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Jody Linscott The Magnificent Percussionist and Producer

What comes to your mind when you hear about the greatest drummer? For Jody Linscott, it should be strength, innovation, and high-intelligence time keeping skills.

She was born in the USA but relocated to England, where she practiced her skills and grew into one of the famous figures everyone is talking about today. She returned on holiday in 1971 to get in touch with her roots.

Jody Linscott And Her Percussion
Jody Linscott And Her Percussion

Linscott’s story is quite impressive. Jody Linscott‘s first job was to repair items while studying to be a bookbinder. At one time, she repaired a conga drum that stayed with her for long because the owner never showed up to reclaim it. She says that was the time she got really interested in drumming.

Perhaps there was something special about the Conga that made her want to learn its secrets. So, when she saw an advert at the African Centre in Covent Garden for “Mustapha Tete Ade – Master Drummer from Ghana,” she started learning his rhythms—attending the classes to learn African rhythms as a turning point in her life.

There was a class instructor from African who was associated with the British Consulate and immediately recognized her natural talent. He started giving her private lessons until she became perfect with the drums.

Lincoln did not just perfect her drumming skills; she learned to create them too. She managed to build a full set of congas from fiberglass and found a blacksmith to provide the hardware. At the same time, she was working as a waitress at Dingwalls in Camden Town.

She always kept her congas in the cloakroom to play with bands that came to perform there. And then one evening, she founded the band Kokomo, which could transform her career, as she was hired as a percussionist. When the band signed with Epic Records through Steve O’Rourke, Pink Floyd’s manager, it became one of the biggest moments in her life.

Kokomo Band
Kokomo Band

She continued to work with Robert Palmer on the album Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley. Then she heard that Palmer was in need of percussion to tour with, and she contacted him for the opportunity. It was on this tour that she built her percussion rack to give out a different sound.

For the two years that followed, she was with Palmer on the tour until she returned and worked with several high-profile groups of musicians.

She produced good music for musicians like Jaki Graham, Dido, Elton John, The Who, Mike Oldfield, and Swing Out Sister, among many others. Her biggest work was she toured as percussionist for The Who, David Gilmour, and Elton John.

Jody Linscott Performing
Jody Linscott Performing

Even with her drumming skills, Linscott always managed to stay humble. Her skills grew from strength to strength, becoming one of the most sought after percussionists. 

She even performed in the 2007 Princes Diana Tribute concert as the percussionist for the house band orchestra. Her charisma and charming personality are her biggest strength as she attracts everyone who comes to her. This makes her skills even more adorable. Very few percussionists can compare to here.

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