JR Robinson The Most Recorded Drummer in History

Perhaps “JR” Robinson is the “Most Recorded Drummer in History as he calls himself”. With this description, you should have some knowledge of this volume-filled discography expert and one of pop’s go-to slammers. Robinson is one of the most influential figures in the world of pop.

Jr Robinson
Jr Robinson

JR Robinson’s knowledge of different drumming styles has always gotten him to greater heights in his career. And when you talk about energy combined with great enthusiasm, it all the drummer lives for, making him an inspirational figure all around.

He has worked with so many modern artists and on different projects that he seems to have lost count. Some of his greatest works include the “I’m So Excited,” by Pointer Sisters, “Higher Love,” Steve Winwood, “Ain’t Nobody” by Rufus and Chaka Khan and many albums by Daft Punk‘s “Random Access Memories.”

Jr Robinson Performing
Jr Robinson Performing

These are all songs that have taken the world by storm and continue to flow through the veins of many music lovers. The main reason for his fame, however, comes from his innovative mind. Whenever Robinson takes the stage, you can expect something unique that has never been heard before.

To him, having the same style to play in becomes boring to listeners with time, something that a true drummer will not want to live with.

“We Are the World,” brings out the listener’s titanic feeling, thanks to Robinson’s drumming skills. And when you thought you have had enough, remember that he laid the disco-rock-funk-pop concrete of Michael Jackson‘s “Off the Wall.” This remains one of his biggest projects, which has gained fame across the globe.

Their signature on their best project defines a drummer, and this can be easily proven from Jackson’s experience. He has some sort of magnet around him that attracts greatness and makes those listening to songs feel like they are part of the action.

Robinson perceives the drummer’s timekeeper only. And for this reason, he has been able to develop his innate ability to supercharge songs by including subtle gestures.

Timekeeping is the most important task of a drummer, and the whole team depends on their ability to set the right rhythm. However, it calls for one to have a very keep ear and be able to pick up any slight changes in the performance.

Jr Robinson At Studio
jr robinson at studio

They have to listen to every other member of the band and ensure they are on the same level. If the drummer goes off, the whole band will be lost. Many drummers have not trained their ears enough to keep time without a metronome.

Robinson works as if there is a built-in metronome in his bloodstream that flows through the drums. You can even think he has an automatic button he presses on his set to pick up the right rhythm setting.  This leaves everyone listening to him mesmerized by his talent.

No wonder Quincy Jones says Robinson is the only drummer that can introduce a bar on Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You.” He brings out a “drum lick that the whole world can sing…” says Jones.

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