Roger Biwandu – Most Diverse Stickman

Roger Biwandu was born on December 25, 1972. The drummer’s roots are in Zaire/RDC, but he was born in Bordeaux, France, inside a Taxi.  His story is quite fascinating as he started his professional music career at a very early age. He grew to be one of the best French drummers for jazz, African, Soul and RnB, jazz/fusion, and pop/rock. He was influenced by jazz legends like John Stubblefield, James Williams, and Marr Turner.

 “When it comes to playing drums effectively, a drummer must know how to control his speed and energy.” Anonymous. “And Roger Biwandu is one of the few drummers who have demonstrated this ability time and again. He can control the performance, where he is playing soft jazz or pop/rock.”

Roger Biwandu
roger biwandu

This is a skill that Biwandu has cultivated over his life. Since he started playing drums early, it was easy for him to grow steadily and master all the skills he needed to become a professional drummer.  Another one of his influencers was Bireli Lagrene, who showed him how to perform the grooves effectively. So far, everything the drummer offers today has come from improving his own style and that of his predecessors.

It is no wonder that he has performed with a wide range of great artists from all over the globe. Some of his greatest works include drumming for Joe Zawinul, Frank McComb, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Womack & Womack, Tribal Jam, Jeff Beck, and Jennifer Batten, just to mention a few.

You will find his work on records from Mario Canonge, Jacques Higelin, Andy Narell, John Beasley, Steve Stevens, and Bobby McFerrin. The list of the artists he has worked with is endless and continues to grow. Bindu was on tour with a singer from Mali called Salif Keita, which led to his first record with his name. It was titled “Influence,” and it’s in different music stores. 

Roger Biwandu is an innovative drummer.  He used different styles and approaches for every project he works on. One of his fellow band members once said, “Biwandu is an entertainer and a creative drummer. He strives to make the best music for his audience, and that has earned him a spot among the best jazz drummers in the industry.”

Roger Biwandu Performing
roger biwandu performing

Bindu is known for his smooth moves with the sticks. Whether he is playing first or slow, you can always feel his playing.  He is a versatile drummer with experience in a wide range of music setups. One thing that sets Biwandu apart from other drummers is his focus on detail. He plays every note with precision and always tries to improve the music to meet the owner’s needs.

Because of his skills and influence, he is endorsed by Gretsch Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks. He also markets STAGG drum cases and PUMA France. Roger “kemp” Biwandu continues to impact the music industry as one of the top drummers. His influence has crossed borders to impact other people across the world. Apart from being a drummer, he is also a music educator, ready to share his skills with others.

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