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Just like everyone else, Drummers also love gifts. I’m sure that your drummer friends would be happy with getting some cool stuff from you. Look for the best gifts for drummers buddies at the office, and they surely will appreciate it.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows what are the gifts that drum players like. For instance, a girlfriend trying to surprise her drummer boyfriend on a birthday may buy something that will not help the lad at all.

And this becomes a huge problem for many, especially those who don’t drum at all. That’s why, in this article, I’m going to show you some gift recommendations for drummers in your life.

Whether it is on Christmas, holiday season, a birthday, or any other occasion, finding the right gift for a drummer friend is not easy. It is good to admit this fact if you wish to get the right one.

Drummers are not the easiest people to please. This means picking a gift they will actually be excited about maybe a long task.

But don’t worry, we have some ideas here that should help you out. In this case, I will be discussing 30 best ideas you can put into play to impress them.

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How to Get Good Drummer Gifts?

Let’s face it; this is a difficult question, especially if you are not a drummer yourself. It is like buying a great gift for someone you don’t know.

I have been drumming for more than 20 years, and in my experience, people bring me the best gifts for drummers that make me wonder who they think I am. I accept most of them just to appreciate the effort, but I never use hem.

You don’t want to spend your money on something that will end up in a garage or store with other collections. It will make you happier when you see them using it.

So here is what you need to do to get the great gift for a drummer:

Know drummers

You heard it right.

Get to understand who drummers are and what makes them who they are. Drummers can have unique abilities and personalities.

Due to the nature of what they do, some of them have lost touch with the other world. So, they need something that is a little more personal to remind them of who they are and what they have come from.

But you will not achieve this if you don’t understand them. Who is a drummer, and what do they do? What are some of the tasks they perform in a band?

Most drummers are the band leaders. A band cannot function without a drummer. They are responsible for keeping time and ensuring the music flows according to the needs of the time.

And because they are important members of the band, you need to show them that they matter by getting them gifts for drummers that truly matter. You should have some great gift ideas.

And then narrow your research to the specific drummer.

Once you have an idea of what drummers need, y ou should know a little about the specific person you are gifting. And if they are your friends or relatives, this should not be hard.

Know what drummers need

A teacher needs chalk, a board, a classroom, and other teaching materials. A farmer needs their hoe, seeds, and other farm equipment.

What does a drummer need? Or rather, what do they use?

In other words, you need to know some of the drum accessories and tools found in the world of drummers. And the most basic ones are, of course, drums.

Should you buy a set of drums for them? Definitely.

But you still need to know which set they are most likely to love. For beginners’ finding the right snare drum set is easy. They only need a cheap practice snare drum set, and that can be found with ease.

For a professional drummer, however, things can get a little complicated. These are people who have been through and understand exactly what makes music matter. And they probably have already received the gift you are planning for them.

In this case, try knowing your drummer more and buy a gift related to their career.

There are lots of accessories that can become drummers gift, as we shall in below. You can use the opportunity to learn more about what drummers really need.

Do your research

When you open the internet and do a simple search on Amazon for ‘gifts for drummers,’ you will probably find results that are less ideal.

These online stores are full of cheap junk; most drummers will just throw aside. And no one wants to waste their money in such a manner.

There is good news, though, the same internet is full of awesome gifts for drummers that will brighten up a drummer’s day. And they will appreciate the gesture of the rest of their lives.

Start with the occasion. Is it a new year, their birthday, Christmas, or you just want to surprise them? This will give you an idea of what should matter.

In case you decide to go for a big gift, a quality acoustic snare drum set, electronic drum set, or drum machine should do just fine.

Having set that straight, what are the best gifts for a drummer?

Let’s see …

What Are The Must-Haves Tools for Every Drummer?

Before we discuss the 30 best gifts for drummers ideas, it is prudent to understand what every drumming tools need.

As I said earlier, I have been drumming for many years, and mostly I don’t like the drummer gifts that I receive. Ia discovered that these people are trying to impress me, but the gifts they bought didn’t excite me. 

They don’t know what drummer tools are. They have no clue of what they should buy, so they go for anything related to drums. Even though, it’s not needed by their drummer friends.

So we have a list of ideas that will definitely get you on the right path in choosing drummer gifts. Know the accessories that make sense in a drummer’s world, and your friend will be a lot happier to receive your gifts.

Here are  ten accessories a drummer should actually have:

1. Drums and cymbals

Well, this is obvious, right? But it may be the last thing that will come in your mind when you think about giving your favorite drummer.

This is because they may already have a great snare drum head, and what you get them will not help. In this case, you can go for something that can be added to the kick drum to make them more appealing.

