Meinl Cymbals Ultimate Cymbal Set Box Pack

Cymbals are striking aspects of a drum set. The crash of cymbals makes everyone rise from their seats. This is the reason why, as a drummer, you should not skimp on the quality of cymbals for your drum set.

Also, cymbals play a crucial role in the drummer’s transitioning into a new part of a song. The cymbal could indicate a very great song’s climax or act as an accent punctuating a dance number or musical passage.

Professional drummers typically have their best choices in terms of brands and models of the cymbals that they use. Cymbals are manufactured through distinct procedures and are made from different materials.

Therefore, we will show you the best cymbals that you can purchase for your drum needs at home or in your band.

Buying guide for best cymbal sets for your money

I know it can be quite challenging to make decisions on the type of cymbals to buy. But will assist you in making wise decisions. Thus, the things you should consider are:

Material to choose: Bronze B8, Brass, or B20?

Crashes are made from alloys. Different cymbal brands use different types of alloys with different qualities and nature. The type of alloy used to make your cymbal affects the quality of sound you will get from your cymbal accessories.

You will notice that most of the professionals’ cymbals are made of bronze alloy and a 20% tin. Such an alloy is known as B20 in the cymbal making industry.

There is another type of alloy known as B8. This alloy is more reddish than the B20 because it contains a smaller tin content of approximately 8%.

In terms of performance, B20 somehow gives a softer and warmer sound than B8 cymbals, which tend to give a brighter sound.

Also, there is the brass alloy, which is mostly used in the manufacture of entry-level cymbals. This type is much cheaper than B20 and B8 alloys. It is easy to set up this type of cymbal. Brass cymbals are included in cymbals used by professionals to give some effect to the music.

The weight of the cymbals affects the volume.

Weight plays an essential role in the performance of any high-quality cymbal. Weight affects the playability, feel, and the presence of the cymbal sets. There are music genres that sound better when heavy cymbals are used. These genres include Heavy, Rock, Power, and Metal.

Other music genres, such as Jazz, Thin, Medium-Thin, and Medium, require lightweight models and moderately light models. Heavy cymbals seem to give a louder, more metallic sound, with a more extended resonance than lighter cymbals.

Those drummers who are more vigorous in their playing might opt for heavier cymbals. Heavy cymbals are excellent for louder stages because of the high volume that they can produce. But do not go for heavy ones if you cannot manage too heavy sounds.

Medium weight cymbals are superb for Soul, Hip Hop, or Rock. These genres opt for thinner cymbals because of their fast response and fast decay too.

But if you are playing in smaller environments, jazz drummers, or drummers that accompany singers, then go for a thin cymbal. These thin cymbals do not need a lot of energy to achieve a fuller sound, making these cymbals fantastic.

Diameter size

For hard hitters, larger high-quality cymbals might be the best option for you. It would be awesome if you went for 16 inches minimum. These cymbals do not saturate quickly, sound fuller, and diffuse sound excellently than smaller cymbals of drums.

If you are a gentle drummer, then you should choose smaller cymbals. Smaller cymbals seem to give a rounder and softer sound that might amaze you.

For those drummers who are neither gentle nor hard hitters, you should go for 14-inch hi-hat cymbals, 20-inch ride cymbals having crash cymbals between 16 and 18 inches.

Bell size

Bells are also crucial for your cymbals, although other players do not use these bells. Bells are used by other drummers to indicate the climax of a song. They also improve sound concentration and increase the harmonics.

Large bells and heavy cymbals are preferred because they produce powerful sounds rather than the thin cymbals and small bells.

What is the best brand of cymbals?

Zildjian cymbals

Zildjian Company has been in existence for many years. It was founded in 1623 by Avedis Zildjian from Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey. The company holds the remarkable accolade of being the world’s largest cymbal manufacturer.

Every professional drummer in the world is familiar with this iconic brand. The company has a very long list of persons endorsing their cymbals.

All types of players can use the cymbals from Zildjian because they are perfect designs. The brand new Zildjian I and S lines are excellent for amateurs while the A custom and K custom cymbal are for professionals and producers.

Zildjian’s innovative and contemporary cymbal lines sound fantastic. The drummers of Coldplay, Linkin Park, Megadeth, Kings of Leon, Fleetwood Mac, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, and others all swear by Zildjian cymbals.

Other brands that you can consider

Meinl Cymbals

Meinl is one of the most recent cymbal companies. It was established in 1951 by Roland Meinl. Even though it is still yours, Meinl has made an enormous impact on modern music. They have cemented themselves as one of the best manufacturers of cymbal brands around the globe.

Meinl is famous for its experimentation with various cymbal alloys and their innovative models of cymbals. All types of drummers can get their cymbals from Meinl because they have a long list of cymbals to choose from.

The Meinl company provides the best quality cymbals at a great value. An amateur can get Meinl HCS Series, a perfect entry-level cymbal, while the Meinl Byzance cymbal line is the ultimate choice for professional drummers.

My personal favorite is the Classics Custom range that gives the top of the range sounds at an affordable price.

