Pete Ray Biggin – A Drummer with Fire

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Pete Ray Biggin has been recognized for his deeper-than-deep grooves, incredible solos, and top-notch creativity. He plays with such passion and fire that everyone who listens to him falls in love with his work. This enthusiasm quickly earned him a spotlight on the UK market as one of the hottest drummers.   

It led Pete Ray Biggin to work with some of the best musicians of the time, including Chaka Khan, Robbie Williams, Lily Allen, The Specials, Whitney Houston, Beverly Knight, and Amy Winehouse, just to mention a few. One of his main inspirations was Incognito, with whom he performed several albums. 

Pete Ray Biggin
pete ray biggin

Pete Ray Biggin plays the drums in a manner that seems out of this world. Pete is mainly known for his fast-paced drumming. He is a furious and funky drummer who enjoys striking every beat with passion and vigor. But he also embraces a sense of dynamics. Some of the albums he has shown such versatility include Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, Tower of Power’s fourth release, Summoner, Ten by Sting, and Innervation by Stevie Wonders

If you listen to the Wall and Thriller by Michael Jackson, you get the best feeling of what diversity means to a drummer. He also worked with Bob Marley, among other world-class musicians. All these are names that can influence one’s career. They exposed Pete to a world of endless possibilities.  

He may not be as old as many other great drummers we have written about, but he sure understands his stuff. And that is enough to put him on the list. Pete Ray Biggin originally came from Sheffield. But he has been living in London since 2002. He started playing drums at the age of four. His major influence was Alan, his dad, who helped him win the Drummers Alliance Beat 93 and under 16s competition. 

He got more inspiration from his teachers Toni Cannelli and others, and from Mark King’s drumming. At the same time, he was interested in the big funk, fusion, and session names of level 42. By 15 years, he was already a great drummer, working in clubs. And this is where he learned much of his skills.  After six years on this scene, he embarked on touring Europe and gigging. He also started writing and recording different genres, including soul, pop, jazz, and rock.

Pete Ray Biggin Performing
pete ray biggin performing

 Today, Pete is the drummer and musical director for the PB Underground band. He explains that the band came together during the Bahrain F1 crowd shows. He had heard about another group who they invited to play together. And they worked together on a great collection of music. “There was this amazing vibe; everyone was playing right at the top of their game for the whole week… pushing each other to perform the best – and we did.”

Pete is known for playing with a feel and technique that makes him one of London’s best. He has an extensive musical personality that he does not shy from sharing with the world. He puts this vibe on his audience that makes them only want more.

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