Drum heads wear out, just like many other things that are used consistently. For this reason, it could be a good idea to buy a nice set of a quality snare or bass drum heads.

Some of the cymbals that come with many drum sets sound like crap. So go ahead and get a new hi-hat or crash for your buddy, and you will smile, seeing them in action with it.

2. Stick holder

There is no pair of stick drums that are invincible. I have been in many situations where my drum sticks just break into pieces.

Also, it is very easy for the sticks to slip out of a drummer’s hands during some of those intense moments.

They need an extra pair (s) of quality drum sticks.

This is why a stick holder should be a perfect gift. Whether on stage or in a rehearsal room, it can be hard finding the right place to keep those sticks.

And nothing works better than a stick back bag.

Find something that makes it easy to reach the sticks. It should easily adapt to any cymbal or hi-hat stand.

There are always two main options: one that will take a pair of drumsticks, and one that will hold several pairs.

3. Quick-release cymbal locks

Cymbal locks are very crucial to a drummer in your life during a performance. With a quick-release lock, a drummer in your life simply gives a squeeze on a button, inserts that cymbal mate, and releases to instantly lock the cymbal on the stand.

One of my favorite locks is the Tama Quick Cymbal Mate. It makes it easy for me to assemble my kit on stage, reducing the time I would spend searching for misplacing screws on a dim-lit stage – a thing of the past for me.

4. Tuning key adapter

A drummer in your life can say they really enjoy tuning drums. And yet it is something they must do.

This is why every drummer in your life must have a key adapter for tuning the snare drum kit. I like the Evans drill bit because it is electric and compatible with fixing the screws in standard drums. It makes it very easy to save time on maintenance, leaving me a large room for performance.

5. A drum rug

Ask any drummer if their drums have slipped out of position during intense moments, and they will tell you often.

Jack Black demonstrates that power slides are useful to guitarists because they have the opportunity to move around one stage. But not so much gift for drummers.

A good bass drum kit rug makes the ground rough to hold the bass drum kit in position during the entire performance. It prevents slippage and helps then mark their territory on stage.

Many drum rugs are designed to cover larger setups. Apart from their functionality, their accessories are visually pleasing.

6. Double bass drum pedal

This may not be entirely exclusive for fans of heavy music. Every modern drummer should have a double bass pedal.

If you are buying a gift for a beginner, the DW 3002 Pedal should be a perfect pick. I have seen Millenium PD-222 many times with many drummers too. And for advanced drummers, nothing would be more perfect than Pearl’s Demon Drive.

7. Effect drum

This drum key accessory is often the list though about when people are buying accessories for drummers. Perhaps it is because not very many drummers use it or know about it.

Nevertheless, it is one accessory every drummer in your life should have.

It helps in adding funky accents and second higher snare drum key music that is different from the original snare drums.

If you are looking for the right snare drums product to send your favorite drummer, there’s nothing the 10” Brass Side Snare by Millennium. You will enjoy seeing them under the hood of the drummer and floor tom.

Sometimes the drummer may be looking to just broaden their percussive sounds. In this case, I suggest you try getting them the Meinl Drummer Timbale.

8. Drum bags and cases

Drums music can be very tedious and heavy, especially for gigging drummers. Other music instruments such as guitar and keyboard may get a bit easy to carry, but acoustic drum sets.

This is why drummers often have a very rough time traveling around with their gear. But that does not mean they are completely helpless.

A quality set of drum bags and cases should be a perfect gift. They can safely transport their precious kit to the stage.

You may already have an idea of how expensive drum heads are. Carrying them in the open with other accessories exposes them to high risks of damage.

This may be a good idea to give your drummer buddy. Try out the Millennium Tour Drum Bag Fusion 1. It will keep the kit safe from bumps and scratches.

Another good idea could be a set of Ahead Armor Bag that lets the drummer carry more things. Or perhaps something harder, the Hardcase Drum Case Set here.

9. Metronome

One of the most important tasks of a drummer is keeping time. And many of them find a hard time doing this.

Renown drummers such as Ringo Star were famous for their timekeeping skills. Well, they had trained their ears to keep the taps in the right tempo.

But for those who can’t use their ears, a well quality metronome is something they should always have.

Buying a metronome as a drummer gift can be a great gesture. Well, In this case, you still have to identify the perfect gift.

May I suggest the Korg MA-1. This handy pocket-size timekeeper is a perfect tool to help any drummer hit the beats at the correct time.

And if the drummers need a metronome by their side while performing on stage, consider the Millenium’s Rhythmpumper. It comes with a power adaptor to ensure a consistent power supply.

There are many other metronome choices on the market. Some of them are even worn like smartwatches and use impulses to keep time.

