Meinl Classics Custom Dark ( Ride Cymbal)

Every drummer needs hardware accessories of some type. And for this reason, it’s important to know the types of packages that come with your favorite brands.

But even before you get there, you need to get familiar with individual solutions for mounting your gear. There are so many of these products on the market, but not all of them may work well for you.

It is vital to find something that works well for you. In this guide, I will be looking at the best ride cymbal and stand for beginners.

As much as picking the best cymbals is important, it only makes sense if you get the right mounting gear. And this is why I will be helping you find a good solution.

Beginner Ride Cymbal and Stand

There is a very close relationship between a good ride cymbal and a good stand. For a beginner, you want something that is not overly expensive and yet sounds great.

One important lesson I have come to learn about creating a perfect drum kit is that you should not be in a hurry to buy things in packages. Well, it looks better, and will probably save you some money. But it’s always advisable that but one thing at a time until you put together your ideal setup.

For the ride cymbals, start by considering the brand you are buying. Zildjian is the biggest and perhaps the best cymbal company. I have been using their products, and they have never disappointed me.

Another brand that will give you good ride cymbals is Sabian. They have some of the best affordable cymbals on the market, and you can be sure to get the best products from them.

Meinl and Paiste also feature among the top 5 cymbal makers. They are known for high-quality cymbals with great sounds. In terms of cymbal stands, brands like Gibraltar, Kuyal, and Luvay may have the best brands for beginners.

Apart from the brand, consider the materials these products are made from. Different material means different features, and they are used for a specific purpose.

In the cymbal world, B20 metal is seen as the best material for cymbals. This is why it’s mostly found on higher-end cymbals.

Beginner cymbals are made from B8 and brass metal. These are the cheapest material out there, but they are not bad. It’s one that using them is less costly, and the material is easily available.

Ride Cymbal and Stand for Sale

The internet has made things easy for drummers today. You can find anything you want by simply going online and making your order.

You will find any ride cymbal and stand for sale here. But you have to be careful about how you make your order, and what you buy. It would be better if you had some ideas about what you want.

Here are some of the products you will find good for you.

Meinl Classics Custom Dark ( Ride Cymbal)

This is the best cymbal for the money. It comes with professional quality, complex sounds, all at an unbeatable price. If you are looking for a versatile cymbal, then this piece should be more than enough for you. It’s an all-around performer featuring premium sounds for all types of music.

The stick definition of this cymbal cuts through the mix with a full-bodied tone. Its bell comes well pronounced, and hence, able to deliver a full-bodied tone. A bell that offers a bright attack and clear stick definition is a great feature. Besides, the cymbal is made from B10 material with a unique finish.

For a beginner, this ride cymbal has it all.

Zildjian 21-inch A series Sweet Ride (Ride Cymbal)

There is a reason Zildjian is at the top of the market as the best cymbal brand. Their products rank top in terms of the best quality.

The Zildjian A series is made from high-quality B20 bronze alloy, which gives it an expensive, mellow, and smooth sound. It is also machine hammered and lathed, delivering a smooth, clean, and shimmering character.

And the best part of these cymbals is their highly articulate nature. Also, it delivers a well-defined stick response that is perfect for a wide range of music genres.

The bell stands out more in the cymbal. With its well-defined ping that projects through the music, you can be sure of the most adorable sounds.

This versatile cymbal is made for different working areas. If you have the budget, I would suggest you go for this product.

Kuyal Straight Cymbal Stand for Drum Hardware Percussion Mount Holder Gear Set-Silver, Excluding Ride Cymbal (Cymbal Stand)

Cymbal stands have greatly evolved over the years, with the market carrying various features that define quality. Straight cymbals are very common with many drummers, which makes these cymbals a great choice for you.

If you are looking for a cymbal stand to replace that old straight cymbal you have, here is a good choice for you. It is a Glarry Straight cymbal stand drum hardware percussion mount holder gear set that will leave you satisfied.

The first thing you will notice from this piece is its solid construction and attractive design. It is durable enough to serve any drummer for a very long time.

It comes with rivet technology that connects different small parts, making it pretty. It is not easy to lose, and its holder is stronger than what most companies offer. Suppose features zinc alloy plating and polishing plating. You are, therefore, sure of a very durable product.

Two interlocking poles make it easy to adjust it’s higher. Its silver color and lightweight features, with a double brace chrome finish, are something to admire.

Straight cymbals stands are very suitable for a wide range of applications. And this stand comes from a reliable brand, which also makes it a perfect choice for any drummer.

Kuyal Double Tom Drum Stand with Cymbal Boom Arm Adjustable Double Braced Boom Stand Silver & Black, Excluding Ride Cymbal (Double Tom Drum Stand)

Straight cymbal stands have a wide range of applications for any drums set. And this is why they are very popular for a wide range of applications.

This double tom stand from Kuyal is made for the modern drummer. It is easy to assemble, folds easily, and can be carried anywhere you go.

But the best thing about the cymbal is that it’s very long-lasting. You will use it for a very long time and yet still feel like it’s still new. It comes with a stable holder, and it’s not easy to lose.

Zinc alloy plating and polishing plating make this product highly durable. Use it for any cymbal, and it will serve you with perfection.

Adjust your cymbals from between 22-inches and 55-inches for a perfect performance. It is recommended for cymbal sizes between 14-inches and 20-inches.  

It is made from durable steel material, which is another reason they are very sturdy. Sometimes this is all you need for music genres like heavy metal.

Silver and black finishing with a pedal control keep these cymbals on the best line for every drummer. It will look good in your setup.

Gibraltar 6709 Pro Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand

Gibraltar is one of the best manufacturers of drum hardware. This double-braced tripod base offers maximum stability without too much weight. This makes it suitable hardware for any drum set.

It comes with SUPER LOCK ADJUST, hinged adjustment with ABS protection tube. All these are features that make this product a good choice forever drummer out there.

Nylon collar inserts are provided for not metal to metal contact. This makes it very silent while adding more stability to its use.

Another cool feature is the hideaway boom arm with a hinged memory lock. This feature makes it easy to set the stand in place and mount your cymbals while keeping that beautiful look.

You get a 360-degrees position from the gearless brake tilter on this stand. In addition, it is fitted with a drum key lock, giving it extra security.

This is a professional-grade cymbal stand with a tripod assembly, which ensures maximum stability. It’s light enough for easy transportation.

Luvay Boom Cymbal Stand, Single Braced Lightweight (4.5lb)

These Luvay Boom cymbals stand for one-of-a-kind hardware. It is a single braced lightweight stand that provides the best service for the modern drummer.

One thing you will notice immediately with this stand is its heavy-duty appearance. It is designed to work well in studios and live shows.

Most importantly, it is a great choice for those who are buying on a budget. It features single braced legs with large rubber feet. This may not be the best feature you will be looking for in a cymbal stand, but it’s still good enough at this price point.

Its foldable and trident tripod design creates a portable solution. You can easily fold it for traveling. Besides, it is lightweight for general-purpose playing.

I would highly recommend this stand for beginners.


Buying a quality ride cymbal is only the first step in getting the best sounds from them. You will need good stands too, and I hope this article has been helpful.