Mapex Falcon Double Bass Drum Pedal Cover

Mapex takes a huge step into the future with its Falcon single (P1000) and doubles (P1000TW) pedals for the bass drum. The previous P95) A/P980A has not been replaced, as it stays in production.

However, this Falcon double bass drum pedal comes as a whole new level of product accessories. From the first impression, you will love how this piece is designed.

After using the pedal for a while, I decided it may be good to share some information about it that may help you if you are in need.

Come along.

How to choose a bass drum pedal

For drummers, we all know the importance of choosing our components wisely. And the bass drum pedal is among the parts you should choose very wisely.

As the drumsticks are for your hands, the bass drum pedals are for your feet. They are the main contact point between you and your drum kit, making it right for your practice. You can drum fast and with rhythm.

For most drum parts, I would advise you to go for the complex. But it would be a better idea to go simple when it comes to the bass drum pedals. But it should be a good and durable model so that you never have to worry about choosing anything again.

But you will be overwhelmed with a wide range of choices on the market.

So, if you are looking for the best bass drum pedal, here are three things you should keep in your mind.

Have a good budget

Well, I said you need something simple and durable. But this does not mean having to sacrifice quality.

Bass drum pedals come at different prices based on their quality. So, you need to understand that investing in something quality will get you where you want to be.

If you have a high-end drum set already, it will not make much sense if you were you buy a cheap bass drum pedal. Not that cheap is always bad, but sometimes cheap can be too expensive.

Understand that the bass drum a vital component of your drum kit. It’s used for keeping the tempo and ensuring everyone else follows the rhythm you have set.

Therefore, if you can give your drum set a good pedal, nothing will stop you from creating the perfect performance.

Understand bass drum pedal

This should be the first tip, but I put it second because you will probably be budgeting for a full drum set. Anyway, understanding what a bass drum pedal lets you make a more informed decision.

The bass drum pedal can be defined as a mechanical device that transforms ‘feet-stomp’ motion into a beat action that produces the sound from your bass or kick drum.

In other words, this is the component that lets you directly play the bass drum. And it has five parts, the beater, cam, pedal drive, footboard, and spring. I am sure you might already have a rough idea of what each part does.

I will not go into that detail for not. But I must mention that you should decide between a direct drive, a chain drive, and a belt-drive bass drum pedal.

For the direct drive, the footboard is linked directly to the beater. They offer fast response and more power to the beater.

In a chain drive pedal, the footboard and the cam are linked via a chain. The market has single and double chain drive pedals, which differ in terms of efficiency – a double chain drive bass pedal is better.

About the belt drive pedal, the footboard and the cam come linked through a ‘belt,’ which is usually made from nylon, synthesized rubber, or leather. The belt gives out a slight bounce, and hence, better control.

Try it out

If you are going to but the Mapex Falcon double bass drum pedal, it would be best if you are able to test it before buying. This should be a good way to know if you have got what you really wanted.

About the mapex falcon Double Bass Drum Pedal

Mapex does not only make great drums kits but hardware as well. The Falcon drum pedal is sleek and refined hardware the leaves the user feeling like they have made the best investment.

One thing that makes it different from other brands is that Mapex does not use the broad strokes of re-invention. Instead, the company has created it from some intelligent and thoughtful improvements that stand out to the test.


The first thing that captures your attention is the incredible design of this pedal. I was so impressed with how it looks, even though I had never used a Mapex drum pedal before, and I knew I would like it right away.

It comes with a glossy finish, like a deep-baked enamel, and it attractive to the eye. It also features a wide range of subtle features that makes the Falcon stand out.

A sexy, sleek design is the true definition of this product. Every black metal part has been sprayed to a beautiful plastic-shiny finish, which contrasts the brushed silver on the footboard.

The board comes with a chubby, adjustable toe stop and is linked to the cam using a double chain. It is the same chain you can find in pro bikes, promising durability, and high-end functionality.

One the other end is a hinged heel plate that has sealed steel bearing the gets rid of the lateral rocking movement. The whole unit sits on a full black base-plate, which has a ‘Suregrip’ rubber-covered bottom and adjustable spurs.

It features a slip footboard; this is great for pulling your toes half-way down the board and stomping. It acts as though willing you to play.

The pedal will attach to the bass drum hoop through the Talon clamp, which is another great addition that Mapex has thought about. You can set up your pedal and adjust it as much as you want for perfect performance.

It comes with an attaching screw, which comes as a big winged chrome nut, set to the right side, and some way back, so it becomes easier to reach from any positions.

In terms of structure, Mapex claims the frame strength is increased through, and elegant silver steel insert in the side posts. The actual drive shaft, which is a horizontal rod on which the cam beater turns, is another notable addition. It is made from ‘inox,’ which is just a fancy way of saying stainless steel. It is a hollow tube that one can see through from side to side.

The suspended in spring tension assembly is another interesting feature to note. It is supported by rocker arms top and bottom, which is something you don’t see every day.

An adjustable double bass linkage on this pedal is one way of saying you can use it with great ease. Also, the double beaters are spaced to strike from an equal distance from the head center.

Let’s give it afoot

From the first impression, which makes it appear silky and silent, you can already tell this unit is a smooth operator. If you look at Mapex’ Falcon video, you will feel great to note a big thing with incredible performance.

It is not the lightest pedal on the market; it’s actually quite heavy. Interestingly, however, it feels very light once you start playing. This is an essential feature you can find from any bass drum pedals.

Once you see it in action, you will not hesitate to look for it because Mapex has made this pedal for high-end performance. And you will agree that they have done a great job in this.

I wanted to feel it for myself, so I just clamped it on my practice kit and started enjoying the action. Both pedals feel terrific, balance, free, and right on foot.

The double chain drive offers a beautiful and instant response. I did not feel any lag or wobble like I have with other products. It performs quietly, which is something every drummer looks for in their kits.

The Falcon double bass drum pedal has a lot of endorsers, which makes it trustworthy. One user says he even ‘forgot’ he was playing these pedals. It is not straightforward to swap cams. It will take you a couple of minutes using to get the two grub nuts in position. And once you understand what you are doing, adjusting the beater should not take you long.

I did try out with three different beater rod weights, 0gms, 10gm, and 20 grand, which can be interchanged using an Allen key supplied. You can feel the difference immediately after changing them. You should practice with a heavier weight and use the lighter one for performance.

This pedal is wonderfully functional, which is all I care about. I am not saying the I clamped it on the pedal and immediately sunk into top beats. But if you are a rock drummer, this is an ideal pedal.


  • A lot of adjustment
  • Feel light and easy to manage
  • Useful


  • The reduced size is not fit for a big-footed drummer


I must admit there are a lot of poor-quality double bass drums out there. But the Falcon bass drum pedals from Mapex can easily be the industry standard. You can never go wrong on this one.

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