Mapex P500Tw Single Chain

Mapex has been one of the world’s main drum manufacturers, making some of the best quality products. And they have also ventured into the world of hardware.

The brand has been creating great solutions for different drummers over the years, and they have never disappointed. The Mapex 500 double bass drum pedal comes as one of the most affordable hardware from the company.

In this guide, I will be reviewing this product based on what many users have said.

About Mapex drums

Mapex is a brand that makes hardware, accessories, and full kits. And you will feel great playing Mapex drums because it is one of the best drum brands in the world

Mapex brand has always been a top drum manufacturer. Mapex hardware is ideal for gigging hardware, which helps keep the drums more durable. There are very few companies that can march the quality of Mapex products. 

If you are a gigging musician looking for something sturdy in hardware, go for Mapex drums. They come highly recommended by top drummers.

The Mapex 500 Double bass drum pedal

The Mapex Performing Artist bass drum pedals are created for the best performance. You can choose from a single option, which offers smooth performance, accuracy, and flexibility. It’s constructed to withstand any punishment you may give it, even under frequent use. And they are easy to assemble too.

But if you need durability and reliability, then go for the double bass pedals. They have a dual chassis, which is linked to Mapex’s patent-pending dual universe, linkage system. It is a non-slip system with a great, balanced sensitivity under extended use. 

To me, the Mapex 500 is the most affordable bass drum pedal put there. I have become a huge fan because of its simplicity.

Sometimes you don’t need something too expensive to get the best drumming experience. When some beginners ask me about choosing the best drum pedal, I often tell them to go for a simple but useful. 

You may be skeptical at first because of its extremely low price; I was too. But you may never get a better value for money pedal. 

Mapex does not allow for advanced configuration like replacing the cam or changing the pedal height. However, sometimes all you need is a bass pedal to sit down with and start drumming immediately. And thins Mapex will do more than that for you.

It is its simplicity that makes it very attractive. Even as an experienced drummer, there comes a time when all you want is a component you can easily put together. 

But this does not mean you cannot adjust some basic parameters. For instance, you can work on the spring tension or beater height. Also, try turning around the beater to alternate from felt (which delivers a well-rounded sound, to a plastic surface that assures louder, more pronounced kicks. 

The Mapex 500 double bass drum pedal is a single chain pedal. This is the main difference between it and more expensive. This means only one chain is used to attach the beater to the board.

These bass drum pedals can also be attached with two chains, side by side in a chain drive solution, or with a strap on a belt-drive, or using a piece of metal, indirect drive. The single-chain drive is common in cheaper pedals. But this does not mean they are bad. However, you should expect them to give very different results.

For instance, a single chain is not as durable as a double chain. Also, you may feel that it’s not as responsive as the other products.

Another big difference is that the single-chain feels more controllable since it does not have much response. Well, this depends on how experienced you are in noting these tiny differences. Some drummers may not feel this effect.

A single chain bass drum is not the best for those who want to be fast double bass players. Or perhaps you will find the direct-drive pedals more effective.

The control ability discussed above might be a good consideration for those playing rock, punk, or jazz.

Direct drive players, advise beginners to start with chain drive. The metal connection between the pedal and the beater makes it very expensive. It delivers slightly more intentions in your hits. This is a good thing for building the correct muscle memory.


In terms of durability, I have not seen a lot to complain about this pedal. But I thought it right to raise it in this review because I have read several people’s comments complaining that it does not last very long. 

Mine held on quite well for three years before selling it. Several other users seem to agree with me on this, saying the pedal is really useful.

Well, as stated above, single-chain pedals do not last as long as double chain ones. And therefore, it is understandable if a few people don’t get as much use from it as they may have expected.

Nevertheless, this peace is not very expensive, which is greatly encouraging. It could be a great idea to invest in this case, especially for beginners.

Foot on

The most important feature of this Mapex 500 is its performance. Depending on what option you pick, there is a lot you can get from these bass drum pedals.  

Take your drumming to the next level as you plan to engage in a more fruitful development of your skills. This component is quite responsive, which is one feature I really loved.

Whether you want to play fast or slow, this piece will get you there. It is quite light, and hence, great for fast playing. The kit is incredibly useful.

MAPEX P500TW Single Chain Independent Universal 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

Every Mapex pedal is made from solid components that are engineered for reliability.

They are very durable, and most importantly, very easy to play on.

And this Mapex P500TW single-chain independent, universal 500 series bass drum pedal is not different. It is a reliable product that offers everything you may need to get perfect performance out of a bass drum pedal. It comes with the following great features:

A new duo-tone felt/ABS beater

For most of us, the most crucial part for any bass drum pedal is the beater. Mapex has been very innovative over the years, making sure every drummer gets only gets the best quality.

And so they have included a new duo-tone felt and ABS beater, which makes it appear very attractive. This incredible bass drum pedal may be a single chain in terms of performance, but it’s very durable because of this feature.

I bought one of these products three years ago, and they have never disappointed.

I solid it two years down the line, but it was still in perfect working condition. 

Fully adjustable spring tensions 

These features allow you to adjust and set the pedal in any position you want for convenience and easy playing. It also features a compact stabilizing radius rod, an independent universal linkage adjustment, and retractable floor spikes.

These are all aspects of high-end products, and they are the reason Mapex has remained one of the most unbeatable brands on the market.

The footboards

Well, Mapex has been thoughtful enough to add footboards on this incredible product. This is not a feature you will see every day on any product at this price range. 

It makes it every more reliable and ready for use as a high-end pedal, even at this price range.


All Mapex 500 kick drum pedals are designed for durability. They are engineered to be highly reliable and easy.