Several well renowned advanced and pioneering drummers use Meinl cymbals for their drums because of their excellent ranges that perfectly compliment all music types.

Sabian Cymbals

Sabian Company came into existence in 1981. The cymbal manufacturing company was founded by Robert Zildjian, who is one of the Zildjian brothers. A conflict arose between Robert and his older brother, leaving Zildjian to establish the Sabian brand all alone.

The cymbal manufacturer might look like a newcomer in the industry, but it is among the world’s largest cymbal companies. The company is situated in Canada and is renowned for their unique quality and diverse range of sounds.

They have innovative, skilled artisans working day and night to deliver the best. They have a wide range of cymbals for both beginners, students, and professional players. Their models sound vintage and dark to bright and modern as well as everything in between

Several world-famous players are proud to play Sabian cymbals. These players include The Red hot Chili Peppers, Dream Theatre, Biffy Clyro, and many others.

Paiste cymbals

Paiste Company was established in 1906, and they are well known for their efforts to provide diverse ranges of cymbals. Paiste is located in Switzerland and is the third-largest manufacturer of cymbals in the entire globe.

Paiste is famous for crafting delicate quality cymbals that are long-lasting and offer full-bodied sounds. Cymbals from Paiste offer stunning clarity and a pure tone that is a perfect choice for live and studio environments.

Paiste’s cymbals are suitable for several music genres: rock, pop, metal, blues, and gospel. I can describe Paiste cymbals as sounding bright, clear, balanced, and articulate.

These cymbals are excellent, and no matter the music style you need, you are sure to find the Paiste cymbal the best option for you.

With these cymbal brands, you can make yourself comfortable with a brand of your choice. My verdict remains that the Zildjian cymbals are the best for my drums. Even if they are expensive, they can last for a period that will amaze.

What is the best cymbal pack?

Dream Ignition

If you need the best and high-quality set of cymbals, this is the right pack. This cymbal is better than the Zildjian ZBT. This is because they are hand-hammered out of B20 bronze, which is the best material for cymbals.

The dream ignition cymbals are manufactured from the same factory with Wuhan cymbals. Dream ignition is costly, and that goes hand in hand with the quality of sound produced.

The sounds produced by these cymbals are the type that you will require. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a pair of drums’ cymbals sounding differently like thunder and the next one like rain. The dream ignition cymbal pack comes with a free bag for you to carry those beauties.

What are the best cymbals for rock?

There are a good number of cymbals that can be used for rock. This article will guide you through the products that you need for your rock music style. They include:

Zildjian ZBT Complete Cymbal Set

As you know, Zildjian is the best existing cymbal brand in the world. The ZBT cymbal set is the ultimate choice for amateurs. The set includes a ride cymbal, a set of hi-hats, and a crash. It is all that is needed by a beginner.

This cymbal is much affordable and is made of B8 bronze, a mixture of 92% copper and 8 % tin. It has a 20-inch ride, 14-inch hi-hats, and 16-inch crash cymbal. They are well designed and can sustain intense and hard-hitting.

The technology used in making this cymbal is Zildjian Bronze technology hence making it strong and durable. The B8 alloy used in making this cymbal makes it provide warmer and more excellent sound than cymbals made of brass.

The cymbals that come with your beginner’s drum sets are of low quality and can easily crack. These cymbals are quite an advancement in terms of quality and its durability as well.

Meinl Ultimate Cymbal Set

Meinl is among the manufacturers of the best cymbal sets currently in the market. The cymbal is made of brass alloys, thus the most acceptable type for you. This is an entry-level model, and I can assure you it is a super durable set.

The cymbal is excellently constructed, making it super responsive, which makes playing more enjoyable. Also, the sound produced by this cymbal will leave your audience yawning for more play.

This cymbal maintains sound quality regardless of the impact level. Thus, hard hitters have no reason to worry.

It is one of the best pairs that come with 14-inch hi-hats, 16 and 18 inches crash, 16 inch China, 10-inch splash, and a gift of a 16-inch trash can.

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set

This is a brand well associated and known by professional drummers. The cymbal drums from this company might be pricey, but the plain truth is that they always deliver quality performance.

The manufacturers at Zildjian Company are great craftsmen who do a fantastic job of making the best cymbal packs. The look, feel, durability, and sound of these cymbals are excellent.

Buying a Zildjian cymbal is an investment. They are more than paying for themselves in their durability. These cymbals on drums can withstand all the energy exerted by the hard hitters. The cymbal is pricey, but I can assure you that you can never go wrong with Zildjian

Sabian Xplosion Performance Set

You will never go astray with the Sabian Xplosion Performance set. It is a drum cymbal from a company that you can trust. The manufacturers at Sabian offer outstanding craftsmanship using B20 bronze.

Professionals prefer B20 cymbals due to their rich acoustics. It is the main reason why manufacturers use B20 bronze alloys for bells and cymbals.

Sabian artisans entirely hand-hammered these cymbals drums. It assures you of the quality that you need. Also, it assures you of durability because it can hold even when you hit the cymbal hard.

