to be hit. He calculates every move, landing the stick with just the right amount of energy.

Every piece sounds different from another. And this is how Crover ensures that his innovative workflows through generations. Music has never been sweeter than it would be with Crover in the drum throne,

Crover’s major inspiration comes from his love for Kiss and Zeppelin. And his distinct tone emerges from tom-toms that sound with great explosions as if they were numerous cannons sounding at the same time.

Dale Crover, Drums, The Melvins
Dale Crover, Drums, The Melvins

He produces sizzling sounds from the metal slats, whereas the double bass sputters in response to his movement. All these sounds are produced with a sweat-soaked attack that still beats with more energy than a younger drummer.

In all of his career, Crover has never lost his touch. It is this because of his consistency that he continues to impact the music realm. His inspirational styles have led to more developments.

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