Kids Playing Drums
kids drumming

Kids Playing Drums and Having Fun with Videos

Many parents want their children to learn to play musical instruments. They can use music to help them express themselves, improving their mental health. Once they are proficient, they can play in a band.

They can also improve their social skills and help them fit in at school.  There are plenty of musical instruments to choose from. But it might be best to start with percussion. 

A drum kit tends to be easy to learn. It can also translate across a wide array of music genres, so they can play their favourite song.  The complex rhythms that a drummer needs to learn can boost memory and improve academic performance. Percussion can teach them the basics of music principles.

They will learn about tempo, rhythm, and timing. All of this will come in useful if they want to learn a second instrument. Let’s delve deeper into the topic of kids playing the drums.

Kids Playing Drums at Church

For many people, their love of music starts at a young age. Often, they will begin playing in church. This is a comfortable environment, encouraging them to get used to performing. In many cases, it can be a chance to talk about their musical ambitions or even form a music group.

Often, the church will provide teachers to give music lessons and foster the development of new skills. A good example of these principles is in this clip.

This inspirational performance was made by a 12-year old at his local church. This child is clearly enjoying the performance. It’s also clear that, despite his age, he has advanced percussion skills.

Playing the drums is a remarkable talent, especially if you start at a younger age. A good example of the drumming abilities that kids can exhibit is Johanne Astrid. She entered Denmark Has Talent and, through a series of exceptional performances, was able to win the show. This video documents her remarkable journey.

Nandi Bushell is a good example of how an exceptional drummer can capture the world’s attention. The 10-year-old was first launched to fame with this drum cover of a Foo Fighter‘s song. Since then, she has met her idol, Dave Grohl. He declared her “the best drummer in the world.”

Parents and teachers are often the first to recognize their child’s skills. Together, they can organize music lessons to help nurture innate abilities. This inspiring YouTube video shows that journey, following the journey of Recker Eans. Though he might only be nine years old, he is impressing adults at the School of Rock.

Even young children can become amazing drummers. An excellent example of this is L.J. Wilson. In this video, he is making a television appearance at four years old. Despite his youth, he has learned to master his drum kit, creating intense beats and impressing the live audience.

Many parents and teachers might want to teach their kids about the drums. But they don’t know to start the conversation. This video goes into some tricks you can use to inspire them to start learning. These tips can be a fun way to inspire a love of percussion instruments at a young age. 

Kids Playing African Drums

There are many types of drums to explore. But many people like to use African drums. These can provide a unique musical tone.  They also tend to be the easiest to learn. You will be able to play them using your hands, without the need for drum sticks or foot pedals. 

Because this style of drumming is so easy, you should be able to teach it yourself. These drum lessons can be a good way to form a closer connection with your child. This video shows you some basic exercises to start with. As they grow more advanced, you might want to consider enrolling them on a music school.

Can You Learn To Play Drums At Any Age?

It’s never too early to get your child interested in percussion. Even from an early age, they will be able to pick up the basics of the instrument. As we’ve seen, children at two or three years old can understand the basics of a drum beat. There are a few ways that you can teach younger kids to play the drums. First, you’ll want to start with a basic kids’ electric drum. You might be able to get a junior drummer kit at toy stores. As they grow more advanced, you can get a more advanced drum set from music stores. 
Additionally, you should consider getting professional music lessons from an experienced teacher. During these drum lessons, they will be able to improve their technique. Eventually, they will be able to start performing and showing off their percussion skills.

How Do Kids Play Drums?

Once you are ready to start encouraging your child to play the drums, there are a few things you should do. First, you’ll need to pick out a drum set. As we mentioned, the right set will depend on their age. For instance, a toddler drum set for 3 years old. Then, you’ll need to start encouraging them to play. But, most importantly, you’ll want to make sure that they are having fun. In the next section, we’ll look at some of the tips you can use when encouraging your child to learn percussion.

Kids Playing Drums

How Do I Teach My 2-Year-Old To Play The Drums?

First, you’ll need to get a junior drum set or some toy drums. At this age, you will want to focus on the basics. Try to teach them the basics of percussion. Encourage them to keep up with the beat of their favourite song. You can also try teaching them to go from loud to soft. You can start on African drums if they don’t have the dexterity to hold the drum sticks. 
For junior drummers, though, the most important thing is to encourage a love of music. You might also want to set up a reward system to encourage regular practice.

How Do I Teach My 5-Year-Old To Play The Drums?

At five, they will often have the focus required to learn more advanced techniques. You can purchase a more advanced drum kit. There are plenty to choose from. If you want some tips on finding the right ones for your child, you can use these helpful drum sets for beginner article. 
If they enjoy playing, it can be a good time to start thinking about getting private lessons from an experienced percussion teacher. You can also talk to your school, to see what resources they might be able to offer to encourage your child to explore their passion. Sometimes, they will offer percussion lessons as an extracurricular activity.

Group Drummin Circle
Group Drumming Circle

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Drums?

Benefits Of Drumming Infographic

There are plenty of reasons why percussion can be a good fit for your child. First, they will be able to grow their confidence. When they first start performing, it’s understandable that they will be nervous and anxious. But, the more often they get onto the stage, the better they will feel. Most drum teachers will encourage their students to put on a concert at least once a year. 
It can also be a great way to encourage creativity. When you master the drum throne, you will be able to come up with a lot of new beats. If they decide to join a music group, they will be able to learn valuable social skills. This will ensure that your child gets used to expressing their ideas. Lastly, drumming is an ideal way to stay fit. 

Is Playing Drums Good For Your Brain?

Learning percussion can bring plenty of mental health benefits. First, it has been shown that drumming will increase co-ordination. Drummers will need to use both hands with equal dexterity. They also need to exert a lot of control over their fine motor skills, including their fingers. 
Interestingly, drummers also tend to have a better memory. They need to be able to remember complex rhythms. This can give them a leg up when they attend school, improving performance in the classroom. It can also be a valuable way of reducing stress and anxiety. 


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why your child might want to consider taking up a percussion instrument. With a little practice and a good teacher, a young drummer will be able to master the drum set. So, start researching excellent kids’ drum sets and encourage them to start practising today. Who knows, they might become the next child drummer to grab the world’s attention.

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