Mono Cymbal Bag

There are certain accessories that are not very highly regarded, and cymbal bags are one of them. A cymbal is one of the essential percussion instruments found with every drummer.

A cymbal is quite beautiful. It makes your drum set look admirable and professional.

This instrument is made of thin alloy plates that have a round shape. And since it is part of your instrument, you need to give it proper care.

Cymbals need washing and good maintenance. This means you have to keep it in a safe place at all times.

Unfortunately, some people don’t really mind the safety of their cymbals. This is why you will find them rusty and producing bad sounds.

Every cymbal user needs a case or vault for their cymbals when they are not in use. Putting it in such a protective environment will be safe for you.

What are the advantages of a cymbal bag?

Not everyone thinks a cymbal needs proper care. There are some who will use and keep it anywhere as long as it has served its purpose.

But the truth is, there are so many advantages to your using a cymbal bag. Let me share a few that I have learned.

Protecting the finish on your cymbal

I recently bought a new Zildjian cymbal with a black finish. It came with a nice black finish that I really liked.  

Unfortunately, I noticed most of it was coming off, especially when I keep with other things. But when I bought the cymbal bags, it has really helped me keep them safe.

Keeping your cymbals clean is very important. It was very hard for me to sell my old cymbals because they looked too old for their age. I had not been keeping them safe, and that cost me a lot.

Using a case to cover your instrument can make a huge impact on your instrument. They will soon become dusty, and the natural finish will start coming off.

Therefore, investing in a good cause is the best idea. Besides, you have nothing to lose.

Protecting from physical damage

Sometimes it is the little things that happen to your hardware that makes them rusty and rugged. With a good bag to keep your cymbals, you can always be sure to have them for a longer period.

If you don’t want any physical damage to affect your cymbals, you must keep them in a case. It makes protection much easier and simple.

If you are fond of keeping all your instruments together, getting some of them destroyed is very high. Cymbals are not very hard, and they will easily bend. You can use a case to ensure they are set apart from everything else.


When I started drumming, I would accompany some bands on the streets and the subway to go for gigs. But as a drummer, carrying your equipment around is always a huge challenge.

You need somewhere to keep everything and make carrying easy. This is where a quality cymbal bag comes in.

Travel musicians always find it hard to carry their tools around. But a case or any carrying container would be a great idea.

What is the best cymbal bag in [currentyear]?

There are so many cymbal bags on the market today. But not all are good for you. This is why you need to go for something that suits your needs while giving you excellent service.

You don’t need to worry, though. Here are some of the best bags you can find for your cymbal. I have tried to pick the product based on quality and functionality (not in particular order) on this list.

Meinl Professional Cymbal Bag

Meinl has been one of my favorite brands for a long time. Their hardware and products are among the best in the world, and there is a good reason for this.

The Meinl Professional Cymbal Bag is a product that has received a lot of popularity in the world. That comes with all the features you may want in a bag that keeps your cymbal safe. Besides, it comes with a guarantee to offer years of service.

The construction of this cymbal bag is well done. It is a heavy-duty bag, from its design. It comes with all the components in the right place, including a rugger zipper, and a high-quality nylon stitching.

It comes with two top-end padded and adjustable straps. You can, therefore, carry your cymbals in your bag.  

It is large enough to accommodate cymbals of up 22 inches in diameter. You can be sure your cymbals are safe, and you are comfortable.  

The inside lining is quite plush and soft. It has internal dividers that keep one cymbal away from another. Another external compartment has been designed small with a 15-inch diameter to carry smaller cymbals.

Meinl is a true definition of top-quality. And they have displayed this again through this cymbal bag.

Even better, it comes at a very affordable price. This means you get excellent value-for-money. The full two-year warranty it comes with confirms its quality.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High quality
  • Value-for-money
  • 2-year warranty


  • Some users have complained the straps are too wide.

Mono Cymbal Bag

When it comes to choosing the right cymbal bag, brand consideration is one of the most important things to put in mind. And in this case, the Mono Cymbal Bag has passed the test. It comes from a very reputable brand that has been offering top quality products for a year.

This is why you will find this cymbal bag more expensive. However, it is absolutely worth the price. The manufacturer has put in mind all details in this bag, creating it from the best materials.

If you are looking for a durable, functional, and comfortable bag, you can count on this one. From first glance, you can always tell the bag has been built with great care and attention.

It features a backpack system that makes it comfortable even with a heavy load. The chest clip has been added to distribute the weight evenly across you back. Its rock-solid, industrial handle has a comfortable webbing that makes it very easy to carry.