Do your due diligence properly.

10. Ear protection

This is perhaps one of the most important accessories a drummer should never miss. I have seen many drummers lose their hearing abilities because they did not mind their ears.

Drums are very loud, and that is something we can all agree on. For those who play loud music like rock and metal, having a set of quality earplugs is crucial.

These accessories can also come in handy as a perfect gift for drummer buddy. And the good news is there are plenty of options online.

And if earplugs are not enough, you can add on a pair of quality drummer headphones. When the music is too loud, drummers fail to hear the metronome click. This is where headphones come in.

They also allow drummers to play along with their favorite songs while protecting their ears at the same time.

I would recommend the Vic Firth SIH 1. These are high-quality products from one of the best manufactures.

If they are too expensive for you, and yet you still want to surprise them, a good budget-friendly option would be t.bone HD 990D.

There are many other accessories that drummers need. But the ones mentioned above are the most basic ones.

But before picking the right gift from this collection, make sure you understand the needs of the recipient. Do not make the mistake of buying something just because you think it looks great. Identify what they don’t have, yet really need.

Best gift ideas for drummers

Budget-friendly options

This section carries the best overall choice for your drummer buddies. They are affordable and useful too.

1. Drums/drumstick T-shirt

One thing I know about drummers is that the like showing off. And since drumsticks are essential for playing drums, they can be a good signature to identify them.

I have seen many t-shirts for drummers. Most of them are not very good. But this simple design here will put a smile on the face of your buddy.

2. Big Fat Snare Drum

All drummers love great sounding drums. And snares are often viewed as the most important drum component.

This is why the sound from Big Fat Snare Drum head will make them remember you forever. It is a large plastic dampening ring that covers the snare head to produce fat and punchy sound.

If your friend plays an alternative or indie music, this gift will make more sense to them.

3. Tama Quick-Set Cymbal Mate

Dealing with cymbal wingnuts is one of the worst nightmares for drummers. So why don’t you get them this piece of hardware to hold their cymbals on stands easily.

I have lost wingnuts so often on stage, and finding them under the dim light is impossible. These cymbal holders are a great alternative. They make it easy to set up a drummer’s gear.

4. Snareweight M80

You really want to impress your drummer friend, right? Well, they will appreciate a good tone changing accessory.

The Snareweight M80 is similar to the Big Fat Snare Drum and helps dampen the drum. It is both a useful and quality gift.

5. Promark S22 Sizzler

As a drummer, experimenting with sounds is one thing I do to get the proper tunes. And sizzle cymbals have become very popular in this effect. They produce unique and cool sounds.

Unfortunately, they are very expensive, and some drummers cannot afford them. Hence, your friend will appreciate this affordable S22. Promark has made it very pocket-friendly.

6. Meinl Drum Stick Bag

Quality drum stick bag is not very easy to come by. And yet, as discussed above, drummers requirement to keep their sticks safe and easy to reach.

This is why drumstick bags have become very popular gifts today.

There are so many products out there that their choice may be overwhelming. And since the drummer utilizes these accessories every day, you will never go wrong with Meinl’s quality bag.

7. Vic Firth Stick Caddy

Dropping a stick in the middle of a song during a live performance can be a terrifying experience for any drummer though it happens a lot.

But it only gets worse if they cannot grab it off the floor – it is a huge fumble!

Gifting your drummer buddy with a quality Vic Firth Stick Caddy will show how much you care and want them to have a good time.

It offers easy access to extra sticks so that they don’t have to struggle a lot when the current ones fall off their hand. Even if the sticks don’t drop, they can break too. Hence, a stick caddy is a perfect gift you can accessorize a drummer’s life with.

If Vic Firth is not the best option, there are tons of other drum stick holders you can try out.

8. Clamp-On Mic Stand Cup Holder

Playing drums is a great workout, and a tiring exercise, especially on a warm stage. Lighting rigs and the intensity of the activities can make things very hot.

A drummer needs to stay hydrated in such a setup. So, chances are your drummer friend can really use a cup of water.

Why don’t you help them avoid leg cramping, headaches, or even passing out by gifting them this cup holder?

It may not always be the most exciting gift, but it eliminates the annoyance of bending down.

9. Zildjian Drummer’s Towel

I have never gone on the stage without a towel because it can be a huge mistake. For those who play hard music, you need one.

Drummers sweat a lot on stage due to the intensity of the activity. A towel may seem a very light gift, but wait until they are in that moment and need to wipe off the sweat.

10. Zildjian Drummer’s Survival Kit

You will be surprised at just how much your drummer friend needs this gift. Drummer requirement back-up parts and that is a serious matter.

