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If there is one drummer who understands his instruments well, it is Marcel Bach.  Born in 1974, Marcel started playing drums in 1981, when he was only seven years old. His passion for music has always been the force that drives him every day. And it has remained so ever since.

Marcel Bach career started picking in 1988. Since then, the drummer has been part of several bands and played different styles.  Most of his works reflect many influences that tell his skills. Listen to him playing, and you will understand how much Marcel Bach treasures his kit. It’s as if he understands their language and plays according to the needs of his drums.

Marcel Bach
marcel bach

Marcel attended his academic course at the Conservatory Enschede in the Netherlands. It was here that he got an opportunity to develop his style even further. He started aiming for a higher musical and technical situation, which has since crowned him one of today’s most influential drummers. The drummer sees himself as an investor. That is why he has spent most of his time learning new things and trying out different approaches to drumming. He can play a wide range of genres as though that is what he has trained for. Drumming is just in his blood, and it flows with every strike that lands on his drum kit.

Over the past several years, Marcel has been working on publishing his drum book called “Schlagzeug Playing-Alongs.” He started the project after the 2010 “Schlagzeug Training” was released. This is a famous book for advanced drummers, and it encouraged him to work on a side project that would go hand-in-hand with the instructions therein. At the same time, he has been working as an author in the German drum magazine called ‘Drumheads.’

Marcel is a man of many talents and is always ready to give back to society. He is currently a drum lecturer at the Westphalian Music School located in Muenster, Germany. And if you are looking for a private teacher in the area, he should be the perfect fit.

The drummer has worked on many solo projects since 2006.  He has camped in clinics and workshops and in almost any drum festival and music fair you can think of. Most of the time, he has been working with Aaron Spears, Horacio Hernandez, Dom Famularo, and George Kollias, among many other artists.

Marcel Bach Performing
marcel bach performing

Many drummers and fans across the globe have acknowledged his solo records, solo live performance, and the drum book. They have been a huge inspiration, and many enjoy them. With such great work, Marcel stands as one of the two drummers that have had a real influence on the drumming community.

Marcel received two honors with the German Rock- and Pop Award twice – one in 2008 and another one ten years later in the ‘best drummer’ category.  In 2012 and 2015, he was awarded the honor in the ‘best instrumental soloist’ section. He is part of the founding team of the German band Suntrigger.

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