Steve Jordan and his mastery power in understanding different genres

They say a drummer is defined by his background, and Steve Jordan is a true testimony to this fact. Since a young age, he has always been part of the music society.

Having grown in a strong R & B and soul tradition, he started playing seriously in his teens. From a young age, Steve Jordan was always fascinated by drums and how they sounded. Hence, he took the time to start learning them from this early age.

And perhaps this is one of the reasons he has grown into one of the best drummers of all time. If you hear him perform, you will not help but marvel at his power and understand different styles.

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Steve Jordan

When he was ready to get into serious drumming, he tagged alongside Stevie Wonder, who taught him a lot more about drumming and stage performance. And for a short time, Jordan was able to pick up his confidence, evolving into a versatile drummer.

He becomes equally skilled in complicated jazz fusion and sparse, straightforward, soulful rocks. Not very many people would expect much from the young drummers, but his passion kept his going until he changed the minds of his critics.

By the time he was performing major tasks, he was ten years younger than most sixties rock drummers. His energy and dedication become highly admirable across the industry, making him a highly sort after the drummer of his times, and beyond. He has always been considered a man to provide some juice for a second.

Steve Jordan Playing Drum
Steve Jordan Playing Drum

A member of Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos, Jordan has been an influential member of both groups, helping them to grow from strength to strength. Among his most recognized performances include his work with eighties Neil Young.

Beyond this, he toured extensively within Eric Clapton, a time that created an experienced all-around drummer. As if that is not enough, Jackson became part of the fictional reunion band the Blues Brothers.

Jordan was more than just a drummer. He established very strong ties with the young generation. Jordan Meyer’s signature trio worked under his wings until they became strong.

He is always willing to share his knowledge with all who came to him. And because he had learned from an early age, he has witnessed a lot of changes that have happened in the industry. Besides, his innovativeness has been instrumental in creating a world of new music.

Jordan quickly became a master of all trades because of his loose and confident personality. He did not only work on one genre but every project that came his way.

He learned to imbue whatever he played with his unique singing. “It will be very hard to make people swing to your rhythm if you are a rigid drummer.” This has always been Jordan’s way of keeping things in order with everyone around him. He is proud of his technique because it helps him connect with people.

He is so much into the swing that he says any drummer without a technique over a more efficient drummer, as long as he can swing.

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