Mapex X series is another set of drums from Mapex Company. This series came into play as an advancement from the previous set. Mapex Company has been improving its previous sets to suit your drum needs. The company has members who are musicians; hence they help the company with modification of their drums.

Fulfill all your drum set needs by going for this Mapex series drums made to fit into your current music needs. This Mapex x Series is suitable for churches and live bands because of the quality sound that it produces. The sound can be felt in the whole building even at low pitch.

Where are Mapex drums made?

Mapex is an international manufacturer famous for the manufacture of instruments. It is based in Taiwan and was established by KHS musical instruments. The Mapex drums have undergone significant developments. The company manufactures seven different types of drums.

Are Mapex drums any good?

Mapex drums are among the best musical drums in the entire world. Many people have expressed their love for Mapex drums. Also, the company uses high-quality material during the construction of their drums. Mapex drums have several drums series currently, but other types were replaced with the current advanced series.

Mapex is the only company offering mixed-wood production kits. Without any doubt, Mapex products are the only products that can stand out in the market. They are well designed and polished to glitter. They are suitable for any of your drum needs.

What makes Mapex drums unique?

Mapex Company has members who are musicians and drummers. With the love of music and drums, they work tirelessly to produce what is needed. The prices of Mapex m drums are great; you won’t complain.

The raw materials used to make these drums are the best. The company has experts who are useful in selecting the best wood. Premium grade hardwoods are selected from all over the globe. Experts then match the wood, ensuring that every drum produces the tones and resonant properties that make the drums unique.

The shells of all our Mapex drum types have eight-coat, hand-rubbed, and high-gloss lacquer. This makes it durable and simple to maintain.

Every type our drums get the same treatment regardless of the price. We are determined to change your life so that you can remember us once you are a celeb.

Our artisans are useful in designing and producing hardware that can withstand performance after performance.

Where are DW drums made?

Drum Workshop (DW) was started in 1972 as a teaching studio. It is an American drum kit and hardware making company situated in Oxnard, California. The current products that DW manufactures include; drum kits, snare drums, hardware, and bass pedals. All the products in DW can be custom-ordered to suit your needs.

Some of the available drums in the Mapex x series include:

Mapex Armory 5 Piece Drum Kit

The armory series is the most recent realization of the Mapex m Hybrid shell concept. It has a fusion of Birch and Maple that gives a tonal expression. The SONIC Lear bearing edge allows the drumhead to be flat, giving out the best response by utilizing the relationship between the head and the shell.

The kit features a Birch/Maple/6ply 7.2mm shell with Mapex’s new SONIClear having an edge that offers direct transmission of sound. It also minimizes unwanted frequencies and provides a strong fundamental pitch with less effort in tuning. The tom suspension and floor tom feet increase the overall resonance by keeping vibration in the shell and keeping away stress from the tension pads.

The drum sizes are as follows:

10 inches x 8 inches and 12 inches x 9 inches toms

16″ x 16″ Floor Tom

14″ x 5.5″ Mapex Armory “Tomahawk” Steel Snare Drum

22″ x 18″ Bass Drum

This kit includes a Mapex 800 series hardware pack that includes:

2x Mapex B800 Boom Stands

1x Mapex S800 Snare Stand

1x Mapex H800 Hi-hat Stand

1x Mapex P800 Single Pedal

2x Single Tom Holders

MAPEX AR628SFUWT Armory Series Studioease Fast 6- Piece Drum Shell Pack

This is another fantastic product in this series. It comes with six drum pieces that do not require much tuning. It has a SONIC Lear edge that increases contact between the drum head and the shell makes the head flat on edge. This produces an excellent pitch and makes drums so easy to turn.

The Armory Hybrid Shell effect, which uses a blend of maple and birch, is maximized brilliance and projection on the rack toms. The SONIC Lear rack tom suspension system and floor tom feet increase overall resonance by keeping vibrations in the shell and the drum heads. It also prevents loss of energy that can make drums sound choked.

The drum sizes are as follows:

22 inches X18 inches, 10″X07″, 12″X08″, 14″X12″, 16″X14″, 14″X5.5″

6 Ply Birch / Maple / Birch

SONIC Lear Edge

Focused, Tonal, and Responsive

Transparent Walnut


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