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Light-Up Drumsticks Review


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Light-up drumsticks are really cool when you are performing on stage. They are for those seeking to add a little flash in their drumming. And they are just as lively for concerts are they are with home practicing.

But which light-up drum stick should you buy. There are many different types and styles of these drumsticks on the market. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming to choose.

Well, don’t worry.

In these reviews, we shall look at tips for buying light-up drum sticks as well as a few top choices.

What to consider before buying light-up drum sticks

Generally, light-up drumsticks are made from clear acrylic plastic. They feel and play different from regular sticks. 

Not, however, they tend to be weaker than wooden drumsticks. Hence, don’t be surprised when they break much faster.

However, there are a few things you should look out for in light-up drum sticks. Consider the following:

· LED vs. Glow in the Dark

The classic light-up drumsticks are made to light up with impact. These are known as glow in the dark drum sticks. Some companies make some who stay lit all the time.

The problem is you must be in the dark. Otherwise, you will not be seen.

· Playing styles

I have already mentioned light-up drum sticks are generally fragile. Hence, your drumming intensity will determine how long the sticks last.

When performing on stage, try approaching with a lighter finesse.

· Know about light-up drum sticks

It is important to know things like who should use a light-up drumstick. They are great for anyone, and professional drummers use them to add more light in their drumming.

Also, note that the light-up drum stick doesn’t add any value to the sound of the drums and cymbals. They are made from plastic; hence, chances are they will not produce the best tune.

They are only good for the show, and nothing more. But they are still a beautiful kind of drum accessories.

Now that you know what is essential let’s get right in.

What are the best light-up drum sticks?

Consider the following five products.

1.      Rockstix 2 Pro

This is my favorite light-up drum stick. Make by Rockstix, they have become one of the most popular drum sticks. Many drummers recommend them too.

They come bearing 13 different colors that fade between. They become live whenever they sense motion. Hence, they come with a virtual response to your beat.

They are constructed from hard plastic; thus, they can serve you for a very long time. Also, you can play them on any type of drum set.

Another great advantage is that they consume very low power. Their batteries come with them, and you can use them for a long time. However, you can also buy replacements, just to be sure you don’t get stuck.

Rockstix 2 Pro

2.      Hickory Fluorescent drum sticks

The fluorescent drum sticks don’t have LED, but they glow under lights on stage. And there are many different options for this product. For instance, you can get wooden fluorescent drumsticks, which last much longer.

The sticks are coated with fluorescent material. This means they don’t light up by themselves by reflecting on the stage light.

If you are looking for something ‘glowy’ but not too flashy, I would recommend this option. Besides, they are the best for vigorous drumming.

Again, because they are wooden, they also produce more natural sound. This means you can make your playing more fun.

Hickory Fluorescent Drum Sticks

3.      Trophy FX12GR Firestix

Trophy makes some of the most popular light-up drum sticks today. They come from long-lasting Lexan.

But I would advise these for hard drumming. They may not survive every impact from a hard-hitter.

They are just like more options that light up with every impact. And better still, it features different color sticks. However, you only choose the color ones when you are buying because they is no changing.

They use similar batteries like those in cells. But you should consider ordering extra batteries. The last thing you want it the light-up sticks going off in the middle of a performance.  

Trophy Fx12gr Firestix

4.      Hiptix Purple Glow in The Dark

These glow in the dark drumsticks will play the trick perfectly. They are not light up, which means they don’t glow by themselves. For them to work, you need to include a fluorescent light “charge.”

They produce a beautiful bright light when you charge them. They reflect the light on the stage, producing a beautiful look in the end.

One of the best things about the light-up drum sticks is their strength. You can play your drum as hard as you want, and the sticks will take the impact.

Hiptix Purple Glow In The Dark

5. Blue LED Light Up Drumsticks by Lewis Creative

These are light-up drum sticks that will leave you feeling satisfied. They come in a fixed color, which is produced from motion and impact.

I personally like this one.

Blue Led Light Up Drumsticks By Lewis Creative

Are light-up drumsticks any good?

There are a few cons and pros of these drumsticks. For a start, they are quite fantastic and fun in performance. With them, add some style to your visual appearance. Drummers are always stuck in the background, where they are never seen. Hence, these drumsticks can create some attraction your way.

Despite this, always use regular drumsticks for practice. They are more natural and will not disappoint. Even if you are going to play with the light-up sticks on the stage, be sure to try them first. You will be shocked to learn that a slight change in such things can be very hard.

Even though the options I have mentioned above are great, you want to go easy on them. As mentioned earlier, they may not be as strong as regular drum sticks. Also, they don’t offer the best sound output.


Buying light-up drum sticks is a great way to add fun to your drumming experience. But don’t count on them as your primary drumsticks. Just have them for fun.

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