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Linda Pitmon The Icon to Many

It is hard to talk about the best female drummers without mentioning Linda Pitmon. She is seen as an icon to many, having created her own style of drumming.

Linda Pitmon
linda pitmon

As the drummer at the centre of Peter Buck/Scott McCaughey/ Steve Wynn axis, she has left a huge mark on many musicians.  These are also a few super prolific musicians who have roots extending back to the indie-rock legends R.E.M, the Dream Syndicate, and the Young Fresh Fellows.

Also, when you mention Minus 5, Filthy Friends, and the Baseball friends, you cannot go without seeing Linda Pitmon‘s signature.

There are very few women who truly have their mark on the rock industry, and Linda Pitmon took over the challenge to be one of the best despite the challenges that she has been part of.

She never thought of herself as anything else when it came to performing for the masses. She could be the same girl named “Jenny” the Velvet Underground album by Lou Reed san about. It is a story of a mythical girl who was saved by rock ‘n’ roll and turned out to be one of the most prominent ambassadors of the genre.


Linda Pitmon On Stage
linda pitmon on stage

Linda Pitmon is a former member of the underrated t Minneapolis band Zuzu’s Petals. This is one of the groups that shaped her career and built her into one of the most influential women in the rock industry. She was already a good drummer before joining the band, having loved and played drums since she was young. 

Pitmon says she always enjoyed how drummers make the sound come out of their instrument even when nobody really noticed them. To her, they were the silent heroes of the songs, and she wanted to be one of them.

Today, she is part of a the group of artists that include Mike Mills and Peter Buck of R.E.M,  Scott McCaughey of The Young Fellows, and her husband, Steve Wynn. As if that is not enough, Pitmon also plays for Filthy Friends, a group that bears the signature of Buck and Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker.

Her talent for producing emotional sounds from drums is the reason she is among the most sort-after drummers. She is the muscle that pushes all the groups she works with to their limits. And some think it would not be possible for the teams to go far without her involvement.

Linda Pitmon Performing
linda pitmon performing

There are many albums with her signature, some of which may be forgotten in history. But there are four she made with Wynn’s Miracle Three that have never lost their beauty.

They are characterized by both an affinity of songcraft and the ability to loosen up to improvisational tunes. In other words, Pitman is not just a drummer, but an inventor who finds a reason to make every sound sweet.

She does not rely on what she knows but flows with what the song demands. This is the main factor that differentiates her from other drummers. It could be in her nature.

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