The Sabian Xplosion Performance Set is excellent for modern settings. The tone of these cymbals is bright and rich. The cymbal also packs the set with a lot of volumes. It is the cymbal that will let you achieve a professional sound and tone.

Meinl HCS Cymbal Set Box

This Meinl Cymbal Set Box is a fantastic set that will offer you a beginner’s set of cymbals. They are designed with bright and clean quality material. The cymbal is designed with unique methods to enhance the dark hue.

Besides the black color used, the unique procedure used in manufacturing this cymbal plays a significant role in the type of tones it provides. These cymbals are well equipped to give beauty and warmth to your drumming needs.

By experimenting with this cymbal at different setup options, we are sure you will land on something suitable for your music style.

It can sustain many hard-hitting and are much suitable for amateur players or even the professionals who do not need to use their pro cymbals during practice. With Meinl, you are guaranteed of quality and durability.

Dream Cymbals IGNCP3 Ignition Cymbal Pack

This cymbal is a beginner cymbal set. It is a bit expensive for a set of beginner cymbals—the cymbal hand-hammered with B20 bronze alloys. B20 bronze is the best material for manufacturing cymbals.

The manufacturing procedures taken to come up with these cymbal packs is impeccable. This cymbal might not cost as much as Zildjian and Sabian models. But in terms of quality, this cymbal pack is much more favorable. If you do not afford the higher-ranked cymbal packs, then go for the Dream Cymbals Cymbal Pack.

Wuhan WITBSU Western Style Cymbal Set

The Wuhan Cymbal Set is the most affordable set that you can get. It is incredible for amateurs and is a China-made product. Thus, every beginner can truly smile because they can quickly get this type of high-quality cymbal packs.

The quality cymbals are made of the famous B20 alloy, which is well known for its warmer and fuller sound. The reason why this cymbal is fantastic is that it is hand-hammered. If you are conversant with cymbals, then hand-hammering should be the first thing to consider.

Hand-hammering is a process of manufacturing used only in high-end cymbals. But the process is quite expensive hence making some manufacturers use machine punching. But with Wuhan, we offer a high-end process at a lower price.

All products from Wuhan sound precisely the same, which can be good or bad depending. A cymbal bag accompanies the Wuhan products. The bag is for storing your stuff and carrying them around.

Sabian SBR Performance Pack

Sabian SBR Performance Pack is a fantastic set that comes at an affordable price. These cymbals are made of brass, which means that they are great for amateurs, and its quality is a bit questionable.

However, this set is still an excellent pack for the price. Therefore, if you are an amateur who is on budget, then go for it.

Even though it is made of brass, its design is so great. It is the reason this cymbal lasts for an extended time. It can withstand hitting for quite an extended period, even if it is used frequently.

The cymbal produces a warm and bright sound, which makes it among the quality sound cymbals. The cymbal’s tone is much cleaner and crisp too. The fact that this product is from Sabian makes it pro on its own. You will love it.

Are ZBT cymbals any good?

There are no products in the market currently that can compete with ZBT quality cymbals drums. Although their prices might be a bit higher, the quality is maintained. Everyone respects Zildjian brands around the globe.

The ZBT cymbals are designed with “Zildjian Bronze Technology,” meaning that they are made of B8 bronze alloy. This alloy is a mixture of 92 percent copper and 8 percent tin.

Unlike brass, bronze has a better sound characteristic and is much more reliable and durable. Brass alloys are used for beginner cymbals. That is why beginner cymbals are somehow cheaper than the pro cymbals.

The reason why the ZBT cymbals are cheaper is that they are made of B8 bronze. The B8 bronze is much cheaper than the B20 bronze. The ZBT cymbal sounds different; that is, its sound is brighter and more focused. They have higher sound frequencies than B20 cymbals.

The company has been manufacturing cymbal packs for more than a century; thus, you can imagine the quality of cymbals that it manufactures. Thus this is the product that you can bet your life on.

I think that Zildjian ZBT is cheap, but they are the best quality cymbals. So, what do you think? If you think they are fantastic, then get one for yourself or your band.

Dealing with a cracked cymbal

I know most people think that cymbals can never crack because they seem hard. But cymbals can surely crack. If you are a vigorous and hard hitter who strikes the cymbals straight, then you are more likely to make it crack.

However, if you strike your cymbal in the right way and follow the maintenance protocols, it will last for an extended period. The good thing is that the cymbals discussed in this article are far likely to crack because of their excellent quality.

If you ever notice a small crack on your cymbal, then the first thing you should do is prevent the crack’s further spread. You can do this by making a hole in the inner part of the crack.

Drilling a hole on your cymbal can affect the sound produced, but it could significantly save your cymbal. You should ensure that the hole you drill is bigger enough to stop the spread of the crack.

Letting it get to the worst stage will then mean the end of that cymbal. The only remaining cymbal use in horrible conditions is stalking it with other broken cymbals, which will produce a fantastic sound effect.


The best products do not need a lot of words to describe them. You now have the idea of which product you are going for. Make wise decisions that will change the direction of your drumming forever.

You now have it. The list above shows the products that we recommend for your acoustic drums. But this is not the ultimate guide for cymbals; you have room for decision making.