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Nao Kawakita, Drummer of Maximum The Hormone

Nao Kawakita, simply known as Nao, is the drummer and backup vocalist of the Japanese nu-metal band Maximum the Hormone.

She is the only female drummer in the band. Nao was born on December 16, 1975, In Tokyo, Japan. The band is known for its extreme metal sound and great live performances.

Maximum The Hormone has been active since 1997 and has released six studio albums to date. They are known for their unique blend of punk rock, heavy metal, and pop music and have gained a dedicated fanbase in Japan and around the world.

Kawakita herself joined the band in 2003 and has been a mainstay member ever since. Her contribution to the group has been credited with adding a new dimension to their music and performances.

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Nao Kawakita’s Biography

Nao Kawakita Drumming
Nao Kawakita drumming on stage

Nao was born on 6 May 2010 at 6:00 pm. During the 7-hour labour, it took seven days. While Nao praised her “very happy” body, she expressed disappointment at not shrinking back.

Nao Kawakita went famous for her performance not only in her own country Japan but internationally as well. She is definitely one of the best female drummers in the metal scene.

Her favorite bands are UNICORN, Shiina Ringo, CHARA, Magokoro Brothers, SxGxG, Ulfuls, The HIGH-LOWS, and SpaceCombine.

Throughout her journey, Nao became more successful in her profession within a limited period of time, where she influenced people on the basis of her career and earned a lot of fame. Her career completed a full circle as she gained more importance.

Nao has wanted to go to drums since she had a baby. Nao praised the new baby as looking exactly like gut shiatsu.

Drummer of the Japanese Nu Metal Band, Maximum The Hormone

Maximum the Hormone is a Japanese nu-metal band that was formed in 1997. The band is known for its extreme metal sound and outrageous live performances. Maximum the Hormone has released six studio albums and toured extensively in Japan and other parts of the world.

Nao is a highly skilled drummer, and her powerful playing style is a key part of the band’s sound. Nao’s drumming style is heavy with the band’s sound, while her vocals are light and pop-styled.

Nao co-founded the band Maximum the Hormone with fellow bandmate and frontman Tsuda Daisuke in 1998.

She is one of the two members remaining from the original band lineup, the second being Tsuda. Nao is the oldest member in the group, along with being the only female member.

She recruited her younger brother and current band guitarist Kawakita Ryo after Sugi and Key left the band in 1999.

The band now consists of Tsuda as a guitarist, Nao drums and offers vocals, but she also introduced her brother Ryo on guitar and vocals into the band soon after it started along with Futoshi Uehara on bass; this formation makes up the band roster today.

Maximum the Hormone album, Buiikikaesu, released in 2007, features the song, Zetsubou Billy.

In addition to her work with Maximum the Hormone, Nao also performs as a solo artist and has released two solo albums. She is an accomplished drummer and vocalist, making her one of the drummers who sing in Japan’s music industry.

Kawakita has a powerful playing style, and energetic performances are a key part of the band’s sound. For the vocals, her voice is very contrasting with the vocal delivery of Tsuda; it makes a good blending of both metal and pop-punk, helping to create the band’s distinct sound.

Nao Kawakita Net Worth

Nao Kawakita has a net worth of $57,000. The estimated net worth is based on salary, car income, and other factors. She is also a talented solo artist, and her solo albums are well worth checking out. Nao is one of the most respected musicians in Japan’s metal scene. If you’re a fan of extreme metal, be sure to check out Maximum the Hormone and Nao Kawakita. You won’t be disappointed.

Nao Kawakita’s Works Throughout Her Career

Nao Kawakita Performing
Nao Kawakita

Nao collected most of her earnings from her Yeezy sneakers. While she had exaggerated over the years about the size of her business. Krysten Nao Kawakita’s Basic income source is mostly from being a successful Singer in Japan and worldwide.

One day Kawakita decided to announce that she was going to get married. At first, it was decided that the band would not book any more shows but would proceed with all booked shows.

Nao announced her marriage to former REMIND bassist JUN on December 16, 2008. From their marriage, she gave birth to a 7.5-pound daughter on May 6, 2012. She was in labor for 7 hours.

However, after giving birth, Nao still felt enthusiastic about getting back to drumming. Nao Kawakita is such a talented drummer. She was pregnant again in 2015 but had a miscarriage in her eighth week. Her second daughter was born on September 9, 2016.

She became more successful in her profession within a limited period of time, where she influenced people on the basis of her career and earned a lot of fame. After a while, her career completed a full circle as she gained more importance.

Nao Kawakita went famous for her performance in her own country Japan as well as in other countries.


Nao Kawakita is an incredibly talented and successful drummer who continues to astound fans around the world with her masterful playing and never-ending energy.

From humble beginnings, she has grown into one of the most respected drummers in Japan. Her impressive technical prowess, combined with her unique style and affinity for showmanship, makes her a truly unforgettable performer that no fan should miss out on!

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