Rina Suzuki – The all rounded musician, Songwriter and Singer

Most people know her as RINA because that is the stage name that she uses. She was born in Nara, Prefecture Japan, on 21st August 1991. She is a young female singer, songwriter, and musician dedicated to producing the best music at all costs. She performs all these three roles perfectly, which makes her receive many requests from many bands. She is currently working as a drummer and vocalist for a rock band known as Scandal.

Rina Suzuki is also a part of a large group known as Halloween Junky Orchestral led by professional musicians, including Hyde and K.A.Z. Her favorite music genres are pop-rock, hard rock, alternative rock, and garage rock. Apart from drums, Rina plays several instruments: percussion, keyboards, vocals, guitar, and synthesizers. Playing all these instruments makes her a key player in a band. All members of her band like her so much for her outstanding skills and flexibility.

Rina Suzuki
Rina Suzuki

Rina started loving drums when she was a young girl. Her parents were great fans of some local bands as well as other professional bands. They always took Suzuki to live events by these bands hence rekindling her love for the instruments. However, she never started with drums, but she first learned how to play the keyboard with her father’s help.

Later on, her parents bought the first-ever drum kit for her when she was 9. She could play the drums for about three hours each day; hence, her parents were very impressed with her talent. She is a self-taught drummer, which makes her exceptional in the industry.

After completing her studies, she joined local bands where they could do covers for different songs. However, this was not enough because she needed a band that could record their songs. She joined the Scandal band, which is still her home now. She works with a great team dedicated to producing the best music and building a large fan base.

The scandal band consists of four amazing ladies who make the lineup complete. Haruna is the band’s guitarist and vocalist, and Mami plays the guitar and vocals. On the other hand, Tomomi plays the bass and the vocals while Rina plays drums and vocals. Each member has a skill in more than one instrument. This combination is excellent, and they are determined to succeed.

Rina Suzuki Performing
Rina Suzuki Performing

In the few years that Rina has been in this career, she has witnessed great success. She is working hard to remain relevant in this industry despite so many challenges that she is facing. The good thing is that she has a supportive team that cares for every member of the group. This has made her do her best all the time.

The long-time drummers that include Clive Burr, Mike Portnoy, Tommy Aldridge, Dave Lombardo, and Caroline Corr, among many others, inspired Rina. She has mentioned that she has received incredible inspiration from her supportive parents, who have been there. Rina endorses and uses Pearl drums. She has been using these drums for an extended period. However, she has her signature drumsticks from the same company.

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