There are five padded slots inside the case that carry up to 22-inch cymbals. The military-grade material called Hypalon has been used to build inflatable military rafts. It is a worthy product to buy if you love your cymbals.

They divide every cymbal fully, ensuring there is no metal contact with your cymbals. It has two storage compartments that ensure all your cymbals are in a safe place.


  • High-grade materials
  • Best cymbal bag with comfortable protection
  • Great for all cymbals


  • Expensive

Reunion Blues Cymbal Bag

A quality cymbal bag is all about the materials used in its construction, and the Reunion Blues Cymbal bag is a wonderful choice in this case. It is among the best products you will find in the modern market without disappointment.

It comes with lots of high-tech features, including a Zero-G handle and a high-end protection system. It is built with a lightweight multi-layer form that makes it both functional and portable.

Reunion Blues is one of the world’s biggest brands and has been making gig bags for nearly forty years. This means they have an incredible experience in creating protective equipment.

The sleek and lightweight design that defines this bag is full of high-level protection for your cymbals. I looked at the exterior and discovered it is incredibly sturdy. It holds its shape well and does not bend, or feel weak.

The interior is spacious, with the capability to keep all your cymbals safe and well protected. The rucksack straps are not very comfortable compared to the Mono above, but they do a good job of helping you carry the cymbals easily.

This bag is an excellent product and a good value for money choice. It would make a perfect investment for a gigging drummer, also the best gift for drummers.


  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Value-for-money
  • Fully padded


  • The rucksack straps are not the best.

Protection Racket Deluxe Cymbal Bag

As the name suggests, this is a protection racket for up to 22-inch cymbals. Protection Racket is not a new name in the quality case industry. They have been making some of the best protection cases, and this cymbal bag is a good example of what they can do.

I have used one of these bags before, and I can testify to the quality features they have. One thing that always stands out is their deluxe and splash lining inside. This material ensures nothing bad happens to your cymbals.

The inside is super soft with a fleecy material that is not abrasive. There are four dividers that can be easily removed if you wish you.

Every aspect of the material used in these bags is of high quality and durable. The base features a 12-inch poly-prop protector that ensures the case does not tear from cymbal contact.

It does not come with rucksack straps, but padded shoulder straps. It may, therefore, not be the most comfortable build, but it sure serves its purpose.

The Protection Racket case does not disappoint. And that is all that matters in terms of quality. Also, the company is so confident about their workmanship that they offer a lifetime warranty.


  • Rugged and durable
  • Soft dividers
  • Lifetime warranty workmanship


  • Not very comfortable with the shoulder straps
  • Removable dividers might get lost.

Vater Backpack Cymbal Bag

I have been using cymbal bags for a very long time, and I know a quality product when I see one. This improved model of Vater Backpack Cymbal Bag is a wonderful product. It is the best reflection of value-for-money with its generous features.

The material used is not of the best quality, but something you can expect at this price. Besides, it is still a sturdy bag that will see you through many years of service.

It comes with fairly comfortable and fairly padded rucksack handles. You may not feel as comfortable as when using some of the products mentioned above, but you can safely carry your cymbals.

It is built on the inside with soft cymbal dividers that keep your hardware safe. The interior lining is made with a protective material that keeps the cymbals away from each other.

There is a large front pocket that is very handy for storing drumming accessories. This means you can keep all your sticks, drum keys, musicians’ earplugs, and a hi-hat clutch in one place.

It does not come with a reign-forced bottom sole, though, which makes it less attractive. It has been sewn nicely, but I find it very thin, where the cymbals can easily tear through.

Nevertheless, this cymbal bag is a good investment if you don’t have enough cash to buy something too costly. It will do well for occasional shows and rehearsals.

Best cymbal bag carrying case buying guide

Cymbals are built with bronze, with a few entry-level products made from brass. Whatever quality and type instrument you have, you need to protect it carefully.

There are various types and brands of cymbals on the market. Buying a good carrying bag is a good step that will save you a lot on your instruments.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making your choice.


The most significant thing is the material used in making the case. It is where the quality and durability of your case comes from. Go for a carrying case that is soft inside to protect your cymbals from damage.

Your budget

Buying a high-quality cymbal bag is a good investment. Some think it is wastage, but keeping your gear safe is essential. But this does not mean you always go for expensive things, even if you cannot afford it.


Select a carrying case that is easy to carry. You can always find a model designed for comfort when carrying the instrument.


Choosing a perfect case from such a wide variety of options is not very easy. You need to narrow it down to a few products that meet your needs. I hope the list in this guide is enough to get you going.

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