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Janet Weiss, not just A Great Female Drummer, but an inventor as well

Very few post-punk drummers have combined power with the invention, and Janet Weiss is one of them. She has proven beyond doubt one also needs to master a blend of solid groove with a sense of songcraft.

Janet Weiss
Janet Weiss

In simple terms, she is not just a drummer, but an inventor as well. Hence, she has closed the line for one of the best female drummers to become a prime example for all. Her enthusiasm and charismatic personality is a magnet that pulls the Sleater-Kinney members together.

Janet Weiss has been given a special role in the band or making sure the band’s unique guitar-as-bass line-up has all the juice needed to take it forward.

It is hard to find anyone else with the skills of Janet Weiss. Her creativity has gone beyond average. With the same energy, she transformed a simple piano-and-drums line-up into a rock ‘n’ roll band that was duo Quasi. Everything she touched and the group she played with became a success story.

None of her projects failed to hit the desired target, which made her a proud member of all her groups.

Sleater Kinney In Concert , Atlanta, Usa 21 Apr 2015
Sleater Kinney In Concert , Atlanta, Usa 21 Apr 2015

She worked with Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks for three years, in which she offered a solid bass to the improvisational flight of the band. Some people feel that the band could not have gone far, were it not for her interventions.

Her magical hands produced the energy they needed on the bass, holding them down as they tried building their team.

Life and career

Janet Weiss On Stage
Janet Weiss On Stage

Janet Weiss was born on September 24, 1965, and grew up to be one of the best drummers.  She started drumming at an early age when her music skills became apparent. And for many years, she has been perfecting her skills and innovating styles that no other musician would think of.

She is today highly regarded as a drummer. She was listed number 48 on the 2007 Stylus Magazine for the top 50 greatest rock drummers.  In 2014, LA weekly placed her at number 12 on their top 20 lists. She is, therefore, not just among the best female drummers but one among the overall top.

Rolling Stones listed as number 90 on their list of 100 top rock and pop drummers of all time. And to crown it all, NME ranked her number 25 among the top 32 rock drummers.

Weiss’s first professional drumming appearance came while in college. She became involved with local bands like Camper Van Beethoven and the Donner Party, 22; she was invited to join an all-girls trio called the Furies, where she continued to learn drums and perfect her skills.

She is amazingly a self-taught drummer who learned her techniques by emulating other drummers on like shows. Her mentors include John Bonham and Topper Headon.

She played in another band called the Motorgoat in Portland, Oregon, at the set of 1989, which reformed into her current Quasi. She has worked on very countless projects with Sleater-Kinney, building her career into one of the most sought after drummers.

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