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Honey Lantree Is The Glue For The Honeycombs

The Honeycombs are majorly known because of their drummer Honey Lantree. She is recognized as the only woman to ever play on a hit single: “Have I The Right.” This piece has remained as one of the great British Invasion one-shots.

The legendary producer Joe Meek seemed to know what the drummer’s hands could do and created the perfect condition for her to display the skills. Amazing, she has never disappointed. He created the record around drumming, which gets the highest drumming sound on the bridge.

When you look at this tune’s performance videos, you will appreciate Honey Lantree‘s descents on those beats. She is defined as a beehived drummer, perhaps from her name, but more from the sweet tunes she creates.

Honey Lantree Honeycombs
Honey Lantree Honeycombs

“When Lantree is playing drums, I always feel calm even when I was stressed earlier.” One of her biggest fans was heard saying. “She talks to the drums, and the drum delivers the right message to her audience.” She is appreciated as the only band member who does not like a complete nerd.

It is sometimes even hard to tell whether she is part of the band because of her different appearance. Her neatness is reflected directly in her playing, making her an essential member of the band. There are very few drummers who have the personality she has.

It is one of those addictive characters that makes everyone love her. She can, therefore, be one of the reasons the band is together.

Life and career

Honey Lantree
Honey Lantree

Lantree was born as Ann Lantree in Hayes Middlesex. She attended Sydney Burnell school in Highams Park, Essex. Her father was a songwriter who created inspirational pieces. Anne trained as a hairdresser, but there was always a part of her that wanted music. It was in her blood to become a musician, and she fought hide to hide the feeling until she gave in later

The salon owner, Martine Murray, also led an amateur band called the Sheraton, who sometimes left their instruments in his house Anne picked up the instruments one day in 1963 and discovered she had a natural talent.

“My jaw dropped,” stated Murray, who added that she took the drums for the first time, and she soon was playing like a highly trained professional. It is this same talent she let flow through her music, letting generations learn from her experience.

Honeycombs Honey Lantree
Honeycombs Honey Lantree

Murray continued to teach her, also showing her brother, John, how to play the bass. And that is how the Sheratons grew. They then secured and auditioned with maverick producer Joe Meek who instantly recognized a valuable asset in the band’s female drummer. This was just the beginning of a career that would shape the rest of her life.

Lantree died in 2018 at the age of 75, having done a lot to boost the music industry. She was the drummer for the Honeycombs when they released the UK number one hit in 1964. Her fame will live on and inspire many generations to come.

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