Tommy Lee, The Famous Master of Gravity-Defying Drum

Perhaps the best way to describe Tommy Lee is that he is one of metal’s truly incredible showmen. This is major because of his gravity-defying drum solos and notoriety for putting on as few clothes as possible.

Whenever he was on stage, anyone would tell it was Lee without even looking at him. Tommy Lee had a certain character of making those who listened to him feel like he really knew what he was doing. When asked why he wears very few clothes, the drummer smiles and says, “that is just my way of getting into the music wholly.”

But that is not what truly defines Tommy. He has this energy in him that when he lands the sticks on the drums, it sounds like roaring thunder from a close location.

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Download Festival Day 3

He plays with the snare in a way that no other best drummers can ever reach. It is his bashing in Motley Crue that was just as crucial to him as star power. When working on Motley’s “Too Fast for Love,” his frenetic clatter helped define this piece. Since then, he has always ensured every performance he makes has been well received by those who listen to him.

Tommy is not just a drummer but an innovator as well. His signature can be heard through the earth-shaking beat that made Dr. Feelgood’s track a success. The loud snare and the low heart-breaking bass that come from this piece are nothing but the most incredible sounds for any piece.

They made the track sound as menacing and overwhelming as the story of drug-fueled eighties that fill the song. Every time he is behind the sticks, one would think he is talking directly to the drum. Every strike lands in the right place and brings out the right emotion, just like the whole song is intended to.

In most cases, Tommy does not need to even know the song he is playing. As long as he is behind his’ dream kit’ – which he took on the last tour of Motley Crue in 2015 – you can expect him to deliver the most compelling sounds. His kit is in perfect harmony with his stripped-down aesthetic.

He looks at his kit as the reason he was able to perform the best gigs of his life. He is proud to have a fully transparent kit because he wants as many people as possible to see what he is doing. According to him, many drummers have been hidden from the eyes of the fans, who keep asking, “What are you up to back there?”

Tommy has been an inspirational figure in the drumming industry for very many years. One thing that keeps him on top is his outgoing personality. He is one drummer who is very happy to share his knowledge with everyone who comes to him.

Apart from this, he has had a great contribution to the music industry with his innovativeness. Every time he sits behind the drums, he understands that his audience counts on him to offer the best he can, and he does not disappoint.

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