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Lori Peters is a native of Kenosha and was born in November 1973. She is presently the drummer of Skillet which she began immediately after releasing Invincible (2000). While in secondary school, she participated in the Jazz Band and Symphonic Band. She proceeded with her tertiary education at Columbia College, Chicago for 3 years. Lori Peters had been employed in a benefits consulting firm before joining Skillet, and also appeared in the Alkeme band together with Korey Cooper.

Lori Peters has been a drummer for more than 30 years and she has gained experience in drumming, studio recording, live performance, worldwide touring, and drum instruction. She was also a member in the Multi-Platinum and Gold selling and she was a member Multi-Platinum and Gold selling, two-time Grammy Award the nominated artist for a two-time Grammy Award in skillet. 

Lori Peters says being a drummer is like being an athlete, and she goes ahead to say that it sometimes takes the same amount of energy to not only be disciplined but also discipline. Her presence on stage is very lively and she goes ahead to say that she always had to fight her way to get the good parts in high school. She also says that they always wanted to stick the girls on the bells and playing in a heavy band like skillet was cool for people to dig to see chick rockers.

Lori and her husband Chris, who grew up in Seattle playing piano and guitar, own and operate a studio located in the Great Lakes near Chicago. They professionally record and edit live drums. At the moment Lori and Chris are focusing on tracking live drums-style music like rock and pop.

Skillet is a Christian rock band based in America and it was made in Memphis and this has contributed to Lori’s Christianity. Lori Peters as a Christian managed to do her first album with skillet which was an ardent live worship record. She also featured on other worship albums while at skillet. Some of the drummers that influenced her most were Tommy Lee, Robert Sweet from Stryper, Tommy Aldridge from White Snake, and all the big bands.

Lori Peters decided to begin a new life in December 2007. She started another life outside the Skillet. In her place, she trained Jen Ledger who could proceed with her part in Skillet Drummer. In the initial 1959 Broadway production of The Sound of Music Peters introduced the part of Liesl Von Trapp. 

Peters obtained an award of nomination named Tony for best supporting and an actress in music. She distributed the award amongst her siblings and classmates. Lori was wedded to actor Jon Voight. She had met Jon when he was in Nazi Messenger cast boy Rolfe. Lori Peters can be heard on the cast album of the show that has already sold more than two million copies in the US and beyond.

In 2018 Lori was diagnosed with Breast cancer and she was very fortunate that she did not have to go through chemo or radiation, it was at stage zero and unfortunately, there was no cure so she went for surgery to be removed. Lori was strong and as an upright Christian full of faith, she seemed for strength from God, since her mom had succumbed to a different type of cancer.

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