When you’re looking having an emergency with a component, they need somewhere to find a quick solution. The worst thing is having to beg another drummer for replacement.

Get them this Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit, and you’re looking to save their lives. It comes with great replacement accessories.

11. Drum pencils

Looking for little gifts that make sense? Well, why don’t you try out these pencils shaped like drumsticks?

These can be great for a young student who loves showing off their skills. So make sure they try to play drums at their desk too.

Better still, young students should take their tests with pencils. So it is a simple gift, but one that will make them smile at all times.

12. A drummer coffee mug

Sometimes people just love appreciating themselves for what they do, and drummers are not different. You don’t have to spend a fortune if you cannot, to please your drummer friend.

This is why a simple coffee mug might be just what they need. It is a great way to complement them in small print.

13. Light up drum sticks

It is incredible how light up drumsticks perform under dim light. Often, the drummer is the least recognized member of the band during a performance because of the background work. Yet their work is crucial.

So why don’t you let them stand out with these cool drumsticks? Their regular drumsticks will never feel the same again.

The Rockstix 2HD is a great option for adding spark to the performance.

14. Cutting Board by Zildjian

Does your drummer love cooking? Then, this 10” cutting board from Zildjian will make the feel in action at all times.

Zildjian is the largest and most reputable cymbal company in the world. And there is nothing that will make more sense than the vendor-branded product.

15. Ching Ring Steel Tambourine

Drummers are innovators, constantly searching for new sounds. This Meinl Ching Ring is a great piece for adding tambourine sounds to any hi-hats, crashes, rides, and cymbal stacks.

It is safe to use the product, though the finish may seem a bit odd.


16. Fidelity Earplugs

Moving on to mid-range price gifts, we have these Earplugs from Eargasm. The gift is general for all music lovers, but drummers will find it more useful.

They come with great noise-canceling capability and useful for concerts and loud areas.

17. Movement Drum Co. Practice Pad

Drummers need constant practice pad, and this practice pad makes an excellent gift in this regard. It features four hitting surfaces, a realistic rim, and a laminated insert. Your friend will find time to practice pad without issues.

More expensive gifts

If you’re looking to spend around $200, here is a list of gifts to check out.

18. ATH-M50X Headphones

Audiotechnica makes high-quality headphones, which is why this product makes a perfect gift for drummers and general music lovers.

These are awesome headphones with average noise-canceling ability.

19. Bluetooth Speaker – Boom 2

These speakers from Ultimate Ears should be a great gift for someone you care about. They are waterproof and shockproof, making them extremely durable. And they are loud too.

20. Pelican U100 Backpack

This is a quality backpack for carrying a drummer’s accessories and tools. It is very durable and road-tested for traveling musicians. Anyone who works with technological equipment will appreciate this. It also comes with a laptop compartment.

21. PylePro Portable Drums

If you have a beginner who needs a good electronic drum kit, this PylePro bass drum should be perfect. Electronic drums have become very useful for practicing. These bad boys are all-in-one products that one simply sets on the table.

22. In-ear Monitors

Help them protect their eardrums with quality in-ear monitors. A lot of drummers have lost their hearing because of too loud drum sounds.

23. Cajon

A Cajon will surely make a great addition to percussive sounds. Your friend will appreciate creating fantastic drum kit grooves from these.

24. A Roll Up Drum Kit

Beginners, it is very hard to practice due to lack of space. A roll-up drum kit can be a perfect solution for this. They will thank you for helping them find the best practice equipment.

25. Proline Snare Utility rack

If your drummer friend has almost everything, getting them a gift can be hard. But you can never go wrong with this snare rack. It will help them organize any number of drums.

26. Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Studio

Changing the tune on drums can be great fun – with the right gear, of course. And this drum tuner should make a good gift in this regard.

Higher-end gifts

27. Alesis Nitro MAX

This electronic drum set is a perfect gift for any drummer. It is a great option for quiet practicing. Expensive, but worth the smile.

28. Zildjian L80 Cymbals

No brand can beat Zildjian in quality cymbals. And these fantastic cymbals can be all your friend needs.

29. Roland TD-1DMK

The mesh pads on this e-drum kit make it feel like a real drum. It comes with dual-zone pads that produce fantastic sounds.

30. Pearl Export 5-Piece Kit

Pearl makes high-quality, affordable drum kits. And this beginner set makes a perfect gift for your friend.


Drummers are one of the coolest people you could know and it is always a good idea to show your appreciation for them by getting them some cool gifts. We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for drummer buddies, so hopefully, this will make your decision easier.

If you have any questions about what type of drum set or a machine to buy, feel free to leave a comment below and we would be more than happy to help out. Let me know all about it!

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