It is not fair to leave out the young drummers who are developing their interest in drums. Junior drummers are tomorrow’s professional drummers that the world will depend on. Therefore, their tastes and preferences must be taken into account.

Pearl saw it better to make drum kits for young drummers and children to start their drumming journey. These drums are specifically designed to give them the touch that they need. They also make work easier for them because if they become complex, most of them will lose hope in the industry.

Pearl Junior kit is the ideal kit for your child to start his/her drumming journey. I had to buy one drum set for my child, and now he cannot leave the house. Therefore, let me take you through the features of this outstanding juniors’ kit.

Acoustic pearl junior drum set

The acoustic Pearl junior kit is the real drum kit that will get you started. The Pearl Junior acoustic drum set the best gift for young drummers. It offers perfect value for your money because it comes with everything that you require as a drummer. The good thing is that there are junior sizes that will suit a wide range of junior drummers.

The acoustic junior kit comes with cymbals, drums, drum throne, bass drum pedal, stands, and drumsticks. Therefore, you will start using the kit immediately after removing it from the box. There is no need to buy your child some toys that won’t add value to their lives.

The Roadshow Jr series launched by Pearl is the ideal kit for all the drummers who want to learn on a reliable and durable instrument that offers incredible tone and playability for a very affordable price. If you want a smaller kit, you will get great sound out of it because it packs a real punch.

This drum kit is equipped with chrome hardware and a dazzling Grindstone Sparkle finish that makes the kit to be attractive. The materials used in making the shells and other hardware parts are selected from the best. This makes the drums durable and reliable, as well as producing high-quality sounds.

Is pearl roadshow a junior size drum set?

Pearl Roadshow Jr kit is a fantastic set following in the footsteps of Pearl Roadshow series for beginning drummers. The new roadshow Jr. is a complete drum set package that has been designed to suit the tastes of kids ten years old and below.

This Pearl roadshow Jr drum set is an all-in-one 5-piece drum kit that features special hardware for shorter hands and legs, mini cymbals, and sturdy White poplar shell construction that offers an outstanding playing experience.

If you buy second-rate gear drum sets, your child will struggle with it. The roadshow Jr. is not just a toy made to look like a drum, but it is made with real wood shells and sturdy adjustable hardware durable.

This roadshow Jr drum set features 6-ply poplar shells that are molded to create a single air resonance chamber for pure note projection. The drumhead joins the drum shell at the bearing edge, and this is where much of the drum’s tonal character starts. The hand-trimmed 45 degrees-bearing edges of this drum set offers exceptional drumhead contact.

The hardware package of roadshow Jr is designed and scaled to the smaller player’s reachable and portable needs without tempering with quality. All stands are height and angle adjustable; thus, they can be twisted to heights that suit different ages’ drummers.

The bass drum of roadshow Jr included in this pack features a smooth chain drive for fast, accurate play. This kit is much attractive to ensure that it attracts the eye of this young generation.

Pearl junior 5 piece drum set

This 5-piece drum set is born out of the roadshow’s white poplar shell construction and is specially designed to suit smaller players’ needs and tastes. This is a quality all-in-one kit that this young generation will love spending time behind.

The 6-ply poplar shell and hand-trimmed 45 degrees bearing edges give the right balance of the head, shell attack for the power, and sustain to drive an ensemble. This kit is attractive due to Pro-grade shell hardware that includes adjustable spurs and gear-style tom holders, as well as your choice of two deluxe wrapped finishes crown each shell.

The kit is made perfect for shorter hands and legs by mini cymbals and a reduced-scale hardware package. The kit’s poplar shell makes it lightweight and enhances crisp attack and balanced response up and down the kit.

Drum sizes

  • 5 x 8 inches and 5.5 x 10 inches toms.
  • 8 x 13 inches floor tom.
  • 10 x 16 inches bass drum.
  • 4 x 12 inches snare drum.
  • 10 inches hi-hats and 13 inches crash.


  • The kit comes with all hardware components.
  • It produces high-quality sound for an extended period.
  • A wide range of young drummers can use it.


  • It is a hefty price tag but still has amazing quality.