Every component is solid, offering the users surety of a long-time usage. It delivers double the power for half a crash, which is another way of saying you have nothing to worry about.

The only issue you may find to complain about is that the pedal is a single chain. This means they are not very durable than the double chain, yet still useful enough.

Besides, at this price range, it may not be such a big issue.

Mapex P800TW Armory Double Bass Drum Pedal

If you are looking for the best component to add to your drum set, Mapex is a great brand to start from. The company features among the top 10 best drums and hardware companies, and there is a good reason for that.

Their P800TW Armory Double bass drum pedal may not be very common on the market at the moment, but it sure is a reliable pedal. It comes with the following features:

Chain-driven action

We all know what chain-driven action means in bass drum pedals. It all comes down to the action, and this pedal has got all covered.

It is easy to use as it features torque-free spring action. For a bass drum pedal at this price range, I would say Mapex has really taken a huge step in the features.

Extended footboard

One of the hardest things big-footed drummers face is a small footboard. I am gladMapex has considered this consideration by adding a longer and wider footboard on this product, unlike the 500 reviewed above.

Falcon beater 

The beater makes everything flow in a kick drum pedal. And many drummers will keep this feature at the back of their minds when choosing any product.

The beater comes with interchangeable weights that make it easy to adjust the system. Also, note that the pedal is designed to offer lightning-fast speed and rock-solid stability. There is every reason to love this piece because, at this price range, you might never have anything better.

At the moment, it is not available on Amazon, and they are not sure when it will be back. Besides this, there is nothing much to complain about.

Generally, it is a rock-solid product that offers a long-time service with useful performance

Mapex PF1000TW Falcon Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Mapex Falcon PF100TW is another double bass drum pedal you should consider adding to your collection. It is a high-end pedal that features hollow, stainless steel driveshafts, which ensure uttermost strength. And you get all that without any additional drag or excess weight.

This feature ensures an increased slick operation of the pedal while giving the Falcon a sensationally smooth feel. It comes with some of the best features on the market.

Stroke and recoil motions 

The stroke and recoil motions on the Falcon are incredibly fluid and feel natural to the feel. This is because it pedals allow the torque-free spring system to move independently.

Every aspect of the pedal has been nicely engineered to make the pedal feel as though extending on your feet. This is a very useful feature, especially if you have a bigger foot.

The footprint on the Mapex Falcon is more compact than other bass drum pedals at this price range, which makes it easy and comfortable. You can position it between the hi-hats and snare stand without any issues.

Talon clamp adjustment

Setting up and adjusting a bass drum pedal can be a bit daunting sometimes. This is true, especially if you get one that does not have the proper flexibility.

And you will love this pedal for this reason. It’s easy-to-reach, resistant-free Talon clamp bass hoop has is designed with locking claws. This adjustment can be tightened with one hand, from a sitting position, making it easy to set up. 

It comes with a patented Talon bass drum hoop clamp that has locking claws that move independently from the pedal frame. This means its angle remained flat on the floor and clamped securely even if you may have tuned the bass drum wrongly.


Use the interchangeable cams to suit your playing style. Or the Glide cam for an equal amount of inertia all the way through your performance.

There is nothing much to complain about this piece.

MAPEX Drum Pedal (P400TW)

The PT400TW drum pedal from Mapex is not the most attractive pedal on the market in terms of features. It features standard single-chain drives, adjustable spurs, reversible beaters, and solid brass plates.

However, with these features, you have yourself a solid performance and durability at the most affordable price. This is a perfect solution for players making their first steps into the world of bass drum pedals.

It is easy to set-up, both for the single or double-pedal versions. It may not be the best for professional drummers, but a beginner will be more than happy to get their hands on this product. 

Consider that this is one of the most durable bass drum pedals you find out there too. Therefore, you have every reason to smile.

Mapex P600TW Mars Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Mapex P600TW Mars Double Bass Drum Pedal comes as one of my favorite bass drum pedals at an affordable price range.

Mapex has tried ensuring every drummer has access to high-quality products, even if they don’t have enough money to invest in high-end products. 

This pedal features a double chain system that creates a more solid feel and durability. It will take all the punishment that comes its way and still remain sturdy.

It also features Mars single pedal double chain drive system that creates a perfect environment for an enjoyable performance. This is one of the features you will not find easily on many brands at this price range.

Mars is generally a medium-weight series that delivers durability and versatility. It has an affordable range of double braced hardware that does not disappoint.

Many drummers love the chrome and Black-plated finish options.

There is every to love about this pedal, even though the price range makes some users skeptical at first.

Mapex P600 Mars Single Bass Drum Pedal

All Mars line pedals are designed for durability and high-end functionality. And this is one of the products on this line that will not let your down.

It comes with solid baseplates and is double-chain driven. With this feature, you can be sure of smooth action and great durability. 

You can rely on this single bass drum pedal if you are looking for something solid and affordable. The dual chain action means you can play even with the fastest piece on your collection, and it will not fail.

It comes with a Falcon reversible beater that ensures a smooth operation. This is one of the features that most users have liked about this product, and Mapex says it’s a way of giving drummers what they need in affordable products.

The reduce baseplate size makes the pedal highly portable and versatile. There is no music style that this pedal will not deliver. 

And it has an extended footboard to accommodate all types of drummers. Most importantly, it’s made very light so that you can play a bit faster, even though it is a single pedal.

Unfortunately, a single pedal is not what you want for fast music genres. Nevertheless, it does well what it is created to do.


Mapex is among the top drum companies you can trust. And the bass drum pedals reviewed above are the best example of what they offer. If you need an affordable bass drum pedal that is built for quality and durability, Mapex has it all.

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