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Kavka Shishido – Excelling Beyond Drums

Kavka Shishido is well-known as a Japanese-Mexican vocalist and drummer. Born in 1985, she has navigated her acclaimed professional career as a radio personality, Singer-songwriter, actress, television personality, drummer, and spokesperson. The drummer was a member of the Rock band The News prior to debuting in 2012 as a solo musician. The multi-talented individual prominently plays the drums in nearly all her promotions. 

She has toiled as a runway model from the initial phases of debuting as a musician. Additionally, Kavka Shishido flaunts playing an integral role in various activities, including the Laforet Fashion Week 2012, Kobe Collections 2012, Fukuoka Asia Collection 2013, and Tokyo Runway in 2012 and 2013.

Kavka Shishido
kavka shishido

In 2013, Kavka Shishido debuted as a radio personality and encompasses radio shows on Bay FM and All Night Nippon. Before venturing into radio, she featured in Ai Ore, a live adaptation film in 2012. Her resilience and dedicated passion enabled her to showcase her drumming prowess with the house band. In 2014, Kavka joined the Erika Sawajiri drama First Class ranks and traversed her professional career as a fashion designer. The drummer is recognized for her work on First Class (2014), Deadman Inferno (2015), and Too Young to Die (2016).

Born in Mexico, the drummer relocated to Japan at 2 to pursue her elementary studies. Her passion for taking up drums came at the age of 14 upon watching a live performance on TV. What fascinated her about drums was the fact that drummers also played an integral part but never came into the spotlight. At 14, she acquired drum sets from her parents and learned the basics of drumming with the help of Daniel “Pipi” Piazolla, a drummer. Her desire to shine and stand out saw her begin playing with various bands during high school.  

Kavka Shishido became the third drummer of The News, an all-female rock band, in 2014. She began performing with her vocals at age 20. In 2015, the drummer started partnering with UVERWORLD producer Hiraide Satoru and The High-Lows drummer Ohshima Kenji and initiated a band known as eddy12 with them in the year’s closure. 

During this time, Kavka Shishido had started curating her career singing and playing the drums simultaneously. The singer/drummer left THE NEWS in 2009 to pursue her modeling career. However, she continued singing and playing the drums for various artists, including DIAMOND YUKI and PANTA.

Kavka Shishido Performing
Kavka Shishido Performing

Kavka Shishido signing to IMPERIAL RECORDS, a significant record label, saw her release her first digital single. Today, she continues her close working endeavors with eddy12 bandmates, who now serve as her producers. Her foray into the industry has significantly shaped her career. 

She is intrigued by making her first Japanese tour upon releasing her fourth single. Watanabe Junpey gave the drummer the name Kavka because she always wore black every time. In addition to her drumming career, Kavka Shishido and Santiago Vazquez have invited and collaborated with many musicians to an improvised presentation known as “el tempo” since 2018. The exhibition is inspired by LA GRANDE and “LA BOMBA DE TIEMPO” and entails linking with the public via hand signals.

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